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I got a notification from WordPress and saw that we now have over 2000 followers. Congratulations and gratitude to everyone who was/have been involved on the forum. It’s been a beautiful (although we have had some difficulties) journey so far.

Thanks to admin: Anand @dancinglightofgrace and authors: Rehan @lifeenhancer4all, RasmaSandra @yamarella, and Cherie @cheriewhite for your regular support to the forum.

However, despite the number of followers, our overall views and interactions have decreased in recent weeks. As an admin, I would like to apologize for being absent more often than I ought to. I am having an interesting (and somewhat difficult) time. I will share my experiences in due course of time.

Until then, I would like to request our followers and members to be more interactive.

Congratulations to all! Happy blogging!


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Thank you!

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A smile is like a ray of sunshine

A smile, the word thank you, what does it cost? Nothing ! Yet it embellishes life, like a ray of sunshine!

Well, to be honest those are not my words. That’s actually a comment that I received from Mr Bernard TRITZ, who owns the blog Actu-Prod-Solaire. And this is the third in a series of articles that I have made from comments that I have received on my blog.

Mr Bernard is one of the many people I am grateful for liking my blog Towards A Better Life and making it a success. He has this to say about my blog.: I like this site, it perfectly matches the expected WP standards, I mean, the ones visitors should find, and come back to often!

I thank Mr Bernard for those kind words and have created this post to show my gratitude.

I also agree with what he has said in his comment about a smile. Indeed it is a blessing for both the person who gives as well as who receives it, without costing anything.

I think a smile can put Covid-19 to shame, as it is more infectious. But, instead of sending a person into self-isolation and quarantine it can improve your health and win you friends. Smiling not only offers a mood boost but helps increase endurance and reduce both blood pressure and pain.

My call to action to my readers today is: Keep smiling. You don’t know whose day you are going to brighten with it. That person may be needing it the most and will bless you in their heart in return.

Many people don’t know about it, but a smile is considered to be an act of charity in Islam.

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Comments can be a great source of content ideas

Every blogger looks for a steady source of content ideas, but I think that source is right there on your site. I had joined WordPress Blogging University’s course on blogging fundamentals when I had started blogging. During that course, I was advised to create an article from the comments that I make on other people’s posts. Now I am making posts from the lovely comments I receive on my articles.

We all get comments on our posts and in response all we say is “Thank you for your kinds words” or just “Thanks for your comment.” I believe we can go a step further in expressing that gratitude by creating an article from a really wise comment and give credit to the person who made the comment. And that is something I am doing again in this article, and I really hope other bloggers do the same. I think that by doing so you will never run out of content ideas for your blog and start getting more interaction on it.

I have created today’s article from a beautiful comment that I received from another blogging friend who owns The Hummingbird’s Journal and who seems to have liked the idea that I have discussed above.

My blogging friend had actually made a comment on my post Life is how you make it. The post was about being grateful to God for even the small happiness He has bless us with. The post even had this motivational video in it.


In response to that post my friend who owns The Hummingbird’s Journal had commented: I agree with Ms Hilda, it’s important to appreciate the little things in life. I think it’s a great idea what you did to showcase words of wisdom from a comment that you received. My fav part of the video is looking at situations differently, instead of thinking about how a difficult situation is holding you back, to think of ways it can help you move one forward instead.

I think my friend was 💯% right. Life is full of adversities for some people, while it might have been served on a platter for a few others or so it seems. But, I believe that whatever the case may be, we should refuse to get stuck in a situation.We should never give up. One of the ways of doing so is to find a solution to the situation and start acting upon it. That way you will build up an inner strength called resilience and never become a loser whatever happens in your life.

Finally, let me say that we need to understand that we just can’t take all the time. Sometimes we should also give back what we have received and creating posts from the kind comments that we receive and giving the person credit is one way of doing it.

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5 tips to stay positive in Covid-19, other negative situations

heather-ford-6fiz86Ql3UA-unsplashAfter turning a comment from my blogging friend Ms. Hilda Akos into a post, I am now sharing a post from her blog Hill Study Center.

The post that I am sharing is full of hope and positivity and should be read by all negative thinkers or those who think themselves to be losers.

You are not a loser if you know how to move forward.

Life is full of negative situations and failures. These situations can push a person to a point that they either lose mental control and commit suicide, or go into depressions. The only way out is to think positive and not giving up when such situations occur. I had earlier shared a post The master key to success: Neverrr giving up on yourself which talks about resilience, the power to move forward despite all obstacles.

A loser is not a person who has failed to achieve the required marks in their exam to become a doctor or engineer. He is not even among the many who have lost their job during the current pandemic. Remember that you cannot be called a loser until you lose hope and refuse to get up and move forward in life.

In fact, according to Islam lack of hope is lack of faith in the One Almighty God.

Tips to stay positive during Covid-19 and other negative situations

Here are five tips to help you stay positive in negative situations, including those that have occurred after Covid-19.

  1. Put your faith in the One Almighty God who has created you with some really special qualities and blessed you with a lot of things that many others might not be having. Express your gratitude towards your Creator.
  2. Have a Positive Support Group. It’s important to have a positive support group that will help each member through difficult times. There are many such groups in the world, but I would suggest you to join a group or subscribe to a blog that takes you closer to God and helps you live a better and happier life, like Towards A Better Life.
  3. Retrain Your Mind. Be aware of what you think and turn negative thoughts into positive ones by being compassionate towards yourself.
  4. Exercise Your Body And Mind. Meditate and create a daily exercise program that would help calm your mind and tone up your body. Yoga can help to achieve both.
  5. Find solutions and change what you can. But, learn to accept things that you can never change. Acceptance is a great way to move forward in life with a positive mind.

Coming back to the article that I am sharing from Ms. Hilda. the best part of which says: “In finding positivity in negativity, try to remember the favours and good things you have enjoyed in the past. Begin to imagine a tomorrow of open doors, better opportunities and begin working towards them.”

Read the article from Ms. Hilda:

Finally here’s a video that shows you how to stay positive in a negative situation. In fact that is the name of the video.

Source: 5 tips to stay positive in Covid-19, other negative situations – Better Life Info

Life is how you make it

Life is really how you make it. We must enjoy and what God has blessed us with and also remember the needy in society.

Happiness is not necessarily dependent on abundance. But rather appreciation for even the little things that we have.


All that has been written above are comments that I received from my blogger friend Ms Hilda, who owns the blog Hill Study Center. She had made the comment on my recent post: Learn from these homeless men to be happy during Covid-19

The article is my idea of turning lovely comments like the one I received from Ms Hilda into a post that can be used by my readers to better their lives.


Source: Life is how you make it – Towards A Better Life

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Learn from these homeless men to be happy during Covid-19 – Better Life Info

A homeless man can teach people with little money how well to use whatever God has blessed them with, instead of feeling miserable or grumbling. Many people have become jobless during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to this, people are now having not much money to fulfill even their basic needs like food and clothing. But, my advise to such people would be don’t worry. Better days are coming. Meanwhile, learn to make the most of whatever you have got and please stop grumbling as it won’t help much.

A homeless man is defined as a man without a home or no fixed address. He is often looked down by society. There are countless news in which a homeless man was either killed, found dead or arrested for the murder of somebody.

But, I today I have to say that even such people can contribute to society. A homeless man is among those employed as masons when your beautiful homes are being built.In this article, I am sharing a recipe that two homeless men who work as masons make with whatever money they have earned in the day. These construction workers can teach people who are broke how well to use their scant resources and thank God for all His blessings. The article just reminded me of the famous song ‘Another Day in Paradise’ by Phil Collins.

The recipe of the Indian Kadhi is traditionally made from gram flour (besan) and curd (dahi). But, these poor men are money wise. The two laborers, Dharmender and Vinod, seen in the picture above are both in their mid-30s and homeless. They use their scant resources to make Kadhi without dahi.

Read more for the recipe:

Here is the song which I used to hear when I was young and still love to listen

Source: Learn from these homeless men to be happy during Covid-19 – Better Life Info

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Indian AI health and fitness app gets $75M investment to boost its growth

Indian AI-enabled health and fitness app, HealthifyMe bills itself as India’s largest digital wellness platform. The app has over 25 million subscribers spread over 300 Indian cities and approximately 1,500 coaches.

HealthifyM is now its way to further growth, after raising a $75 million in a Series C funding round led by LeapFrog and Khosla Ventures.

HealthQuad, Unilever Ventures, Elm of the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund, and repeat investors Chiratae Ventures, Inventus Capital, and Sistema Asia Capital also participated in the investment round.

So far, HealthifyM has been able to raise over $100 million from various investors.

It uses artificial intelligence to provide subscription-based health and fitness services like calorie counting, one-on-one nutrition and fitness coaching, and diet and workout regimens.

Available on both iOS and Android devices, the app also features AI nutritionist Ria who acts as a personal health assistant.


Read more:


Original Source of article: Indian health and fitness app gets $75M investment to boost its growth – Towards A Better Life

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The cosmos delegates the job of knowing itself to us in form of discrete packets and we report back to it with what it already knows: it’s infinite and hence unknowable. A mystery.

The pictures are projected onto a flat screen where we perceive our three dimensional world via a two dimensional projection.

The consciousness is picture of whole reality with infinite dimensions without any breaks. The breaks are unconscious and there seems to be a mechanism by which unconscious becomes conscious. Does conscious also become unconscious? It’s infinite memory. If we were to combine together the memories of all conscious beings ever–it will only result in a fraction of what totality of consciousness is.

I studied Matrices and their multiplication for three dimensional matrices as used for representing vector quantities during my school. If we were to extrapolate these for cognitive model of reality: this even distribution of energy is cosmic microwave background. In fact the Cosmic Microwave Background regulates the heat distribution in the Cosmos. Entropy distribution in form of heat. If we were to take a picture of cosmos at any given moment: it will be an infinite matrix with countless number of rows and columns for countless number of dimensions. They all will have either 1 or 0 as their value at any given moment which would change in the very next fraction of time unit or moment. Countless such pictures put together make a continuous movement of reality. And it’s only from a viewpoint of limited agent imagining expanse of consciousness.

If consciousness doesn’t know itself fully: it means there’s unconsciousness. The awareness is complete reality. To have blind spots where it’s not really conscious might mean God taking rest. It’s unknown and mystery in the sense that it’s not a thing. Things are finite. Things are subjects of imagination and reality. Though sometimes I wonder where do we exclude imagination from reality since we use images to explore reality. Consciousness is a quality of reality like unconsciousness. Reality is both consciousness and unconsciousness. It’s aware of being conscious as well as unconscious. Light and dark. Ones and zeros. Knowledge and ignorance.

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Hello, all! Long time, no…

Hello, all! Long time, no “see!” My fault, I fear. 🙄😆 But I have been trying to get back into blogging regularly, and have started what I hope will become a series, called “The Back Story.” Here is a link to the very first article! And @dancinglightofgrace – glad to see you’re still here!

The Back Story

Mushrooms can help you fight Covid-19 – Better Life Info


The health benefits of mushrooms are well known. They are high in fiber, protein, and antioxidants while being low in calories. Due to this, they can help you lose weight by burning the fat in the body. But you may not be knowing that this vegetable which looks like a mini umbrella to me can provide a shield to you from many other diseases, not just obesity. I have just learned that mushrooms can also help you fight the dreadful corona virus.

But, the best thing I like about this vegetable is that people of all ages like its taste. You can use mushrooms as a key ingredient in many dishes, ranging from starters to soups and main dishes regularly

Researchers found in a 2016 Johns Hopkins study that psilocybin-assisted therapy alleviated anxiety and depression in adults with terminal cancer diagnoses.

The current study’s findings suggest that psilocybin may be useful for those who suffer from depression. A single dose of psilocybin, which is found in “magic mushrooms,” gives long-term anxiety and depression relief in cancer patients


The secret immunity boosting power of mushrooms

The key fact about mushrooms in these tough times of Covid-19 is that they can help you combat the virus. Thanks to the Merciful God and researchers, we have finally got a vaccine to stay away from the disease. But, prevention is always better than cure.

Mushrooms can help boost immunity which is essential in our battle against corona virus. Preliminary research suggests that mushrooms may promote a healthy immune response, reduce inflammation, and improve immune cell activity through interactions with the gut microbiota.

But, the question is what kind of mushrooms can boost immunity. Reishi, which is as nature’s Xanax, is one such mushroom. This favored fungus is among the well-known medicinal mushrooms.In fact, reishi may be able do it all: help loose weight, fiercely fight cancer cells, and most importantly keep the immune system in check.


Read more to find out other varieties of this delicious and nutritious vegetable that can help you fight the virus :


Garlic Mushrooms by Sanjeev Kapoor

Garlic is one ingredient that can enhance the taste of many dishes. But, even garlic can also help boost immunity. Mix it with mushrooms and you don’t just have great taste to savor but a powerful weapon to fight Covid-19.


Here is a recipe of Garlic Mushrooms from renowned Indian chef Sanjeev Kapoor. It would be a shame if you ask me who he is, so I am just showing you the recipe video.




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Better mind your actions at Karma Cafe

Karma Cafe

There is a restaurant, where you create your own menu, cook what you want, and finally get what you deserve. The best thing about the business is everybody is a stakeholder, as we invest daily in it. The restaurant stands tall on a street called ‘Life.’ I don’t know what you call that restaurant, but, I call it ‘Karma Cafe. ’

This restaurant serves you part of what you have cooked while you are alive. The leftover is served in the hereafter.I don’t mean to hurt anybody with my words, nor do I want to be sarcastic. But, I would like you to remember to mind your actions because nobody likes awful food even if it is cooked by yourself.

Three key ingredients for good food at Karma Cafe:

The three key ingredients you should use while cooking something in the restaurant I call Karma are:

Faith. Believe in the Creator alone, whom the Hindus know as Eishwar, the Muslims call Allah, and the Christians call God. Also, put all your trust in Him, because He alone fulfills all your needs. You also need to fear God, as only the god fearing stay away from doing anything wrong. But we are all prone to sins and errors, so we should always seek His forgiveness. Islam teaches us that we are all sinners, but the best are those who ask for His forgiveness.

Love. Be loving and kind towards others, especially those who are close to you and care for you. Do nothing that would hurt them or their feelings. Investing in people and relationships is the best investment you can ever make.

Care. Look after your family as much as you can. But, also don’t neglect the needs of the poor, the have not, and those who work under you. You should also take care of the animals and not be cruel towards them. I am not bragging about myself, but me and my wife always give something to the poor whenever we go out to eat. It goes to show that you care for the poor even while you are having what you want or need.

Source: Better mind your actions at Karma Cafe – Better Life Info

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