Peetambra brash

Rash shogun

Ashen chenrezig


A void

Annul Lulu

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1. It already seems as if i met you a trillion years ago. I look at the clock and it shows only a few hours have passed. It has always been so.

2. It was a noon and i was troubled in a strange way: I tried relaxing. It was 2:45 PM in noon. My mother was outside the room- conversing with the maid. It seemed as if i was woken up by their whispering. I went to another room and clock hadn’t buzzed even a bit.

3. In another such instance: I used to go for walks early morning. My basic Nokia(void) mobile had an alarm set for 4:00 AM. I wake up- still tired from the last day’s work and decide to skip it that day. I go to sleep and have elaborate dreams: again woken up by the very same alarm which still shows 4:00 AM. Nothing could explain that.

4. It was this year’s Vivekananda Jayanti: listening to ‘mantra’ i find I am late for noon class: i close the Spotify app: the mantra continues to play for enough long even without the app which surprises me.

5. Incubus and dead-zones: indicate transitions. You’re sleeping and suddenly feel paralyzed: then you see some spirit or something which might be making you feel suffocated or strangled. Using power of will you can wake up but something does happen during that time which is unclear to Medical Science. I feel i gained an insight into my dead-zones or incubus which only reveals itself when poisons are converted into ambrosia. I told you about it. It happened only after we met.

6. Lucid dreaming and there being only three directions to explore for a unique agent in spacetime. The technique is to keep telling yourself it’s a dream during waking life and then it happens during dreams. When subconscious melts enough : the waking, dreaming and sleeping give way to the fourth and the fifth states which act as support and background of these states.

7. LED is an alphanumeric void. Pb is the chemical formula. The principle of alchemy : “everything contains everything else.” Hence extraction methods for gold in cow’s pee- which seemed strange at first. Only to have a proper understanding: any pee or water resource would also contain Gold in some quantity expressed in ppm provided you know the extraction method.

8. Completing the picture: one half and the other: why couldn’t i? You know that.

9. No acts of kindness ever go unnoticed. The thread about undermining my own attempts to collect donations for those suffering from Cancer by judging my past self based on how I felt later on doesn’t do justice to what I was trying to accomplish as a student. Similarly to judge yourself for your meritorious work is not appropriate. They do fade eventually: however they helped you walk towards godliness.

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Resuming my seat?

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Global variables in Python!

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Dragon’s heads and tails?

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Are Admin Rights A Joke?

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Anjana Doodh Dairy!

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Palak Bewafa Kyun Hai?(Why eye-lid is dis-loyal?)

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World Book Day!

RTI 2005: Constitution of India: wasting electric on purpose is a punishable offence under section 140. It’s a strange cricket tournament at pundit Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh: no declaration of teams in advance. A drunk corner under banyan tree for a sleepy Hollow class! Comics Laalbahadur is functioning again! And Copyrights day! A […]

World Book Day!

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Luncheon to luncheon!

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