United Nations World Food Programme Free Rice Help Alleviate The Hunger!

I just raised 80000 grains of rice on Freerice! For every answer you get right, 5 grains go to the UN World Food Programme. Play it here: https://freerice.com/apps

A Tohu Verse so that it doesn’t sound like a spam.

Lori Rio de Janeiro Oreo oeuvre remnant antenna namesake keys snow owl creek reek

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Tohu Verse Saturday!

I intended to publish one yesterday night but I was too tired. Today one of the fellow bloggers asked if it was a scam/spam to repeatedly publish posts about UN WFP.

I want to clarify: those posts have increasing rice grains count. They are not same. They’re reminders that we need to feed those who are hungry or at least feel that we deserve our food. If you don’t feel interested in either augmentation of vocabulary or donating rice via sponsors: it’s fine by me. As fine as mine or anyone else’s not being interested in your blog contents. This blog remained dead for a long time. It’s better to put such posts than to have no activity at all.

Today’s Tohu verse has four keywords: Seismic. Sandy. Pam. Mic.

They’re to dedicate this verse to recent earthquake, Sandeept, Pam Kirst and Michael who has been a constant support.

Tohu comes from kabbalists: means chaos. All chaos is lack of study or darkness or shadow which is in want of greater knowledge, intelligence or luminescence.

If you can discover ten more words in the verse, consider yourself a winner.


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My statistics have been booming since I gained the author access here on Blogger’s World. It proves two things:

1. I am awesome because I found this forum. I worked hard to make it a success during its inception days and wished it only well despite being expelled out from here as a result of some conspiracy.

2. Pam Kirst who recently volunteered as an admin and gave me author access and kept contributing here during early days as Creative Writing coach along with other members like Collate, Oneta, Koolitzable and even those who were in on conspiracy (K, R, P, V, H and M): because they worked very hard in the beginning to make it a success. And all of you who joined recently or before: are wonderful people who take interest in the work of others and give some of your time, energy and attention to others, of course with(in most cases) and without(in rare cases) expectations of returns: monetary or otherwise. If any of you had any advantage by joining this or any such forums : you might like to comment on this thread.

I had advantage of company of some people on forums like Mad Philosophers and The Couch Forum. If not anything: they help me learn improve my vocabulary and grammar by imitation. I am thankful to all of you.

A Tohu Verse to celebrate the occasion:

Light dances on the sky,

Skyrockets rock!

Socks don’t smell anymore,

No more morels losels sell no more,

Morales lestrade tradecraft craftsmanship,

Turnip Pippin pinch of salt alter egos,

Terse Omniverse versus severe reverse gear earmarked marksmanship!

Who could have predicted?

Who knew?

Probably new world health organization,

Probably new world order,

Der furor teutonic Icarus

Papyrus rustic pachyderm panache,

Chenrezig ziggurat ratbaggery rye,

Yearly analysis sisal lassitude an etude longitude it.

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Authorstory – a quick discussion post

I’d been hoping to maybe make an #authorstory post sometime this month and realised it’s the very last Wednesday of the month. I’ve not had the concentration or focus while busy with other things along the way of getting myself back to a blogging habit.

I’d wondered about writing about Enid Blyton (and then on how no-one’s ever raised J.K. Rowling but I prefer not to pry into knowledge of her bio and try and read her first two books instead seeing as I find I still have my eldest sons’s copies. I admire her in lots of ways but having made history with such a huge personal carbon footprint isn’t something i admire and seem unable to avoid mentioning and that’s not fair is it. I’m not really in a reading fiction phase quite often so that post would take me ?years?)

I’d be interested in writing about Stephen Hawking as an author who made history. I’m too natural sciences to understand physics but his ‘Brief History of Time’ felt very accessible while reading it. I can’t explain his theories from memory of course. i just know I could curl up with that book again almost any time.

Robert Olen Butler is a writer I encountered via youtube and the suggested stream floating it to my attention while trying writing course moocs with the University of Iowa’s distance learning programme. I believe he was the first writer to utilise you tube for public access to his writing instruction in 2001. I played all 20 videos (approx), approx 2 hours each and learnt so much. He wrote a quite amazing short story inspired by a photo postcard during those sessions and I just know I might enjoy reading his writing. Can’t remember how else he might make his claim to having made history. I absolutely disagree with his repeated assertion that ‘literary art is NEVER a collaborative process’ – he seemed to mean in general, rather than for him personally. So Shakespeare’s collected / collective works are not literary art then, is what i would have liked to ask him had I been a viewer in the time-frame of the process.

Digressing. See what I mean.

or, I’d be open to: I’d like you to try and cover writing on … (timeframe might be four to six weeks though). I’m quite interested in accessing more writers of other parts of the world who haven’t made their fame and worthiness as writers by migrating to America or Britain to do so. Because they seem to lose something of their authentic culture when adopting other cultural influences. But that’s only from my personal opinion while reading such work.

I’m not good at copy writing, so can’t do the standard conventional way of writing such posts.

And maybe no-one’s that bothered anymore anyway.

Ok, that’s all for me, while it’s only just Wednesday. Apologies, of course. I’ll fail better next time in my attempt hopefully. Unless consensus is, no interest. Stop.


#Feedback. Genealogy is it worth…

#Feedback. Genealogy is it worth it. Wannatalkavenscent.wordpress.
Hi! everybody, My post today is about a genealogy course that I took some of you might find interesting. Have a good day,
Love Jane

Motivated Monday?

Hi all, while I’m pulling myself back together I made a few posts here and there recently. Here’s my latest post https://colettebates.wordpress.com/2018/03/05/mondays-mundane-post-less-than-700-words/ Hoping to get back with an authorstory post one Wednesday this month, hopefully not treading on any toes – let me know if so. Best wishes all, hope you have a good week and happy blogging 🙂

#Feedback. Hello everybody, I had…

#Feedback. Hello everybody,
I had almost forgotten about this place it as been so long but I still think of some of the people I met here who I see as still being my friend’s because a few are still here slogging away like me, once a blogger always a blogger. Personally I blog to get things of my chest with the thought that some one might be interested and understand what i am saying and I am not alone with my thoughts. Good to be here again. Have a good day.

The World ¡Según Tolstói! Okay,…

The World ¡según Tolstói!

Okay, it’s just me being a bit mad with that title… 🙂 I had another go at a bilingual post and it was very hard work, since it was dealing with Tolstoy and War y paz.

The World According to Tolstoy (El mundo según Tolstói)

Anybody who can read Spanish is welcome to correct my Spanish version!

And any feedback is much welcome!


Good morning, friends! It is…

Good morning, friends! It is frigid and icy in this elbow of Ohio; today’s travel plans are cancelled, and I am embracing a day of reading in front of the fire. I hope all is well where you are!

This week, holiday preparations and anticipation were tempered by the life-points of dear friends, who struggle with loss and serious illness and emotional challenges. I remembered that all is not happy and bright for everyone. Hence this post:


Whatever you celebrate (or don’t), I hope this is a season of light for you!

Happy blogging, my friends.


Hello from Hiatus!

Hello everyone! 🙂
Echoing Ishita’s words, Hello from Hiatus!
6 months was a long gap for me, both on a personal as well professional level. And I hope it will leave a positive mark on my posts. I believe that a person’s writing is an instant mirror for their personality, their knowledge, their attitude and their manners. The more you hone this particular tool, the more proficient you become, the more humble you become.

With this in mind, I have decided to be an active contributor to this site once again and hope to participate in Guest Features and Weekly Features — something I never did before. Starting with this.
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