100th Post

100 Posts

Congratulations on writing 100 posts on Blogger’s World!!

I am glad to inform you that I have just completed my 100th post on Blogger’s World!!

To start with let me thank the One Almighty God for this small but meaningful success for me.

I would also like to say this to my admins, friends and readers here:

Thank you for all your love, likes, and support. Without you I wouldn’t have been able to make it to even my 10th post. May God bless you all.

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Interviewing Authors

I intend to interview regular authors here.

You can answer some simple questions and skip any if you don’t want to answer.

You can post answers here itself, in form of a new post or post them on your blog with a link posted here.

I hope it would help us know each other better.

I invite @lifeenhancer4all @sandeept252 @yamarella @cheriewhite


1. When did you begin blogging and how?

2. What are your hobbies, if any, other than blogging?

3. Do you think you have a goal or mission in life?

4. Where do you live at present?

5. How did you come across Blogger’s World?

6. Which books are you reading at present or which are your favorite books or authors?


Anyone, who is not a regular author here is obviously welcome to answer these questions and share their ideas with us.

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How to buy happiness with money

I know I am showing you how to spend your money for maximum happiness even before showing you how teaching you how to earn it. But, let me tell you the story behind this article.

Towards A Better Life

I know I am showing you how to spend your money for maximum happiness even before showing you how teaching you how to earn it. But, let me tell you the story behind this article.

I was actually checking Google for an article related to the old saying ‘Money can’t buy happiness’ for this post when I happened to find a quote which said:“If money could buy us happiness then some of the richest people on earth would be more than one million times more happier!”

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Flights To Nowhere Anyone?

Since the Summer of 2020, a growing number of airlines, particularly in East Asia have conducted or are planning flights to nowhere. These are flights that takeoff and land at the same airport. Some “flights” to nowhere don’t even takeoff. These flights are a way for people to get their flying fix when the pandemic […]

Flights To Nowhere Anyone?

An interesting idea in operation. What do you think about it?

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Remove clutter for better health

Being organized is key to a stress-free and healthy life, as removing clutter can lead to better mental and physical health. You feel more in control of things around you and it removes dust particles and toxins from the air, which can improve allergy symptoms and overall wellness. 

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Do You Need Feedback and Help?


1. Sandeept @sandeept252 tempted me to unearth this old post from archives. I have deleted at least three of my personal blogs since then. They had many thousands of posts on them. This archive has some of the five to six years old memories.

2. As you can notice: i told readers about tagging Kristina for technical help. She was sound and her brother was sounder.

3. I was good with smileys. As you can see. I did a post on why we should use smileys more frequently. That was inspired by email conversations with Kristina. She was annoyed with the post further. I don’t regret that but now i don’t use smileys as frequently as i want people to take me more seriously 😃😂😃😃

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Tracking #radix

Hey Sandeept, @sandeept252

1. With the last two bloggers, my count reaches 9. Your count as per your update is 5.

2. Please correct me if i am wrong.



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A trivia about the Firefox logo

Users of Firefox may not be knowing what the logo of their favorite browser is.

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Topic: Deletion of comment | WordPress.com Forums


Hi Sandeept,

The support help has replied saying there’s no glitch. User has trashed the comment.





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New Ticket in Support Forums

Hi Sandeept, @sandeept252

1. While i have raised a ticket for the resolution of current deletion of comment issue in suport forums: i doubt they could be of much help.

2. Would you please pursue Pam Kirst by writing her an email to confirm that it wasn’t her who trashed about 60 of my posts on December 20, 2020?

3. If you receive her confirmation on this forum or in email communication: you can forward the same to the WordPress supports and use the reference of our previous ticket which shall still be open.

4. It’s very much possible that they can’t come up with any resolution; as has been apparent by no progress so far, but let’s do what is possible at our end to keep record of loopholes, glitches and shortcomings.



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