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Openned my heart to love a second daughter, alas a Pigeon Mom instead. 



13 Words Story




a stout seed- or fruit-eating bird with a small head, short legs, and a cooing voice, typically having gray and white plumage.



a gullible person, especially someone swindled in gambling or the victim of a confidence trick.


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13 Words Story: Lucky You!

If I hadn’t found you…I’d probably be driving somebody else nuts!  (Lucky!)


Prompt for the 13 Words Story


almost certainly; as far as one knows or can tell.
“she would probably never see him again”
synonyms: in all likelihood, in all probability, as likely as not, (very/most) likely, ten to one, the chances are, doubtless, no doubt; archaiclike enough
“I knew I would probably never see her again”

I probably posted this wrong…but please know I did my very best!!  I re-checked the posting-rules, (no photos, proper tags, correct title & category, etc) fingers-crossed I did it correctly as I’d hate to inconvenience anyone.  Asking for forgiveness if I failed to do so properly!!



13 Words Story

She was hangry because the group would not choose a place to eat!

Prompt for the 13 Words Story

The #13wordsstory word for the week is:

han-gry (han-gree) adj.

a state of anger caused by lack of food; hunger causing a negative change in emotional state of well being.

Have fun!! I look forward to munching on the stories you (all) will tell this week!!




a Moment


To forgive takes but a moment

but to forget can span a lifetime.