Shutterbug Showcase: Matsue Castle

Matsue Castle in Shimane Prefecture is one of the few Japanese castles which have retained their original wooden form. This castle reminded me of Basantapur Palace in Kathmandu.
More on Mastue castle:

More on Basantapur/Kathmandu Durbar Square:

Shutterbug showcase anyone? Any happy snappers this week?

A place here to link with a post showcasing your snap, for the prompt ‘LOVE’ or maybe any happy snap you like, preferably your own or with originator permission to share, was the rule, I believe.
(Edit: apologies for comments apparently being set to off. I’ve just been alerted to this and now attempting to rectify. You can tag your post to show in the Reader under ‘ShutterbugShowcase’ also.]

I’m a bit stretched with only mobile phone access for a while until my home wifi/tech issues resolve. So maybe later (via link in comments)  for ‘LOVE’ the most recent prompt offered (with thanks again @adrienne3 for your participation with ‘Toast’,  cheers and very Happy New Year to you and yours 🙂

So, there’s a call to discontinue some things here. If you’re a serious photography enthusiast you’ll understandably be keen to take part in Susan G’s MacroMoments challenge. Even if you don’t wish to take part her event is well attended and provides some great reading / viewing. You’ll find a link at her recent post on this site.

Some of us though are happy snappers just for the fun and with older technology are maybe unable to meet the expectations. However our other Susan and others helped with the wonderful ideas behind the #ShutterbugShowcase here and my feeling is it would be nice to see it carry on.

So trying to get anyone on a schedule hasn’t quite worked lately, but then we’ve barely got back to normal with holidays not quite finishing, new term preps underway and all the usual pressures of everyday lives.

Maybe you’ve a shutterbug type photopost link to share in the comments/pingback? Or maybe you’d like to remind us of a fave #photopost or prompt from past responses? Or even to write something inspired by one of them, as if a #writing101 prompt? (Challenge originally included writing option too!)

Happy New Year all! Bye for now…

#photo101 #blogging101

Shutterbug Showcase

Happier times…Volkesfest Stuttgart. This weeks prompt was toast. I’m not in a mood to celebrate after Tuesday’s election. But in the spirit of moving forward the next prompt is love. #photopost @coletteB

#fotopost, #shutterbug

Going… Going… Gone?!

While being very grateful to @colettebates for playing along and carrying on the photopost baton today, I can’t help noticing that this place now appears to be totally dead. Scrolling down the page I can see a total of five posts made on this forum (apart from a few replies) since I posted on 19 October to ask for volunteers for the November and December photoposts. It’s true that half of those were the photoposts.

I see very little point in asking people to keep doing the photoposts – which appears to be the only feature still left running – if nobody sees those posts. So I’m proposing to step down as scheduler – given that there’s nothing to schedule anyway as there are no volunteers. If someone would like to take over, please put your hands up 🙂 but I suspect that there aren’t enough of us who want to carry on.

I think it was a fun feature and I hope it’ll revive in which case I’m sure I’ll be back. In the meantime I’m intending to attend other people’s photo challenges (there’s plenty around with a bit more regularity and you’re welcome to follow my blog Waterblogged if you want to see the resulting pictures. I’m also thinking of perhaps biting the bullet and starting something similar of my own on my blog – if I can figure out a good format and if I feel I can commit to it!

Wishing you all the best here!

@piyushavir, would you mind please taking me off the sidebar, etc. as scheduler so that people will stop tagging me for Shutterbug Showcase? Thanks a lot!


Shutterbug Showcase- Details

Thank you @foodeezjunction for this week’s prompt ‘Details’ (as last week’s post missed due to unavoidable circumstances).

I’m making use of the genre ‘oxymoronic’ (and you’ll perhaps see why in another time and space -and that ‘grotesque’ might also be a fitting categoric definitive, among others).

In the meantime, I’d like to leave you guessing (any idea what it might or might not be?) with the following #shutterbug snap for this week’s #photopost:


and if you’d like to see some really beautiful macro-photography do check out Susan G’s latest macro-moments challenge post in a thread further down the forum for the link to her #photography event – voting for your #1 choice is open for non-participant audience to take part too. [As you can see i don’t do well with macro, nor photography as such, but do enjoy a little playtime here and there 😀 Thanks for reading and to all those who help keep things rolling here! (Prompt for next week to follow once i snap to my breakfast break!)

Back on Popular Demand!

(All right, somebody reminded me.)

Shutterbug Showcase aka the Thursday Photopost is open for volunteers for November and December.

Available dates:


3 November: @colettebates

10 November:

17 November:

24 November:


1 December:

8 December:

15 December:

22 December:

29 December:

Tag me @arwen1968 if you’re interested!

Tagging all of you as a reminder that the challenge is open to everyone, photographers or not! 🙂 Apologies if I missed out anyone. And also as this place most definitely needs a wake-up call!

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Hello @xaranahara… I think it…

Hello @xaranahara

I think it was your turn to do yesterday’s photopost? 🙂

No worries if you can’t manage it this week, just reminding you in case you forgot!


Shutterbug Showcase: Circles

With thanks to @adriennea3 for this week’s prompt, Circles – it’s difficult to follow last week’s excellent #photopost (Mystery), but I got to my camera and had some small play at home with some mundane subject matter. I’m blogging more around ‘Circles’ elsewhere later, but for now, I’ll leave you with my fave shot of the day:


… and next week’s #photopost prompt @xaranahara is … Amusement. Have fun 🙂

Been There, Done That… Will Do It Again?

Or alternatively, haven’t done it yet, will do it now?

The it being Shutterbug Showcase (the Thursday photopost for those of you who like me prefer plain dealing to fancy names 🙂 ).

Available dates:

6 October: @xaranahara

13 October: @foodeezjunction

20 October: @sadhanacs

27 October: @niyati16

Tag me @arwen1968 if you’re interested!

Tagging all of you as a reminder that the challenge is open to everyone, photographers or not! 🙂 Apologies if I missed out anyone. And also as this place currently seems a bit dead, and perhaps needs a wake-up call!

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Shutterbug Showcase – Smoke

Thanks @niyati16 for the prompt.. Had me thinking for a long time and hence a very late submission too!


This photo, although a very simple interpretation of the word “smoke”, brings back a myriad of memories. Burning of the effigies of the demon king “Ravana” along with his brother and son, a quintessential part of Indian festival “Dusshera”. The burning symbolises the victory of good over evil.

One of the most awaited times in our childhood. 🙂

Hoping I have done justice to the prompt given out to me..

For the next week’s post – “an element of mystery” is the prompt for @adriennea3.

#photopost #weekly