You’re all familiar with the Blogging 101 guidelines, right? You know, these things?

Well, Blogging 101: Alumni, a child blog of Blogging 101: the August edition, likes those guidelines. Therefore we’re keeping them.

The basics

  • Please do not post photos, movies, music, & similar multimedia here. Instead post a link to them. You should own the images or multimedia that you post here or have permission to post them.
  • Avoid posting original content better suited for blogs here. Instead post a link and tell us what you’d like feedback on or just tell us to go visit it. Well, you might want to ask instead. It’s more polite.
  • Please limit posting your blog link for feedback to just your own thread no more than 2 or 3 times a day. There’s no need to add it to someone’s post to get them to read yours. Your blog isn’t broccoli. You don’t have to force feed it to us. (Although, I do love broccoli, so replace broccoli with the worst food ever… 😛 )
  • Please respect copyright. Any thing posted here should be your own work or you should have permission to share it.
  • Continue being the lovely, respectful, and supporting individuals that you are. It keeps us in a positive and supporting atmosphere that we all love.

New Features:

If you need help with something tag your post with #help. That way it won’t get lost.
If your problem is resolved, change the #help to #resolved.
If you’re looking for feedback, use the #feedback tag.
If you have an idea for the community, use the #idea tag.
All other chatter doesn’t need a tag. Feel free to add some if you’d like though.

Please do not use those tags for any other purposes. It’ll just make it easier to find things.

Tag You’re It

As always, you can tag people here just like in the commons. However, you cannot tag people that are in the commons but are not in this community. So tell them to join the amazing alumni!

Once again, the mods are:
@piyushavir (active)
@kristinavanhoos (on call)
@sashay909 (on call)
@wynstep (inactive)

Give us a holler if you need something.

This is also a Community Group with an emphasis on Community. Don’t be afraid to offer your suggestions so that we can make this community the best it can be! 🙂