Monday with a new series

Am i the only finds museum to be a happy place?

In my hunt for new things and having a comprehensive experience, I discovered a new series – Museum of Kind.

Here is the first installment, something bit different from my usual monologue

Hope you like it!

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A Dream

I was in a discussion with her. We were going well. There comes a festival when she starts behaving too lovingly. We don't touch each other but she plays with me, teases me, seduces me in many ways. Our hearts unite as we enjoy deep mingling into each other which I resist a bit because it's not a safe environment. It was unlike anything ever before in my life. I felt she was the one from heavens. It continues for about a week. Then she withdraws all of a sudden and there's no love anymore. She starts behaving rudely and then doesn't even talk to me anymore. Doesn't even recall how she had agreed to our union.

There was fun for a while, then some excitement and then fear. I think fun was more than the fear that's why I wanted it to continue. Alas it ended!

I felt disillusioned. I thought the dream was real. I had never been into such a vivid dream where I thought there was a kind of love at first sight or thinking that i had a future with her. Then i recalled how we have this tendency in our dreams to be convinced about some new person we meet- as if we have known them forever. I had a hard time accepting the fact that it was only a dream.

I remember seeing her and instantly thinking: "i have a future with her." It came from a higher self it seems. There were some sociological factors which were working to make me believe into it. Then it all cracked. All of a sudden as it had transformed into a heavenly honeymoon: with an equally swift speed it became an unbearable nightmare.

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1. The tranquil dance. It’s hot upstairs compared to yesterday. Much mechanical work ongoing in the vicinity: iron pipes and fittings. Some birds chirping. My student is reading the chapter he should have read yesterday: The Hack Driver by Sinclair Lewis. The surprise in this story is that the hack driver was the person who was to be summoned by the person he was carrying in his hack. Like: seeker is in search of himself.

2. Why do we write? How does writing change from platform to platform? Through experience: trial and error i arrived at a form where I didn’t need to hide my ideas for fear of being judged. It was a great struggle initially. When I kept a journal where I published most intimate of my ideas i was using most authentic meditation technique for clarity of thinking. I didn’t know it would have repercussions. I continued to regret it a bit after a decade of having done that when it was revealed that even before publishing your ideas most of them are known to various magicians, mind readers and such. In that sense: online publishing for gaining clarity of thinking seems childish but even more childish is fear of unknown people who judge you for things which are issues faced by most of the humanity one way or the other.

3. There was a history of records being only oral in ancient India. Those were days of past. A lot has happened since then. Printing press. Brain plasticity and change in the nature of human intelligence which evolves with modern technology. Writing facilitates thinking. It helps you refine your ideas on a subject. For most of my life I wrote to expand my awareness rather than merely to entertain or inform. This, despite being solipsistic helped me not care too much for statistics as i depended on feedback from my own ideas. This was also the foundation of meditative reading. The body of Gnosis grows when you facilitate your ideas on reality without needing a live audience all the time. Creative work liberates you from mechanical chores of searching the divine by giving expression to divine. That’s tranquility.

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1. It was about 20 kms of walk today.

2. The last lap had this ‘trigger’ of fear as I entered the city. It was completely absent in the outskirts as I kept watching two light beams projected from a hotel.

3. Whereas I could see only a few stars during exit – on my way back it was sky flooded with stars like Big Dipper Orion(Betlegeuse) and Sirius. Had to carry a stick in my right hand to alarm the dogs in the outskirts.

4. To speak of which these dogs were overactive even during one of the classes for some mysterious reason.

5. I had a tea at Dharmendra Paul’s tea stall in Brijpura along with a Punjabi Tadka and a Sev Murmura which I carried with myself until I felt inclined to eat it. They costed ten, five and five rupees respectively.

6. I used to walk before Bharat Jodo Yatra. I saw a Black Board sign on bridge in Brijpura. How the political machinery works is like this: everyone is given some privileges or bread crumbs in UG’s terms and they’re made to believe they’re big-to-do until they’re disillusioned. If you walk or work harder it’s of no consequence how this labour would be used and under what circumstances. I have seen how big names of political parties use your work time to time. These are well planned and carefully executed schemes like adulterated versions of music videos which distort and garble even those songs you take up for worship.

7. It might sound strange: during my previous stint of long walks I was beaten by army and police people in the neighborhood for seemingly trivial reason of not wearing mask : the actual reason was my comment on Rahul Gandhi hugging Modi and winking at him which wasn’t taken well by either party. And perhaps my thread on my porn history on Google blogs. Ah justice works in mysterious ways: later that is justified as my admission into ‘army.’ First you’re ragged and then you’re ragged continuously like in college. And perhaps because your dad said that you would be beaten like a kitten you took care of and perhaps your grandmother also was on it. And perhaps…

8. And then you fall in love- all over again!

9. There was guy beating drums in Brijpura. There were kids carrying sticks. It was to prepare for ‘Holika Dahan.’ During my stay in Vrindavan I got two books which inspired me. One of them was ‘Prasanga Paarijaat’ by Ramananda’s disciple Chetandas( Strange they chose ‘Chaitanyadas’ for me as if book was ‘freshly pressed’ for me)( In Robert Anton Wilson’s words: “If you know what the f*** is going on: you’re probably full of shit.”) and other was by Jairam Mishra: a biography of Guru Nanak. I didn’t know that I would soon be initiated into Surati Sabad Yoga by a master in Guru Nanak’s tradition. Even Prasang Paarijaat spoke about Ramananda initiating Kabir and Raidas. ‘Prasang Paarijaat’ has a handful of miraculous accounts from Ramananda’s life which was surreal and miraculous. The book was written in Paishachi language and it wasn’t allowed to open it up until Gandhi’s lifespan was over. Skeptics may consider it hooey and believers may consider it to be true. The book talks about how great hero of war of independence from English people was born. It was Prahlada who was born as Kabir and Kabir was born as Gandhi.

10. Since Prahlada, Kabir and Gandhi : all popularized name of God the thread gains weightage only when you look at the contrast created by lineage. A divine birth easily gets merits. To be born in an Asura clan like Prahlada and to fight for liberation against tyrannical rule of his father means greater dissolution of energy and more work done: hence Prahlada is considered “Bhakta Shiromani” or “greatest among devotees of God.” A temple nearby-devoted to Narasimha or Yaldabaoth is related to that myth. Kabir generated similar contrast. Lived 120 years and became an inspiration to a billion people. Including Shriram Sharma Acharya whose books I read in childhood Aurobindo and others used to claim of avatarahood: whether subtle or gross it becomes immaterial after a certain degree of awakening. Weaving of such threads like the old lady sitting on Moon is in itself divine work. According to Nisargadatta: all consciousness is consciousness of change against a changeless background.

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Continuing the journey of my new series with its third installment. Truthfully, this one is my favourite. Hope you guys agree as well!

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Series update

Happy Monday guys!

Here is the second Post update to the new series. Tell me what you think!!!

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New Series alert

Hello peeps!!

Starting a new series is very exciting. More so because there are sooooo many temples in India. Let me know how the first one feels!!

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Tiptoeing with Tipu

Tipu’s Sea of Wealth resulted into a date with one of the most notorious firgurehead from Indian history – Tipu Sultan. I love it how history has a way of showing and closing a loop.

Check out how the date went!!

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Holiday Setbacks

Well the title is slightly misleading. There was no major setback to my recent vacation. But, there were setbacks to my scheduled posts since mobile app was extremely limiting in terms of editing features.

But here I am. With a new post.

Hope you like it!

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104th post

I forgot when I crossed 100… so here is a special mention to my favourite city.

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