The Bloggers’ World forum have many features that are regularly hosted on a weekly basis. These features have evolved over time, though some of them have been here since beginning, others are recent. These features are constantly changing as per public demand. Please fee free to contact the admin if you need any help or wish to contribute to any of the features. Admin: Piyusha Vir @piyushavir

Weekly Features

Weekly features are posts done by our expert authors in certain categories every day of the week. We recommend you to publish a fresh post in these categories if you volunteer, but you can publish the same post on your blog too. In some cases, if you contact admins, you might be allowed to publish a post you published on your blog a while ago. We are very friendly and lenient about all our rules. We publish the monthly schedule of weekly features on the first of every month.
Since this forum follows GMT, all features go up at 09:00 a.m. GMT on the particular day. For all new participants and contributors, we strongly urge reading about the features and browsing the previous ones.

We have following categories:

Monday Magic (Mondays)

This is a feature where the volunteer gets to share inspiring stories. Other than the theme being ‘inspirational’, the feature is open to interpretation. Contributors can share whatever they find inspiring – whether it be a famous quote of personal anecdote.
In order to get more idea about this feature, you can also contact the feature organizer  – Dawn @dawnmarie823

Trivia Tuesday (Tuesdays)

This is a feature where the volunteer gets to share fun/unknown facts which in most cases are not generally known to all. In order to get more idea about this feature, you can also contact the feature organizer  – Niyati @niyati16

Authors Who Made History (Wednesdays)

Every Wednesday, an article is shared that talks about one particular author who contributed immensely in the literary world with their work and hence, made history . Since most of us in the forum are avid readers, this is an interesting way to discuss your favourite or not so famous authors and their work. To read the articles already posted, please visit this page. Should you wish to suggest a particular author or nominate yourself to do an article on Wednesday, contact the organizer – Rashmi  @sashay909

Shutterbug Showcase (Thursdays)

This feature runs every Thursday. In this feature, a photo post will be published to serve as prompt. The person who publishes the Thursday photo post will set the prompt for the following Thursday.
To participate you can contact the admin team or the feature organiser – Susan @arwen1968

Friday Special Features (Fridays)

Fridays also have special features on all four Fridays. The first Friday is dedicated to 3 Quotes by an author with brief author bio and picture. The second Friday is 100 Words Story published by you, either here, or on your own blog (with link shared here.) The third Friday feature includes a review of a Movie or TV show.  The fourth Friday feature is a Book Review.
To participate you can contact feature organiser – Open for volunteers

Creative Writing Tips (Saturday)

As the name suggests, this feature includes all the things which help you write better. You can volunteer to share your wisdom on creative writing by contacting the admins. You can see the archives hereYou can contact our expert authors and feature organizers too, incase you need any help or wish to contribute – Pam @pamkirst2014

13 Words Stories (Sunday)

As the name suggests, this feature includes writing a 13 words stories based on a prompt which is suggested on Saturday. The event starts on Sunday and is open for submissions entire week after that. This is a free-for-all feature, and there are no prior nominations required. You can publish stories on your blog and link to this blog or simply publish here with a picture. You can find the previous submissions here. archives here.

Poetry Corner (Tuesday – Discontinued)

This is a group poem published every Tuesday. Entries are sent via email ID to an organizer and all contributors are kept anonymous. A random number is given to every contributor and usually their entries show up in the line number suggests it would when the collaborative poem is published. It’s a lot of fun. You can find the archived poems from the past here.

Blogging Tools (Wednesday – Discontinued)

This is a feature where tips and tools which are helpful in running your blog smoothly have been shared by our expert authors. You can find the archives hereYou can contact our expert authors for clarity on any article by using following tags:

Meanings Lost In Time (Friday – Discontinued) 

This feature includes stories about evolution of the meanings and usages of many phrases. How were they used when they were coined and how they came to be, is covered under this feature. You can find out articles under this category on this page. 

Globetrotter’s Corner (Sunday – Discontinued)

This is a weekly feature which shares interesting information on tourist spots across the globe. This information might come handy if you are a traveller or might simply amuse your fancy. Photo Delight is a sub-feature in this category which showcases the original photos captured by you or your friends. You can find archives for this feature here.

Grammar And Punctuation (Thursday – Discontinued)

This feature is published by our expert authors and as the name suggests it includes posts on Grammar subtleties and punctuation nuances. To get a better idea on the posts which have been done in this category, you can visit this page.

Word Nerd (Monday – Discontinued)

It’s a feature published every Monday. It has interesting words, their etymologies, usages and variants discussed by our expert authors. You can nominate yourself to do this feature in advance. To get an idea about previous posts in this category, please see this page. To get more information you can also contact the expert authors who have been doing this page.

Note: The weekly features are constantly changing.  The admins will try their best to keep this page updated as soon as we add or remove a feature or upgrade them.