Railway Station Chhatarpur!

1. Sitting under the Bodhi tree at railway station. Here, one night, they were playing Paheli.

Bodhi tree!

2. The railway station has undergone a great transformation as anything does over time. Here we have a crater hole which I am not going to visit today.

Railway Station, Chhatarpur

3. On my way, i observed a lot of rampikes; leafless trees.

4. The view from the bridge is breathtaking. I once had a discussion with the engineer who was working on it in its initial phase:

Bridge has been built!

5. Time table picture. I captured the image at the instant when a gentleman asked me about the train for Indore. The image erased itself. Or was it IT cell?

Railway Station Chhatarpur, Time Table

6. The Art of Data Interpretation:

A. There are 3 types of trains.

B. Towards Khajuraho (East):

1. 51818: Jhansi-Khajuraho Passenger.

( Arrival: 13:13 PM | Departure: 13:15 PM)

(It says everyday but now Sunday is off. A gentleman needed a ticket for Delhi and we had some chat)

2. 22163: Mahamana Express.

( Arrival: 11:50 AM | Departure: 11:59 AM)

[ It’s named after Madan Mohan Malviya: a gentleman who had a great mind. Maha is a prefix which means great and Mana means mind. As in the expression “Hi Hannah thanks for the Mannah.”]

C. Towards Jhansi(North)

1. 51817: Khajuraho Jhansi Passenger

( Arrival: 7:50 AM Departure: 7: 52 AM)

D. Towards Bhopal (No clue which direction Bhopal is from here, maybe North!)

[ Mahamana Express]

22164: (Arrival: 16:48 PM Departure: 16:50 PM)

E. MCSC is 4313: 2.

F. Color coding: passengers are written in blue. Superfast or express in green.

7. Conclusion:

1. The railway station is mostly clean: cleaner than most residential areas.

2. Platform ticket costs 10 rupees.

3. To book a ticket you might need a PAN card.

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