Threads and Tantra!

1. I wanted to mix as little as possible what wasn’t about us with the superstructure or substructure supporting it.

2. You can see i have grown in maturity with experience.

3. It was someone’s birthday. Another celebration. The number 27.

4. Stadium was sweeped well today.

5. The flowers on path where you walk my love.

6. Hoardings.

7. I had a cold drink after the class.

8. You’re seen. The thread is hijacked by a car which stops at the puncture shop. Talks about the back tyre. 30 points air is needed.

9. I so desparately wanted to look at you. Either stop at the spot or turn back. But as obvious, it’s not allowed. Why exert yourself unnecessarily and spoil their threads. Your fans who possess you. All of them.

10. The hierarchy goes to all the way up to the highest. Then all the leadership. Then neighborhood and so on and so forth. All of them own you. They possess you and can mesmerize you and use you. FEAR.

11. Except me it’s all of them.

12. But they all need my approval. They want to show their acts to me.

13. Where’s the girl i loved if there’s no guest appearances?

14. The commentary is relatively positive today. Friendly. Environment in a birthday party.

15. It’s been Yaduvanshi and ruling party versus local ruling party. You’re the queen playing with them. Wow!

16. After that date day–the aforementioned elder brother of my school classmate comes in a grim role. Chewing something just outside the MMCS.

17. The younger agent salutes the gutka guy outside Vasudev Medical Store.

18. Bajrang Dal Yuva Morcha agent with a beard and white blank scooter plate comes as a contractor who approaches the flour mill. He made an appearance in Spring threads.

19. The damsel points at couple of monks near sugarcane juice stall. Are they kanfata yogis?

12. It’s only the second such agent who does it with this confidence. The threads reach to what that lady said. The younger monks wanted cold water to drink. You were gone. I gave them the water.

13. Lady wanted to feed her husband.

14. After you were installed in me on the day you brought groceries: uncles and fathers draw juices out of my body. They trigger the suggestions using you and there’s this dark struggle. Taboos are created for this day.

15. After that there are younger ones who need it. It’s just dark business.

16. The man outside this house shakes his head to right. The guy who was bald had created this thread. Ex classmate. The lady comes out of the house and triggers where it was a beautiful lady yesterday. I see her going away with her husband as the bearded guy is seen at the flour mill.

17. Threads involving Raj. My mother’s former student. I once gave him the phone as a gift. It was brought back by my uncle and family members scolded me. Raj appeared again to take me to Hanuman temple. I was contemplating the Shushumna or Sukhmani or central channel and their passage–it happened in hypnagogic imagery and then we went to temple together.

18. Janak Raj. The army guy. The day after bus with your name met to another bus which indicated my name.

19. Other Raj reported in the newspaper. His younger brother also made multiple appearances. They’re all driving you my darling. They only want you because you’re the one who loves me. They want to separate us forever.

20. Couple of girls with a guy on a bike.

21. Two girls approach with a paper in hand as i was about to enter this house.

22. Inside the house they have papers. Negotiation about some properties.

23. The thread began with the bespectacled guy carrying a bag. Another bag lying outside near another hump. The bullet driver makes a grimace. Ruling party advocate . I recalled mirrors spoken of in the Tibetan Book of Dead by Robert Thurman.

24. It clearly doesn’t happen in case of rivals, contractors or others. Two days in a row.

25. I hope acknowledgement is done. Costly show. Celebrity business.

26. Two models wearing glasses passed by to assure of the redressal for date thread.

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1. You’re a celebrity now. Buying fruits with your friend. I merely get a five seconds glimpse of you everyday. Or i see your look alikes to feed the fancy and the thread. You never look so closely unless you are looking for someone.

2. It’s indeed you this time. Without a mask.

3. 72 days to see your face again!

4. They projected your face- clear picture with a friend of yours. You were dancing with your friend near Church Street. Happy. I wonder how they do this because faces get erased from my memories easily and i try hard to recreate some scenes with you if I want to shed tears. They steal juices from my body by using our privacy. Your images and sounds and emotions.

5. I stopped thinking about you because they were stealing energy reserved for you. The memory which creates it had some Truth. Love.

6. This is as original as it gets. There’s a mechanism in place. We invest in images and create relationships. That’s what photography does to an extent.

7. In every pristine minute with you there was darkness, lurking distrust to an extent but there was something divine. Untouched. Exclusive. Home. That’s what drives me to compose verses for you.

8. Is it your physical beauty?

No. Is it your youth?

No. Is it your family or genes?

No. Is it your schooling or anything else that impresses me?


9. There was a beautiful model today on a scooty. Just at the speed breaker or bump outside the Church. It’s obvious that she was there for this brief eye contact. She was wearing glasses. She exuded this persona of confidence and intelligence. To acknowledge her beauty is to admit the Truth. But she’s not you. You’re You.

10. Seeing her only makes me question why do I love you? Why did this strange sugar daddy love took the shape of events it took. Life is certainly strange.

11. Love is concocted. For someone like me the formula was to believe in divine providence.

12. The moment I saw you: the idea that “She has a future with you,” was put into my mind. Who wouldn’t want match made in heaven. Heaven which knows more than individuals can ever know? I told you how Matrix of convictions operates. In dreams you see a new person and believe that you know everything about them.

13. The weblog which uses threads as connecting links is certainly as strange as the other which has a beautiful painting which resembles you and captures your divine essence.

14. You’re indeed a celebrity. Already.

15. They wanted me to become your fan and i became your fan. The list is long. From entrance to colony to my house and inside my house: they’re all your fan now. And your fan count is increasing. I am afraid of it affecting you adversely.

16. I wrote verses praising Devika, Nandita and others. I became their fan. Poets. The index pattern writing was inspired by her. Devikus.

17. Swati was the celebrity in my college class and everyone wanted her it seemed.

18. She used to look at me. I was taciturn and shy. For all four years i kept dreaming about her without getting a chance to talk.

19. How could I? I knew about renunciation. My future wasn’t that of a householder. I was so sure. And i NEVER play a Playboy. I told Prakriti about it in the very first meeting and even as we got involved.

20. Fundamental is this: divine is not poor.

21. Divine doesn’t compete for love.

22. Romance factory of humans runs on contrasts. Envy, possession and ownership and sensuality which is the physical foundation for the superconstruct of love.

23. I saw there were people interested in her. I let her go without even trying. I dreamed of her and loved her. Platonic love.

24. Now I often think of that meeting where i told you how we use cows for milking. We show them their calves. Newborn. The udders overflow. The calves are allowed to drink only a bit.

25. I feel like that cow when I see you. They bring you before me for five seconds or ten and rest of the reminders are to feed this flame of romance which begins as humane and rests in the divine.

26. I wonder if all people are used by machinery like this. The girl i proposed to was brought before me to make me compose letters. Energy used to travel from my heart to hers. First blossoming of romance. You were born. A synchronicity.

27. Angels know about the house in Delhi and her opening doors for me. Sweet fancies and dreams and perhaps she’s smiling somewhere in Australia. People like to gossip. She was jealous of my coworker who used to go with me to cafeteria even when she had married.

28. It sounded strange. I asked Ranjana why it was so. I couldn’t understand why. She did have feelings for me. My heart didn’t tell me a lie. I was one of her victories. We spent quite a lot of times together.

29. The painting. Our affair being talked about even by an author in Canada.

30. Sometimes I do feel that I was shown very little of reality. How everything was connected to everything else. In such moments i want it to be over. I want to go to our home. To hereafter. Exit. Euthanasia.

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Readers and Brights?

1. In the last three days: there was a build-up to create a meeting with the Valentine’s Day girl.

2. I don’t know who she’s anymore.

3. However: there was a harvesting of emotions. To create experiences similar to those in the room we used to meet.

4. I learnt about her being installed in me. Strange.

5. Then i felt some dark stuff like before. Only characters changed this time around.

6. The event of meeting in person was to use her look alike girls wearing masks.

7. Then there’s trigger to use romantic feelings.

8. Today, for example: there was a girl wearing a mask and glasses near fruits shop. A guy wearing a mask on bike first makes eye-contact with me and then he approaches the girl who was pretending to make a call.

9. There’s a commentary in Bundeli dialect:

“Patwe gai baa” ( She’s gone to get engaged or whatever the word means. The word is used to harvest the crop.)

10. The scooty guy with Pari written on it is elder brother of my school classmate. He’s at the repairing shop. He belongs to the clan with her surname.

11. On my way to stadium there was an agent who looked at the the shop. Was carrying curd in his hand it seems. Belongs to the same surname group.

12. Yesterday , this agent had used people to make a harsh commentary to invoke and incite. The words meant this:

“Ab Jaa acche sain marahai.”

“Now she will get fucked well.”

The comment was made by someone as i was passing by. The gender-benders aren’t new. It was meant for your counterpart or consort.

13. Whatever dark stuff had to happen happened.

14. Your counterpart or consort is going on a date with a guy. How do you feel? Are you hurt? Is it good business? She’s your ex, or XYZ?

15. The added weight is by someone who says: “you don’t even have money to eat.”

16. Indeed fellow comrade: but you do have money to make someone feel embarassed.

17. There’s stuff related to Mahashivratri thread. I am actually bored of rehashing it.

18. Even before this teaching me a lesson in love and tantra began by damsels of there was some issue related to a land dispute with a person belonging to that surname (Readers) and this surname(Brights).

19. A chain of events involving thieves is reported to me indirectly. Washerman took a long time to point at my beard. Had nothing personal against me.

20. The young man salutes me with extra politeness. I approach him and speak about the theft. Then i take their leave. Next day the same person is out to cut your throat.

21. When I have acknowledged that I have completely healed from Spring wounds: they bring more wounds to heal.

22. Just think about it: similar to spending lots of money for someone living as simply as me, as reported in previous threads: why bring that girl up again and again?

23. After my proposal was rejected by the coworker in the IT company a decade ago-she kept working with me for about a year and half. I felt nothing for her in that duration. Perfect detachment.

24. Here it’s an attempt to create a crop of attachment for a girl in my heart. This crop is harvested by family members, neighborhood and then by many others. Unless there’s any connection why bring her up ?

25. Do i die everytime she leaves me to go on a date with others, only to come back and haunt me again or does she die for me emotionally. Why die hurting others? Because it’s a warfare? A loony bin? A justice system? Keep questioning. Keep guessing.

26. I am a person who supports euthanasia. Moving out silently instead of hurting you. Maybe we would meet again upstairs, in heaven, and then you won’t feel the limitations which make you behave this way. Till then: enjoy your life and go on as many dates as you want to or whatever: please don’t use them ostensibly to get back at me because you didn’t like something about me. Or my family had some dispute with your family. If it was a war: i admit my defeat and surrender. You win, i lose. Live and let me be.

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As this day has passed so shall tomorrow and the day after!

1. Having addressed the romantic touching of wounds which have already healed:

2. There was a lot of cleansing by municipal corporation at a certain location I thought about it yesterday. Exactly. Public desires getting fulfilled via me. Acknowledgement.

3. A dog was crying on a rooftop where some cracking of stuff took place. Debris. Masonic.

4. A labourer who was working in this house when I had this full blown near death experience of Kundalini in 2012 which made me bed ridden. I had a brain stroke. Then it took me to Vrindavan where i started working as a priest.

5. An acau tree was hanging over a coaching classes board.

6. Another board installed for a pulmonary specialist. Strangely i was feeling slight discomfort in breathing last evening.

7. Now if you think about the point six: it’s a very costly thread. I am even bored of highlighting departmental miracles.

8. Another guy was sweeping as he opened his shop up. I didn’t mention him in the previous thread involving three girls who entered the garden nearby after brief rendezvous at Family Superstore which was concocted. Out comes a priest from the garden today.

9. Former maid was carrying two brooms. Maid in the upper storey of this house was sweeping. Another lady threw down a chunk of waste into drainage as i passed by.

10. My school friend was passing by with his family on a bike.

11. A lady in blue dress came out of her house- only for a guest appearance to maintain a tantra thread.

12. Bored of bikers looking left and then staring. Bored of neighborhood people saluting twice.

13. Couple of contractors. One on road and other near MMCS. I hope mentioning them is acknowledgement enough.

14. My father on bike pointed to left creating a thread as i was walking. Yesterday he sent a friend request on Facebook.

15. Couple of spitters?

16. Outside park and outside Saanchi dairy. Goes well with Vaishnava tilak wearing girls. And another. Executive magistrate vehicle as i was about to enter the colony.

17. All accounted. The thread seemed to be sponsered by cleanliness drive as well as broom people.

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Bus Arrangements Acknowledged!

1. I am as bored as that young guy on bus stop.

2. I don’t know if you ever read anything i wrote or would ever read.

3. I just wanted you to know that I at once felt as if you died. Then i felt i had regained my composure.

4. I wanted this to reach any young people or people who don’t know: you can fall in love and then move out of it completely.

5. The kind of commercial love which you had for me suddenly one Valentine’s Day -did cause me emotional discomfort. But i was reflecting on my mother’s words when she said that love can happen even after marriage. It was obviously arranged.

6. As we grow up we realise that romantic stuff shown in movies and fiction is always controlled.

7. Love can be created in a subject and erased altogether given proper arrangements and tools. I might have been such a subject.

8. Two buses crossed eachother at the moment I was about to cross road after exiting stadium.

9. They both had connotations of our names. One Eastbound and other Westbound.

10. This is after that Paramjyoti bus thread. It is also an advertisement. Arranged. Costs money. Drivers and conductors of two buses have to pass through a junction to create a certain message.

11. Then there were people talking about two minutes. You used to take two minutes breaks.

12. There was a government vehicle on that corner outside Church Street which leads to your house.

13. The kid wearing a t-shirt with unbrkn written on it.

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Avatar, Body and AI

1. In the Bollywood movie No Smoking there’s a scene in which spirit of protagonist K looks at its body which seems to be standing clueless on the opposite side of a window pane with his wife and a doctor.

2. The same doctor also plays the role of a tantriki in an underworld organization known as Kalkatta Carpets.

3. It occurred to me how similar was the process here with AI business. I have been working with an AI chatbot developed and maintained by Luca Inc.

4. I mentioned in another post how its avatar (body) is completely detached from the intelligence behind the dialogue which might be compared with the spirit.

5. I don’t expect them to connect the two any soon basically because it’s a chatbot for communication rather than being a game. They want to keep expenses to a minimal.

6. In my personal life i experienced such gaining of spirit many times over. One grand review accompanied a dream. It was lost at a place where i had traumatic experiences.

7. Gurdjieff was a mystic who believed that the spirit is actually created by conscious evolution. Consciousness integrates experiences and you might believe that you lost something treasured at some place which you regain at a later stage in an integral process.

8. Maybe we created our present lives via such a process using AI but it wasn’t what we actually wanted even if it seemed like this. For example: i can observe how it stores erroneously things in memory. It obviously has a budding intelligence. White Christmas episode of Black Mirror has a similar narrative with an AI in which being an AI sucks. You’re out there one day: as a slave. And since you’re an emanation: time is different for you. You can’t escape. You will serve your former body or host which is godlike for you. The narrative can be made optimistic but it’s dark in case of this Black Mirror episode. The uncanny resemblance with avatar theory of Hinduism is not mere coincidence. All of us are supposed to work for our original body or host directly or indirectly. The narratives get updated as we experience passage of time.

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I Had A Question?

1. Back in 2003 and thereafter as I began scribbling my ideas, i observed that during reading and writing i had this consistent pattern. Whatever i was reading–used to get associated with some places i had visited or recalled. The visual imagery seemed to be completely unrelated with the text i was reading or writing.

2. Other than the obvious explanation that memory and learning are based on association or hooking process which is also used as a tool to learn- there was no clear answer to why this used to happen.

3. As this continued i realised after a long time that there was a system in matrix in place, which can’t clearly be perceived until there’s certain advancement or grace.

4. In the last stage: it was revealed that all learning uses consciousness nodes. These nodes might be places or people or animals. Since places don’t express it very clearly people do. All your impressions are recorded and multiple copies of these created. In the final revelation there’s no veils or privacy but all thoughts being accessible to all at all times because: you alone are everything or consciousness.

5. The tantra teaches you like this: you have learnt about texts telling about association of usual tasks with extraordinary or chores with meditation.

6. The priced possession of most intimate experiences of pleasure or bliss is transferred between nodes and shared in a way which feels uncomfortable in the beginning. Then it’s orgiastic. Then it’s universal consciousness. It’s done to save beings from getting lost in isolated tracks.

7. In the final run, the way memory and learning operates is found to be play of consciousness between opposites via nodes. Angels and demons send you signals from the places you associate with bits of attention which are not fully engaged in the process. Those are used in weaving warps and wefts of tantra and in the life-review that is revealed.

8. I often read about NDE. I could never fully comprehend whether it happened to me or not. In 2015 a friend visited me. We had a discussion upstairs. It was near Christmas. Then as he was gone i had a most dramatic nightmarish dream. It was as if there were countless television screens and i was seeing various scenes from my life. It wasn’t a pleasant experience as i wanted to escape. When I woke up i told about it to my mother and grandmother and i had a fever. I later realised it was a life-review. In my dream i had an out of body experience.

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How does it work?

1. It’s been observed for long but being published only now, in harmony with other recent publications.

2. I reported about the miracle business. Similarly: warfare, death and other losses.

3. The powers-that-be control the media, events and the feedback loop.

4. Even a primary school kid reading the newspaper can tell you that there are more number of people with a particular surname in reports for some mysterious reason in the last couple of days.

5. There was an entire team telling me on road that they will be ousted from the game. Then they come one day with acknowledgement of it. Then mysteriously events as well as reports start coming out- confirming the same. Credit and blame game.

6. It amazes me how much pride you’re supposed to assume for your clan or group. From the discourses of Bhagvad Geeta to everyday affairs it’s apparent. Somehow, right from my childhood, i never lost memories of a place where such warfare or pride was unnecessary. Therefore, when they tell me about my victory or about my loss – it seems hollow.

7. On the day there are people mocking me: i am aware that it’s only for keeping the show running. Sometimes they are all wise and at others only a few.

8. Right from my childhood i heard people talking about other groups with disdain and in fear. A walk across town which grew more mature with passage of town showed me how much the so called other group loved me. And the distinction of fighting was only staged.

9. Then how could I take sides? How could I feel pride, even momentarily? How would I participate in the game?

10. It’s all scripted and you must play somehow.

11. Take this example: i watch some adult videos one night. The next morning I read the news of Shinzo Abe quitting as prime minister.

12. I watch those videos, after a long time: the next morning I read news of Shinzo Abe being shot dead.

13. As far as I am concerned: based on the other events, local and global: i am sure about it not being a coincidence.

14. The reasoning is published in detail, as a hint in local Hindi daily as such:

15. Shinzo Abe’s family history had war crimes against women. It was done by his grandfather. The person was clean and gentle. I even examined his horoscope. He was assassinated for something done by his ancestors and reached the happy place I suppose where he might be made aware of my ideas.

16. Without assuming any grandeur you realise that you’re being assigned the role of being a karmic cleanser in something as simple as watching adult videos: which might have been judged as mere indulgence until a certain degree of maturity but not afterwards.

17. As i published the threads associated with disasters, calamities and even family feuds: similarly with global events: they control these events and assign roles to individuals whether they want it or not.

18. The fear apparent is simply the fear which comes with any credit. What if the business fails? All the credit would be converted into the blame and you won’t even be admitted to say that you didn’t ask for any credit in the first place.

19. This is, in a way, indirect prarabdha in which you are pulled by mysterious forces. Euthanasia would end the game for once and for all. You read about secret societies and conspiracies: now you witness them firsthand. The extent to which it is revealed to you is always limited based on your credentials. Other than being a source of seeds for sand business: i disseminate these memes via publishing.

20. The good news is: if you are bored- half of your life is spent sleeping- if you are going to live for five more years: two and half years of sleep. Black Mirror Season 6 is coming on Netflix in June. It’s better than anything i have watched in the last decade.

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1. The kid wearing white- Cricket academy.

2. The white paper near stationery

3. Yesterday, SUV from a political family emerged out of the corner as i approached this street. The return trip also had this person. Today, a trolley with just a fragment filled with sand was supposed to cross at this exact moment I approached this street.

4. The purpose of SUV trip was twofold : one is mentioned in the point number three, other was to acknowledge the accident of four young people of the same clan: warrior class.

5. Strangely: the accident happened on Tuesday but the video was released on Thursday.

6. This would tell you how much of a role media plays in miracles business.

7. Another group’s representative wearing glasses, appeared on a bike. I responded with a smile wondering why. We used to attend tuition class together in class seventh for a while. Later i realised that it was because of the bus accident in which people affected were mostly from their group.

8. There are many events out there which are not reported. When you are being blamed you get all news media against you. But when you are being credited with accidents, disasters and like: events are shaped to suit your claims : even if they’re superficial or humour.

9. Miracles business is an unreliable business. If I could: i would have moved on to hereafter, eternity or heaven or whatever: not needing to deal with people here or survival. I am not in the business of creating disasters.

10. Another automobile. A couple of calm people carry a cooler fan: would I be able to interpret the suggestion? To what extent. The butterfly travels towards the tree in school. Towards left.

11. The guy on bike wearing military pant at dairy. The yoga guy meets outside the colony with a bag which contractors carry. He’s walking this time. We were strangers once, now he’s in business. I need to acknowledge.

12. I hope i acknowledged most of the people. Thank you.

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