Discussion with Michael Atkins at MPAtravels.com!


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A Friday!


Early morning pictures and notes. Your feedback is valuable to me.

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Are Admin Rights A Joke?


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April Fool’s Day!

April Fool 01.4.2022

1. I recently learned: April Fool’s Day is celebrated on first day of April along with New Vikram Samvat Year.

2. Fabled king Vikramaditya has to do with thirty two teeth we have in our mouths. This king has a hidden treasure under his seat growing up. Without being aware of its worth: the king plays with his friends. When he grows up and becomes thirty two years old: he’s reminded to be congnizant of his own worth which is equivalent to many suns.

3. All systems of keeping track of time: including those of heliocentric and lunacentric and otherwise are dependent on ephemeris. Eye of Horus counts every moment. April shouldn’t come here. May contains allergens. June is a bug. July and August may shower. September offers end too soon. Autumn tells you a truth. January fifteenth is true harvest. February is already too hot. March needn’t be as big a VOID every year but Cash matters in the month of March in 2022 in this city. Rene Descartes. Coordinate geometry.

4. Are you an orphan? Do you help yourself by educating yourself? Why’s April Fool’s Day called so? Do I ask more rhetoric questions than I answer? It’s upto you. It’s a Friday here and if you BALEEB….my pronunciation is perfect….I also SPELL perfect to take you beyond darkness and Moon to help you relax and sleep. Happy Weekend. May Six may bring Benedict Cumberbatch starring Doctor Strange in an infinite multiverse of Madness.

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Holy Faiths Corporation Inc, India!

Chai Vibhag: Tea Department, seems to be inspired by Government and semi government departments of Indian rural and urban communities. The front is a scramble reading: We Love Chai Vibhag: Golden Groups. AND other than tea you have coffee, Maggie noodles, sandwich, coffee etc. @ten to fifteen rupees per cup. Cup costs two per piece. […]

Holy Faiths Corporation Inc, India!
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What if Buddha and Christ lived in Modern World?

Just watched a Japanese animated movie (anime) which explores this question. It’s named Saint Young Men.

Buddha and Jesus are on a vacation to Japan. They wear T-shirt and Jeans, get excited when they see vending machines and look forward to discounted sales.

Jesus is often called Johnny Depp and is also mistaken to be a Yakuza (Japanese mafia). He also loves blogging. (I wish I could add him here!)

Buddha actually followed Christ. So, he just tries to enjoy what he sees while trying to be calm over things he does not expect to happen.

Both Buddha and Jesus are recognizable from their hairs but people just see them as strange foreigners. Some people sometimes pray in front of Buddha but they think it’s only because of his weird appearance.

While the movie was hilarious, I got sad thinking that such a creative take would be hardly accepted in conservative societies. Saint Young Men could be hard to digest for conservatives. But I truly believe that the Gods would love visiting modern Japan.


Weekly Features!

Dear authors,

1. Now that we have a small team consisting of active members:

2. @sandeept252 , @lifeenhancer4all , @yamarella @dancinglightofgrace @cheriewhite

3. I invite you to take a look at Weekly Features page. It’s the last page in the list of pages on this site.

4. It was used by us to create schedules for weekly featured articles scheduled in advance for a month or two. It would be a feature where you have liberty of expressing yourself individually.

5. Please recommend if you would like to add new weekly features. If you are interested in taking up any weekly features: I would assign it to you and create schedule.

6. For example: I teach English language Grammar and creative writing for a living. This feature i can take. I can also take word nerd or etymology feature. You can take any features you like on the first come first served basis for as many iterations as you want to. I recommend you taking one feature per week for long term commitment.

7. Though it’s not a must : we prefer you posting an original article here. If you later post it on your blog or elsewhere it’s fine. If you want to repost a favorite post you did on your blog or a post you’re planning to publish first on your blog: it’s fine as long as you do that as a ‘fresh post’ here and not merely re blogging the link to redirect users to your blog.

8. If anything regarding weekly features or this post is unclear : feel free to ask me for clarification.

9. Two basic strengths of this forum have been: weekly features and continued discussion. One post per week shouldn’t be too much of responsibility for any of us. It can be of any length you choose, any style or mood provided it resembles a category we have or that category can be added provided we agree upon your taking responsibility for it for at least a few weeks.

Waiting for your help,


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Friday 202020 Harchhat!

1. Jupiter is going to hand it over to Mars: the staff of Atmakaraka. Struggle ensues. Kartikeya the commander-in-chief. The son of Earth.

2. Venus enjoys balanced libra. It’s airy.

3. Jupiter is going to materialistic sign of its debilitation: Capricorn. Saturn and Jupiter are stars. Such combination is found at the birth of Christ consciousness. Reference: Jesus lived in India.

4. 20201120: this is last such combination. It won’t happen ever again. Three 20s. I hope vision 2020 of Abdul Kalam has been achieved. ( My student Shri corrected me: it happened once every month in this year. It will happen in December as well. Yet: it’s special today because of Jupiter Saturn conjunction. Mars takes over).

5. 2 is Moon. Three 20s: 60: 6: Venus: Friday.

6. 8: Saturn conjunction Moon. Can be observed with eyes in this city. It’s called “visha yoga” or “poison yoga” as well as “Nishthur Bhaasi” yoga.

7. Capricious capricorn. Birds. I rest the verse here with Tohu:


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The Routine and the subroutine!

1. I woke up late. Doors of kitchen were locked by then so i am fasting. Two more hours. My stomach is hungry.

2. My mental hunger was satiated by vocabulary.com jams. I invite you to play with me whenever you can. My ID is 12. I would like it if you compete with me.

3. Claire G.-who is the best player I have come across in the last two months(with PC being absent,) appeared briefly. I won a game by just 10 points. She scored 660 and I scored 670. This is the best of my achievements in the last two months on vocabulary.com. She might have scored less than me on some jams but today I made it a point to observe when she appeared.

4. I played 12 games in total. Here’s a summary of ranks I received:

First rank: 6 times(40 players on an average)

Second rank: twice

Third rank: once

Fourth rank: once

Seventh rank: once

5. So, as you can see: there are no facts . Only interpretations. I am undoubtedly not the Deuteronomy prophet lord king Starjade. I am a fellow blogger and jammer on vocabulary.com. If any of you are highly placed and in touch with Ben Zimmer or the technical team of that site: please inform that the server crashes anytime more than 100 players begin to jam. They can improve their bandwidth. I could have written an email to their technical team but I know what response they’re going to deliver:

“We seek your understanding in this regard.” ( No change.)

6. Let’s forget the bad things for a while. Let’s talk about the poetry for a while. Pam read my post and commented on it. Ideally I should have visited her blog. Arwen has posted another article. I am supposed to post a similar post on December 16 as organized by Pam.

I read some poetry and it’s a Friday. I liked reading some of them and some others were absolutely beautiful.

7. I am going to create some poetry here with words culled from vocabulary jams. I invite you to comment on it. Tell me how it can be improved. If you don’t like it: tell me about it. What do you not like about it?


Chaise longue: a long chair.

Backstop: a structure to prevent ball from going out in a game.

Gambit: a tactical act.

Beckon: to make a gesture with a hand to ask someone to follow or approach.

Gingerly: cautiously.

Rapscallion: a villain.


You sit on your chaise longue,

Oh sweet white damsel,

Your eyes dance as you flourish,

I beckon all the rapscallions to go yonder before you arrive on stage,

It’s not a gambit to win over you,

But a revelation,

An epiphany,

To tell you,

How exquisitely beautiful you are!

Gingerly lyrically calculably,

Blithely I sing praises for your sublime perfection.

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