I could not find a formula!

I was lazily scrolling down the questions and answers on Quora. When I had first known about that site, it was full of mind-boggling, interesting and informative questions and answers. These days, nice questions are rare and answers are more sarcastic than informative.

So, as I was scrolling down, I received a notification. Someone had requested answer to a question, “What is the formula for excellent essay writing?”

This is a popular question. A lot of people have already answered the question and yet people ask it over and over again. I looked at some of the answers and said to myself, “Why do so many people asking for a formula for writing an essay or an article or a story? And why, despite several answers, they are not satisfied?”

My brain began imagining fictional characters and scenes since I was seven. My first story (which has not yet been written on paper) was Shivam: The Sailor, inspired by stickers of ships with the name Shivam (probably the name of the company that produced them) under them. I imagined my stories in my native language Nepali but dialogues in English. And I used to tell them to my imaginary friends. The trend continued for more than five years with many superhero characters: Rakerilisis (Raker = Robotic, Ilisis = Hero; a name I had imagined myself) aka Ram, Vikram, Mike, Richard, Roger and many others.

In school, we were often given “handwriting” homeworks and teachers used to tell something like: “Copy two paragraphs from page number 34 stories”. At the age of twelve, I completely rejected the idea of copying down from the books. I brought the story of Rakerilisis (changing the name to Star Man, the hero) and Mike (the anti-hero) onto my handwriting homework. I was not sure how my teacher would react, but she praised it. I was encouraged.

I wrote more as years passed. I don’t remember most of them, some of the stories were lost before they came to paper and some after being penned. After I read an essay collection from Nagendra Raj Sharma, I started confidently writing essays and that inspired me to blog.

In all these years of writing my heart out, I never looked for a formula. Sharma’s essays had taught me that there is no real formula in writing. The basic structures of essay writing that we were taught in school need not be followed strictly. In a way, I rejected the concept of using formula on free writing.

Whenever I hear the word “formula”, I think of Mathematics and I also remember my father and some of my teachers saying, “Formula eases problem solving in Maths in many cases. With the help of formula, we don’t need to repeat the long process of derivation to solve similar problems.” This applied while I studied calculus in high school.

In free writing however, there is no short-cut. You have to go through the same basic process again and again even if you are a recognized writer. You always write for your target audience, you always need some knowledge in what you are writing for credibility, you must always convey a meaningful message you always wait for the response of the readers.

Writers have their own thought-processes and their own styles. Their processes amd styles may not work for others. They can’t even guarantee their process will work for themselves everytime. That’s why I haven’t found a hard and fast rule that applies to everyone. This must be the reason people are not satisfied with the “formula” others give.

The only thing that can help writers succeed is PRACTICE and PATIENCE. Practice makes them better than they were earlier. Patience helps them continue even when they are low. Writing again and again may be the only thing that promotes excellent writing.



Stopped by to say hello!

Hi everyone,
How have you all been?
I have been away from writing and my blog for a very long time. Now, I am giving myself time to put my life back on track, to work on my blog and be here.
I have also started a Life style blog, Three Red Bandanas, different from Clueless Birdie, but it might just be the beginning of my dream to have my own small business. Fingers crossed!
Anyway, Hope that I don’t derail from my path again and stop writing for myself.
Loads of love,

PS: I don’t know if there are any new rules behind posting here, or if I need to put in any categories. If there are, then Sorry #Admins, I will check them before posting again.


Playa del Carmen

Just look at you with your humid hair and sunburned arms…

Pizza party

She sat next to me all evening, the party went on without us.

Hello, everyone!

Just wondering if people still come to this group. I’ve been away for a year but I’m back. I posted another entry today about becoming debt free.
You can find it here: https://sirtonix.wordpress.com/2017/06/19/debt-snowball

I hope everyone is having a great week.

Cheers. TR

Good morning! You know that…

Good morning! You know that ‘old dogs, new tricks’ adage? We find ourselves tottering into our golden years, fueled by suddenly spicy food,–the subject of my weekend post…

Happy blogging, friends!



#quotations ” “My infant finds…

#quotations ” “My infant finds favour in the austere eyes ,” muttered his Grace. “Infant, I am trying to prevail upon Mr. Marling to honour my poor house with his presence. Pray add your entreaties to mine.” ” Georgette Heyer, p216, These Old Shades.

A very quickly sourced by absolute chance quote from a page from one of my mum’s books (I only have a small few of her books as they were shared among family and others were donated. I had to grab her Georgette Heyer novels as I read those in my childhood while too young to really understand them, but could mechanically read them at about six years old. I don’t think I read all of them because of the antiquated adult world portrayed in the stories.) I’m hoping to read them enough to find the one i did read from start to end, but haven’t had the free time to relax with them yet. Not really the kind of genre I go for in a book these days. My poor mum struggled to keep me in reading material but I had books like Enid Blyton and comics every week where i learnt about things like majorettes in Judy and Bunty, Debbie etc. I had an advantage over my brother in getting to read his Eagle and Roy of the Rovers comics (much more interesting than girls comics!) and he always complained it wasn’t fair and did share but I’d have to pay back a favour of some sort like take on one of his chores, otherwise he got nothing for my reading his when of course he refused to read a girl’s comic. The library was too far to walk but don’t think they had anything I wanted to borrow but my mum did make us to join. I used to go in to the library very occasionally to use the reference section. I couldn’t understand while so young why you couldn’t borrow the only books I wanted to read. We had a lot of worldly books in our classroom at school though and I was a voracious reader as a child. Not been much of a reader as an adult. Heard on local radio yesterday that statistically only 11% of people read fiction and most reading is other types, ie. for information, so I don’t feel as bad about not reading enough fiction now. Not sure if that’s a UK statistic, regionally or nationally, or if it’s a global market result. i might look for more info on it sometime. I nearly panicked for a quick authorstory post but spotted the postwindow’s autotag just as I was leaving and thought I’d add a quick quote then. That’s what it turned out and i didn’t want to select a replacement. Should be elsewhere, gotta go 🙂 bye for now, best wishes all 🙂

PS – i felt it was a good quote to suggest, if you are reading or have a book to hand for a chance find, you might like to add a quote post or in comments.
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