Motivated Monday?

Hi all, while I’m pulling myself back together I made a few posts here and there recently. Here’s my latest post Hoping to get back with an authorstory post one Wednesday this month, hopefully not treading on any toes – let me know if so. Best wishes all, hope you have a good week and happy blogging 🙂

#Feedback. Hello everybody, I had…

#Feedback. Hello everybody,
I had almost forgotten about this place it as been so long but I still think of some of the people I met here who I see as still being my friend’s because a few are still here slogging away like me, once a blogger always a blogger. Personally I blog to get things of my chest with the thought that some one might be interested and understand what i am saying and I am not alone with my thoughts. Good to be here again. Have a good day.

The World ¡Según Tolstói! Okay,…

The World ¡según Tolstói!

Okay, it’s just me being a bit mad with that title… 🙂 I had another go at a bilingual post and it was very hard work, since it was dealing with Tolstoy and War y paz.

The World According to Tolstoy (El mundo según Tolstói)

Anybody who can read Spanish is welcome to correct my Spanish version!

And any feedback is much welcome!


Good morning, friends! It is…

Good morning, friends! It is frigid and icy in this elbow of Ohio; today’s travel plans are cancelled, and I am embracing a day of reading in front of the fire. I hope all is well where you are!

This week, holiday preparations and anticipation were tempered by the life-points of dear friends, who struggle with loss and serious illness and emotional challenges. I remembered that all is not happy and bright for everyone. Hence this post:

Whatever you celebrate (or don’t), I hope this is a season of light for you!

Happy blogging, my friends.


Hello from Hiatus!

Hello everyone! 🙂
Echoing Ishita’s words, Hello from Hiatus!
6 months was a long gap for me, both on a personal as well professional level. And I hope it will leave a positive mark on my posts. I believe that a person’s writing is an instant mirror for their personality, their knowledge, their attitude and their manners. The more you hone this particular tool, the more proficient you become, the more humble you become.

With this in mind, I have decided to be an active contributor to this site once again and hope to participate in Guest Features and Weekly Features — something I never did before. Starting with this.
#feedback ?

Good morning, friends! We just…

Good morning, friends! We just celebrated Thanksgiving in the States, and a long drive gave me time to ponder traditions…which are wonderful when the meaning is there. Here’s my post on the topic…

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. And I’d love to hear your thoughts on tradition, too.



Hello on a beautiful autumn…

Hello on a beautiful autumn Sunday in Ohio…

A wonderful friend and colleague is launching from our little college into a BIG job–one with lots of reach and chances for her to use her rich talents to make a real impact in students’ lives. So exciting–we celebrated with a farewell lunch–and SHE brought goodbye gifts for all of us. (That tells you something about who she is, and why she’s going places…)

In her honor, I decided to use the first prompt in the lovely writer’s journal she gave me as the base for this week’s post. And that was, “If you could talk with anyone, living or dead…” I expanded that to the old chestnut we’ve often used in English classes: If you could invite twelve people, living or dead, to a dinner party, whom would you invite?

It was fun to plan an inter-realm dinner on this All Hallow’s Eve weekend. For purposes of this exercise, I omitted any religious figures and any relatives or in-laws, so as not to omit anyone of great importance. My result is below.

And I’d love to hear your list. Whom would you invite????

Have a wonderful week!