1. Stopwatch of my android smartphone shows 09:30:51 2. I clearly remember walking for about 9 minutes before I sat to read. It was about 06:47 AM. 3. The smartphone clock shows: 10:00 AM. 4. By using points second and third above, it can be deduced that about 03:13:00 should be the reading on stopwatch. […]


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‘Cosmic web’ reveals maze of dwarf galaxies | Breaking News, Latest News, World, South Asia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh News & Analysis


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Astronomers Detect a Supermassive Black Hole on the Move – Unusual Motion Thus Far Unexplained – SciTechDaily


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Study on the black hole effect suggests basic perceptual errors are to blame for the dangerous aviation illusion


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An Ordinary Weblog Post!

1. I came here after a long time. Moon rays are soothing. Sun is already scorching and it’s not even March. 2. Orion belt is beautiful. How harmoniously the stars of proportionate size studded in it. 3. I saw an asteroid. It’s second such within one week. 4. I am reading Kathasaritsar these days. Magical […]

An Ordinary Weblog Post!

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Why hydroponic farms are trending


Hydroponics is a new word for me. I hope you would like to read this news article on Mint!

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Explained: Why is it unusually foggy over north India this winter?


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India Rising Child Malnutrition.

‘Good nutrition allows children to survive, grow, develop, learn, play, participate and contribute—while malnutrition robs children of their futures and leaves young lives hanging in the balance’. According to the World Health Organisation, over 8 lakh children under the age of five died in India due to issues related to malnutrition. Adequate Nutrition is essential […]

India Rising Child Malnutrition.

It’s alarming. Please visit Pooja’s site and read this post. Thanks.

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Humongous Black Holes!


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Scientists discover solar system with planets in a strange `rhythm` , Science News | wionews.com


Rhythm vowelessentiallyrically!

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