First snow

White Backyard, red passions, and blue moods.
Nothing a fine scotch can’t fix.

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Cold Autumn

He stayed watching the leaves fall,
she’s at the beach avoiding the cold.

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#13wordstory – Remembrance

Below is the penultimate #sixwordstory posted by Paul aka Palfitness on 21st May 2017 at his personal blog which now appears to have been deleted. With his title preceding it it makes his six word story a thirteen word story as follows:

Six word story part 4 number 77: “Strive to always be moving forward.”

(copyright, 2017:

Paul was previously a respected blogging co-learner and forum member here. Due to my personal inefficiencies I only this morning received the belated news, pertaining to be from his sister, informing his followers that he had unfortunately died on 29th May 2017. He will be very sadly missed by the blogging community.

(Posted in good faith, assuming information received in email notifications to contain true and accurate information.)

Pigeon Mom

Openned my heart to love a second daughter, alas a Pigeon Mom instead. 



13 Words Story




a stout seed- or fruit-eating bird with a small head, short legs, and a cooing voice, typically having gray and white plumage.



a gullible person, especially someone swindled in gambling or the victim of a confidence trick.


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13 Words Story: Lucky You!

If I hadn’t found you…I’d probably be driving somebody else nuts!  (Lucky!)


Prompt for the 13 Words Story


almost certainly; as far as one knows or can tell.
“she would probably never see him again”
synonyms: in all likelihood, in all probability, as likely as not, (very/most) likely, ten to one, the chances are, doubtless, no doubt; archaiclike enough
“I knew I would probably never see her again”

I probably posted this wrong…but please know I did my very best!!  I re-checked the posting-rules, (no photos, proper tags, correct title & category, etc) fingers-crossed I did it correctly as I’d hate to inconvenience anyone.  Asking for forgiveness if I failed to do so properly!!