Lore of the Light: A Brief History of Nine Planets in India- ४

It was a short journey and my first to Ujjain in Central India. The city of time itself. I was almost strolling when on the ghats of Shipra river I met a sage sitting alone but not alone. He looked strangely wild and attractive, focused. He was arranging his stones, picking them carefully as if […]

Lore of the Light: A Brief History of Nine Planets in India- ४

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Know Your Buddy Tag Feat. Peter Pan!

HALLO! Greetings bloggers and the world beyond! I know, I went on an unannounced hiatus, but that’s because 1) Personal reasons and 2) BOARDS. So yes, 24 hours is yet again too less. Fun fact- Do you know my preboards ended on 25th October and then Preboards 2 started on 1st November? 🙂 So generous […]

Know Your Buddy Tag Feat. Peter Pan!

Another one of creative bloggers with a fresh tag challenge. Hope you would like to find out if u r upto it!

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Happy New Year 2022!!!

Hello Bloggers,

Blogger’s World wishes you a happy and prosperous year ahead!

Happy New Year! Happy blogging!! Keep being awesome!!!

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