1. Since I joined the forum again on October 16, 2020: I have kept observing statistics for this site.

2. I also have a memory of statistics during our top run for four months in 2015.

3. We are doing better than ever before. It’s a fact as far as stats go.

4. We had 343 views yesterday. 1103 views in the last week.

5. It has been possible because of all of you. I thank all alumnis of original class. Previous admins and current active authors as well as supporters of this forum. Congratulations.

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Call for New Authors!

Hello Bloggers!

If you want to join the forum as an author and contribute with your posts, please let us know in the comments. You can also tag one of the admins using @ in any comment of any post on the forum.




We will invite you to the forum as soon as possible.

We also encourage you to check our FAQ page for more information.

Thank you!

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My troubles with GIS softwares

I have always loved computer programs. However, there is one class of softwares that have always bothered me. GIS (Geographic Information System) softwares.

First there is the old ArcGIS with a huge community of users. As a professional paid software, it should do things well. However, living in a third world country means having no access to original product. Whatever “cracks” we find are flawed. It’s technically a virus. And even the software does not work well.

But even if were a full version, I am not satisfied with ArcGIS. It still runs on 32-bit engine, is unintuitive, the toolboxes are messy and many functions require improvement.

My eyes then fell on QGIS. The free open source software is smaller than ArcGIS, has rapid development and looks better. But there are a lot of plugins. It’s cool but even the most important functions like georeferencing are associated with plugins. The lightness of the software disappears as you keep adding the plugins.

There is another one, ILWIS that I have to work with. It’s free, purely academic (built and managed by University of Twente, Netherlands) and quick but too old-fashioned. The modern version does not work well unfortunately.

GIS softwares have been bothering me. I wish things were easier to handle. But I am stuck with them for now.

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You’re ambrosia! Seeing you ambrosia. Inside me ambrosia, And outside me ambrosia; Your touch is bliss, Your taste exquisite, Feeling you ambrosia.



Shedding leaves,

Trees dance in blithe harmony,

Parting and departed and remaining

All silently sing a lullaby to this dance,

It’s an eternal mystery.

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One of the world’s first computers ran on water

English mathematician and inventor Charles Babbage is said to have designed the first automatic digital computer in the world. Babbage created plans for the Analytical Engine in the mid-1830s. Although it was never completed, the Analytical Engine would have had most of the basic elements of the present-day computer.

But, do you know that one of the first computers in the world, called the water computer, was run on water. It was built by Vladimir Sergeevich Lukyanov, of Russia, in 1936 and solved differential equations in partial derivatives.

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I was taught to be patient. I was taught to wait for those things that I wanted but could not afford for different reasons. I grew up as a good child who never demanded for anything. Most of the times, this was because I didn’t realize what I wanted.

Whenever my parents ask me if I need something, my usual answer is, “I don’t need anything.” This week I surprised myself. “I want a pair of shoes and a T-shirt,” I said. And I got them.

I wasn’t expecting a negative answer because my Mom had noticed that my old shoes were hurting my feet. What I realized was that I might have got at least something from my parents had I known what to demand.

I need to be reasonable, though. I don’t want to be spoiled. Neither do I want to add to our expenditure. But I realized that I don’t always need to wait. I can get what I want. I just have to be brave enough to ask for it.


On The Beach – Flash Fiction (Part 2)

(Continued from Part 1)

I don’t think we’d ever run so fast in our entire lives. We got to the parking lot in what seemed like only seconds. We threw our beach bags, towels, and backpacks into the jeep before jumping in and clicking our seatbelts.

I cranked the engine, shifted into drive, and we peeled away, squealing tires. When we turned onto the main road, I made such a sharp turn at such high speeds that the passenger side of the jeep tipped upward and for a second or two, we were only riding on the driver’s side two tires. The other three girls grabbed the overhead bar to steady themselves.

After I completed the turn and corrected, the passenger side of the jeep dropped to the ground with a loud bang and jolt that bounced everyone off their seats.

“Easy! EASY! We’re not going to be any better off if we tip over and roll!” Sarah yelled.

“Just hang on!” I shouted back, pushing the gas pedal to the floor.

We sped toward the mountains, which were just beyond a village. With one hand gripping the overhead bar and the other holding her beach hat in place on her head to keep it from blowing off, Tess accidentally removed her hand to dig in her bag. Sure enough, the hat blew off and slid down the road behind us.

“Shit! My hat!”

“Screw the hat! Punch it, Lanie!” Sarah shouted.

We came to the crowded village and noticed that the people there looked as if it was just a normal day and they were just going on about their lives. Business as usual.

“Jeez! What the hell are they doing! Why aren’t they running for higher ground!” Tess cried.

“We’ve got to stop and warn them,” I said.

“We’ve gotta what??? We don’t have time!” Marissa cried.

Ignoring Marissa’s rely, I hit the breaks and we came to a screeching halt that threw us all forward and pulled our seatbelts taught against us. I then shifted into park, unfastened the belt, stood up in the jeep, and began yelling while pointing toward the ocean, then toward the mountains.

“Hey! Get to higher ground! Hurry! There’s a wave headed for us! C’mon! You got to get out of here! You gotta go NOW!” I screamed.

To our horror, the locals only stood there looking at us as if we’d flipped our wigs. One man turned and looked at the woman beside him. He put a finger next to his temple, doing the classic finger twirl, and I thought I heard the words, “Crazy Americans.” In English but with the native accent.

We tried warning them again but with no success. They only began laughing and pointing at us. Sarah spoke up.

“Forget it, Lanie! We tried! There’s nothing more we can do for these people. Now we have to save our own asses.” She said in a dreadful tone.

“Damn it!” I exclaimed as I dropped back into the seat, threw it into drive, and floored the gas. I looked through the rear-view mirror and noticed the locals standing there gawking at us as we speed away. Once we made it through the village, we made another turn at the foot of the mountain, onto a dirt road that led up it.

As we started up the mountain, we slung dirt and gravel everywhere and hit potholes, which jarred the jeep and everyone in it. Less than a quarter of a mile up the mountain, I glanced through the rear-view mirror at the village and ocean behind it and sure enough, I could see what looked like two white lines on the water. Suddenly, there was another loud bang with a hard jolt that threw us forward once more. The jeep had come to an abrupt stop!

The engine revved loud as I continued to floor the gas, but the jeep didn’t budge!

“What the hell!” I cried as I shifted gears again.

Once again, I shoved the accelerator to the floor and the front tires spun, slinging more dirt and gravel. Still, the jeep didn’t move.

“Come on, Lanie! Punch it!” Sarah yelled.

“I am! We’re stuck!”

“Oh God! That’s it! We’re screwed! ” Marissa shouted.

“Shut up!” I shouted back as I fought with the controls in the jeep to get us free from the hole we were stuck in.

Once more, I looked through the rear-view and could see the white wall of water looming larger in the mirror. I then saw a yacht that was in its path capsize!


I frantically shifted gears a third time and stood on the gas. Nothing!

“It’s no use! We gotta BAIL! We gotta go the rest of the way on foot!” I cried.

With that, we all quickly came out of our seat belts, hopped out of the jeep, and grabbed our things. As we began hoofing it up the mountain, we could hear the distant, rumbling roar behind us, and, second by second, the sound grew louder.

(Continued in Part 3)

Align Your Purpose With the Field of Intention

This is the most important thing you can do to fulfil your intentions. Being aligned with the universal filed means having faith that your Creator knows why you’re here, even if you don’t. It means surrendering the little mind to the big mind, and remembering that your purpose will be revealed in the same way that you were revealed. Purpose, too, is birthed from creativeness, kindness, love, and receptivity to an endlessly abundant world. Keep this connection pure, and you’ll be guided in all of your actions.

Be Inspired..!!

Align Your Purpose With the Field of Intention

This is the most important thing you can do to fulfil your intentions. Being aligned with the universal filed means having faith that your Creator knows why you’re here, even if you don’t. It means surrendering the little mind to the big mind, and remembering that your purpose will be revealed in the same way that you were revealed. Purpose, too, is birthed from creativeness, kindness, love, and receptivity to an endlessly abundant world. Keep this connection pure, and you’ll be guided in all of your actions.

It’s not fatalism to say that if it’s meant to be, then it can’t be stopped. This is having faith in the power of intention, which originated you and is within you. When you’re aligned with your originating Source, then this same Source will aid you in creating the life of your choice. Then, what…

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1. It’s like a friend you know and yet you don’t. 2. All the mystics and some poets have talked about it. They became one with it. They came from it. It was playing in them. It became itself when they truly found themselves. 3. They allude to its effects as footprints on sand. Everyone […]


I sing along with others!

Beautiful birds are chirping sweet, They were singing its praises, I was saved by it, From becoming someone who is praised and then not praised, I was saved from ego deaths, All its praises are my praises, I sing along with others.

I sing along with others!

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Hi folks!

Hello Bloggers! I hope you’re doing well.

I have not been regular in the forum for quite sometime. I feel it’s time I regularly write. So, despite my busy schedule, I will try posting something everyday and get involved in conversations here.

Wish me luck!