Welcome to Blogger’s World!


This forum was developed as a result of the interactions between a group of bloggers who attended the Blogging 101 course in August 2015. We enjoyed the interaction in ‘The Commons’ so much that we wanted to continue to do it even after the course completed. With a little help from The Daily Post Editor Michelle and the Happiness Engineers, we set up this forum that was initially referred to as ‘The Blogging 101 Alumni

After much discussions and a voting process, the name of the forum was then changed to “Blogger’s World” with the tagline “Where Creativity Meets Passion“. The forum was originally developed as a private blog, however with the passage of time it was unanimously decided to make it public thus making it easier for all WordPress users to view and comment on the posts.  However, only members of the forum can publish a post here. An invitation is sent to everyone who expresses an interest in joining this forum.

In functionality this group is very similar to The Commons of Blogging University. The Commons is a space in Blogging University for bloggers to connect and support one another! It mostly relies on bloggers helping each other with feedback, encouragement and support along with the Happiness Engineers who are always available with guidance and technical expertise.

This forum, similarly, is a place where all members interact, connect and support each other. Members are encouraged to post topics of discussion, share links to their blog posts for feedbacks. We also regularly host Weekly Features and Guest Features on various topics. These features are written and published by members who volunteer each week. A wide variety of features, articles and posts are discussed on a daily basis in the forum making it a lively, entertaining and interactive site. (To read the latest features, click on the links above).  If you prefer listening to reading, then you must check out our weekly Blogcast published every Saturday.

New members are encouraged to visit the “Community Guidelines” to familiarize yourselves with the basic guidelines and features related to the forum.

At all times, please feel free to tag any one of the Administrators of this forum, if you have any questions or need any form of technical assistance.

The current Admins of this forum are:

Sandeept (@sandeept252)

Anand (@dancinglightofgrace)

Please remember this is a multicultural, open and friendly forum that allows all forms of discussions so long as it does not cause offense to any race, culture, religion or sex.

Welcome to the Blogger’s World – Where Creativity Meets Passion! Happy Blogging!

Note: For an invitation to join the forum, leave a comment on any one of the posts. Please tag one of the admins for immediate assistance.