What if Buddha and Christ lived in Modern World?

Just watched a Japanese animated movie (anime) which explores this question. It’s named Saint Young Men.

Buddha and Jesus are on a vacation to Japan. They wear T-shirt and Jeans, get excited when they see vending machines and look forward to discounted sales.

Jesus is often called Johnny Depp and is also mistaken to be a Yakuza (Japanese mafia). He also loves blogging. (I wish I could add him here!)

Buddha actually followed Christ. So, he just tries to enjoy what he sees while trying to be calm over things he does not expect to happen.

Both Buddha and Jesus are recognizable from their hairs but people just see them as strange foreigners. Some people sometimes pray in front of Buddha but they think it’s only because of his weird appearance.

While the movie was hilarious, I got sad thinking that such a creative take would be hardly accepted in conservative societies. Saint Young Men could be hard to digest for conservatives. But I truly believe that the Gods would love visiting modern Japan.


Weekly Features!

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Friday 202020 Harchhat!

1. Jupiter is going to hand it over to Mars: the staff of Atmakaraka. Struggle ensues. Kartikeya the commander-in-chief. The son of Earth.

2. Venus enjoys balanced libra. It’s airy.

3. Jupiter is going to materialistic sign of its debilitation: Capricorn. Saturn and Jupiter are stars. Such combination is found at the birth of Christ consciousness. Reference: Jesus lived in India.

4. 20201120: this is last such combination. It won’t happen ever again. Three 20s. I hope vision 2020 of Abdul Kalam has been achieved. ( My student Shri corrected me: it happened once every month in this year. It will happen in December as well. Yet: it’s special today because of Jupiter Saturn conjunction. Mars takes over).

5. 2 is Moon. Three 20s: 60: 6: Venus: Friday.

6. 8: Saturn conjunction Moon. Can be observed with eyes in this city. It’s called “visha yoga” or “poison yoga” as well as “Nishthur Bhaasi” yoga.

7. Capricious capricorn. Birds. I rest the verse here with Tohu:


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The Routine and the subroutine!

1. I woke up late. Doors of kitchen were locked by then so i am fasting. Two more hours. My stomach is hungry.

2. My mental hunger was satiated by vocabulary.com jams. I invite you to play with me whenever you can. My ID is 12. I would like it if you compete with me.

3. Claire G.-who is the best player I have come across in the last two months(with PC being absent,) appeared briefly. I won a game by just 10 points. She scored 660 and I scored 670. This is the best of my achievements in the last two months on vocabulary.com. She might have scored less than me on some jams but today I made it a point to observe when she appeared.

4. I played 12 games in total. Here’s a summary of ranks I received:

First rank: 6 times(40 players on an average)

Second rank: twice

Third rank: once

Fourth rank: once

Seventh rank: once

5. So, as you can see: there are no facts . Only interpretations. I am undoubtedly not the Deuteronomy prophet lord king Starjade. I am a fellow blogger and jammer on vocabulary.com. If any of you are highly placed and in touch with Ben Zimmer or the technical team of that site: please inform that the server crashes anytime more than 100 players begin to jam. They can improve their bandwidth. I could have written an email to their technical team but I know what response they’re going to deliver:

“We seek your understanding in this regard.” ( No change.)

6. Let’s forget the bad things for a while. Let’s talk about the poetry for a while. Pam read my post and commented on it. Ideally I should have visited her blog. Arwen has posted another article. I am supposed to post a similar post on December 16 as organized by Pam.

I read some poetry and it’s a Friday. I liked reading some of them and some others were absolutely beautiful.

7. I am going to create some poetry here with words culled from vocabulary jams. I invite you to comment on it. Tell me how it can be improved. If you don’t like it: tell me about it. What do you not like about it?


Chaise longue: a long chair.

Backstop: a structure to prevent ball from going out in a game.

Gambit: a tactical act.

Beckon: to make a gesture with a hand to ask someone to follow or approach.

Gingerly: cautiously.

Rapscallion: a villain.


You sit on your chaise longue,

Oh sweet white damsel,

Your eyes dance as you flourish,

I beckon all the rapscallions to go yonder before you arrive on stage,

It’s not a gambit to win over you,

But a revelation,

An epiphany,

To tell you,

How exquisitely beautiful you are!

Gingerly lyrically calculably,

Blithely I sing praises for your sublime perfection.

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Corona and Lockdown!

1. A fellow blogger who created a thread “Lockdown Diaries,” and who is known by the name Arwen lives in London. They told me yesterday about the lockdown situation over there. I wished them well and hoped that they would regain their much needed freedom.

2. I might be totally wrong. But I need to be completely honest in stating what I think about Corona and Lockdown.

3. You might not believe it: I was longing for euthanasia or a way out of my dark night or depression before Corona happened. I kept thinking about death and even contemplated suicide which wasn’t for the first time in my life. However: I realized that the main reason why I was not able to Passover or Moveover to a new destination or reality was: nothing was happening in my life. Everything seemed to have come to a standstill.

4. I realized that it was significance or meaning I was searching for in a totally random and meaningless existence.

5. I was contemplating about death. I realized that if I need to feel connected and significant : I need to move out of my shell and create events for myself. This was the trigger which ended ennui for me.

6. I began reading news again and listening to it. Earlier I had isolated my mind because news was full of violence and sadness. Now I embraced every death as mine: “Every death was mine, every life divine,” a line from a verse once I wrote.

7. I began counting the number of people dying in my locality and country. Somehow that gave me the hope: I might also die or pass over when enough number of such events have occurred in my given span of lifetime. I had only attended two funerals.

8. Then the number seemed to increase. Then Corona outbreak happened. The pattern it followed in reporting had uncanny similarity to my event creation. Number of people infected and dead, then number of people recovered : which I never paid attention to because I was working for Thanose.

9. If I were under a delusion that my thinking in that way created Corona: it is a sign of megalomania: however, thinking that I received a prior theme of a global event makes me privy to global voice : a prophetic voice.

10. If I had triggered it : I would have had power to stop it: which I didn’t. That was enough to tell me that I was merely thinking in a way that had to become a news pattern: Death department: the number of people dead versus infection etcetera.

11. I had heard about illuminati plan of reducing world population to half(in some places) and to a five percent (in some others.) I was a conspiracy buff in my college days.

12. How do I really see the current situation: I have spoken about it at length to my friends: the world government merely took the old data and labelled it under a new virus. People were already dying. 25000 to 28000 people die everyday in India and China.

13. When government got a means to lock you inside your homes: it was not just to keep you from speaking and getting united against draconian rules in various countries but to make you so chilled in your spines that you lose all of your self-esteem.

14. Drugs, water, food and freedom: all given by government : as much as they needed to: things which were freely available once were too costly now: like for example: a walk in a local park. A movie is still out of question after an year. Stadium to walk or practice bowling was not available to me for most of this year.

15. I still doubt that as soon as elections are over: they would create another lockdown here in the name of “community spread.” If I am proven wrong and I continue to practice: it will be a better situation than to be proven right and stay a prisoner. This was observed earlier this year: during election campaign: lockdown was no longer in effect.

16. From Yoga and naturopathy to masks and mega drug market. How to scare the shit out of people? I was beaten by a black commando and a jeep full of police officers: I have never committed any crimes in my life. The excuse : I was not wearing mask. I am still not wearing it. I am healthier than those who used a weapon against me.

17. Can a conspiracy be executed at a global level? Yes. Previously I might have hesitated to say so. Now: I know so.

18. I don’t know which part of world you all are from. If you feel you need to say something about lockdown or Corona and want to criticize or comment: you are welcome.

19. There’s a mystical angle: I got completely over euthanasia issue as I realized that I had been sacrificed on a regular basis. It became apparent with the increased frequency: I saw death dancing in life and life dancing in death. I thought that lockdown resembled purgatory and end of times situation.

20. It’s a fact: many prominent persons including saints died in the last year or two: it seemed that was more than normal death rate. A grand transition which isn’t over yet. And you see: while I have some motive to be aware of a mystical angle: I consider the lockdown to be worsening of unemployment and hunger games.

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For F-sake-Friday

Today in England (Britain/Brutain/UK?) is 4Fawkes-sake-Friday! A special evening indeed, the first night following Diwali, whereby fireworks, firelight and even tealight-type celebrations were withheld from all public areas other than those supported by one or few local BBC radio station events (apparently). Not quite tonight being Firework Night (as that’s tomorrow), I’m here while resting in bed taking up a belated challenge while enjoying some recommended listening, hoping those plenty near-off noises are only fireworks and not mortar fire(!) Sparing, our few thoughts for those global neighbours in the vicinity of such atrocities as war and violations of civilian life – and resisting the evil influences of political propogandas whilst we have no way of knowing…

The first Friday of each month we have this thing titled ‘3Quotes’ within our sidebar thing titled ‘Friday Special Feature’ and the weekly features page. @piyushavir these pages are in need of at least setting to private members view only please while active members can perhaps manage front-end with only open-forum structure in the meantime please? Also, @sashay909 – hoping that you are happy for the generic clip-art logo and font-over placement that you created for Blogger’s World to remain as forum visual branding for community benefit? Much appreciation for your DTP skills in creating such a strong identifier (and assuming all members have and remain happy with this logo?)

Of course you can all gladly vote me off membership and I’ll visit and only use comment spaces if that’s more appropriate support and of greater benefit to the wider community… however…

Recommended reading #1 https://blogging101alumni.wordpress.com/about/

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100 Words Story – Unspoken Confessions

Hello everybody,
I am sorry for being so late with my Friday post. I was asked to step in at the last moment as there was a slot free for 100 words stories feature! I came up with this story at the last minute, please do share your feedback.

100 Words Story-

I gathered up all my courage that day and called her to the park near her house. My friend had said that I would never be able to tell her that I liked her. Incited, I bet him a cola that I would. I was waiting for her in the park and then, it rained. Drenched, I was worried she would never show up. Just then, I saw her in her polka-dotted dress carrying an umbrella. She looked at a girl passing by, and they exchanged a shy smile. Before I could say anything she said, “I am in love!”

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Prompt for August Friday Feature 100 Words Story!

This Friday’s 100 Word Story Prompt is: a phrase Continue reading

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Friday Feature : 3 Quotes

With the recent release of the Cursed Child, I thought let’s do this week’s Friday feature with quotes from an author who has the entire world going crazy over her books – J.K.Rowling!

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Friday Feature: 3 Quotes with Author Bio

I have always been an admirer of this great man whose words are ever so encouraging and make me wonder about his wisdom, knowledge and perspective of life!

SWAMI VIVEKANANDA. The name itself instills peace and divinity in mind.


Swami Vivekananda’s inspiring personality was well known both in India and in America during the last decade of the nineteenth century and the first decade of the twentieth.

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