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Just a tiny break before I get back on to the Mausoleum of love series!!!

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The Story of English!


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A K(r)ipling Connection


How was the weekend guys? It’s getting hotter in India and summers have just officially started! The climate change is surely inducing an existential crisis (as if COVID was not enough!!) and making me wonder about the Carbon footprint that I am leaving behind as a heritage! <sigh!> Very cheery thoughts I know!

Anyways…. I am back with my second Monday feature after 5-years of hiatus! Did you know Rudyard Kipling was absolutely mental about Mumbai? The Kipling connection has a strong hold in Mumbai and you should totally check it out!!


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Is marriage a gift or an achievement? – Nice and Fab Deals

I had recently read a very important question on the topic of marriage:

If marriages are made in Heaven.
Why are they being broken on earth?


Those are my 13 words for today. Now let me try to answer the question and help you succeed in your relationship if you are married.

There is a famous quote from — Ann Landers, which says, “A successful marriage is not a gift; it is an achievement.”

According to me after marriage a man works to provide for his family and a woman works to turn his house into a sweet home. But, in the process the couple sometimes, or perhaps often, forgets to work on their relationship. I believe that only people who work on their relationship become happily married couples. And if a happy and successful marriage makes a person feel like heaven on earth. A failed marriage and divorce can have a devastating effect on the couple’s life. Moreover, it is often children from such marriages who have to bear the brunt.

Hence, I would say that a successful marriage is not just a gift. It is an achievement.

Although there are many books on the subject I would recommend you to buy:

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work: Jointly authored by John Mordechai Gottman and Nan Silver

USA Today has said the book is backed by 25 years of landmark marital research, while Seattle Post-Intelligencer says it offers something every relationship can benefit from.

Customer reviews that may help you in your purchase decision:

Leo: I wanted to gift my best friend on her marriage. I found this to be the apt book that will be uselful for the couple (long term). From Love, Life, Parenthood to the extreme of why we divorce.. Can be found in this book. More than a light read, it’s uselful for research purposes.

PG: Great data and very useful to understand relationships and what makes it work and what doesn’t.

About the authors

John Mordechai Gottman is a leading research scientist on marriage and family.

Nan Silver is a former editor in chief of Health magazine and coauthor, with Dr. Gottman.

They have also jointly authored two other books on the subject What Makes Love Last and Why Marriages Succeed or Fail.

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1. I began reading the new book in Hindi. It was written about 900 years ago! Author is unknown but it seems to be either Somdev or some contemporary. Who Somdev is…is a matter of investigation at present.

2. Stories are intriguing. They’ve magic, reincarnation and many classes of beings including gods, demigods, goblins, ghosts and humans.

3. Stories have references to Shiva, his consort Parvati and their son Kartikeya along with references to Kubera: the lord of wealth in Hindu mythology and others.

4. The very first story goes like this:

Parvati is fond of listening stories from Shiva. Once, upon his demand Shiva tells her a story about reincarnations. She gets bored and asks to tell her a fresh one. Then Shiva considering them valuable, asks his mount Nandi to guard the door.

As he begins to recite; one of his attendants named Pushpadanta reaches there. Nandi halts his advances. Then Pushpa using yogic powers enters surreptitiously into the citation hall.

Later he tells these stories to two ladies. These two ladies, unable to keep these gems of stories as secret tell about them to Parvati when they visit her.

This makes her furious. She first interrogates her husband about why he told her tales which were already known to many. Using his Samadhi Shiva comes to know about Pushpadanta : he is summoned. Parvati curses Pushpadanta and the two ladies to be born as goblins.

They beseech for her pardon. She melts but unable to completely undo her curse tells them about alleviation.

The next story is based on their births.

5. As might be clear to you by now: emphasis on importance of stories, morality and storytelling is apparent right from the beginning of this book.

It can be compared to Arabian Nights in this regard. The preface tells us that storytelling first evolved in India and then was taken to Persia and the rest of the world. The Sanskrit literature is rich with such stories. This book has been translated from Sanskrit to Hindi. I would try to share some stories here.

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1. To complete reading a short book within a few minutes is an achievement i feel proud of. Though I can do that everyday : something or the other holds me back.

2. The book only had 30 pages.

3. It’s a translation of essence of Sanskrit book into Hindi with the same name. Its author was Harsha.

4. The story begins with renunciation. Enters into the dimension of romantic love, then again enters into sacrifice and renunciation and ultimately melting of heart of the mount of lord Vishnu Garuna who was eating up nagas one by one until one human decided to sacrifice himself in place of Shankhachurna when it was his turn to offer himself as sacrifice to save random killing of nagas.

The story finally enters into the dimension of miraculous : Indra and Gauri bring dead Mootvaahan(the king of Vidyadharas) and other nagas back to life. Every lives happily ever after.

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Evening 822021

1. Registered 5 titles in library as I was watching the rehearsal of Tender For Taj Mahal, a play written by Ajay Shukla.

2. Came across a book on Tamil culture and literature by Avadhnandan. The peculiar stories about Nayanmars were intriguing. I read these stories shrouded in mystery of devotional epic miracles which can be neither verified nor denied. Telangana, Telugu and Trilanga are all synonyms of Trilinga or three Lingas. One mystic known as the Walking Shiva of Benaras was Avadhoot Trailanga Swami. Shiv and Rudra were separate entities in the beginning. Shiv being of Tamil origin and Rudra being Aryan in origin.

3. Took a class and walked at the Sunset. Had water balls. Took some pictures and went to see a kitchen garden which had Supermulching arrangement with extra space between flower beds which was stuffed with lemon grass plants.

Here are some pictures:

Courtesy: Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh

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1. The 13th day in the Deendayal Rasoi was also synchronicitically the 13th lunar day of month as per lunar calendar.

2. I registered 63 titles yesterday.

3. I have completed reading 20 pages from the book ‘Aditi and other deities in Veda’ by M. P. Pandit published by Sri Aurobindo Press Pondicherry. It has 185 pages.

4. I had a brief discussion on ‘strike-breaker’ import of word ‘scab’ as i described its etymological story discovered by me.

5. What passions music can’t raise or quell?(Dryden) I heard Mirza Ghalib.

6. Played 10 vocabulary jams. Bondboy was absent. Here’s a summary of my scores:

A. First rank: thrice.

B. Second rank: thrice.

C. Third rank: thrice.

D. Fifth rank: once.

Here’s a Tohu verse made with words culled from jams:

Curmudgeon on and on mud

Drums beat bogged down by gown

Blubber berry berserk dereliction

Dryden much fun

Compunction unction

Ions on onions

Snow won now on Mount Meru


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Lockdown Diaries

Hello everyone!

How about we try to liven this place up a bit more! I see lots of likes as if lots of people visiting but not so many posts!

(Admittedly I haven’t been here for more than half a year or so!)

How about we share some of our lockdown stories for a start?

I’ll start the ball rolling:

We’re in Day 32 here – I’m in London – and currently we have glorious sunshine so I’m typing it this in the garden! I’m lucky as I didn’t lose my job so I’m working from home every day and the network we have to use for work is so slow it’s enough to make you cry!

For those who don’t know: I run a book blog which goes by the name of Waterblogged: Dry Thoughts on Damp Books, at the moment it’s been a bit taken over by the Lockdown Diaries which are a mixture of reporting what’s happening where I am and creating opportunities to escape the lockdown virtually with travel and books. You’re all welcome to check it out of course. 🙂

How is it where you are? What’s the weather like? What are the lockdown rules like? How are you coping? I would love to hear your stories!

Keep safe, keep sane, keep smiling!

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Ten Things of Thankful-lazy summer days

Gratitude to mean is a game changer. I wake up each day no matter what mood I’m in I’m grateful. Then I must pour tea right from the pot into my mouth to achieve my caffeine buzz. I don’t drink coffee so I need jolt as I’ve been sleeping horribly. I say my morning prayers and evening ones as well, as saying out loud five things I’m grateful for that day. Here’s my list that ties into together with

Lizzi and the gangs weekly TTOT. Even though I didn’t make the linkup due to a tech glitch I still wanted to share what’s making me thankful.

I’m thankful for these lazy days of summer and feel sadness that they will be ending soon. I keep reminding my son’s that the days off are dwindling and we must pack in as much fun as possible. So trips to the river, park, playgrounds, and water gun fights in the backyard are of the upmost priority.

I’m thankful that my oldest the Captain had a great time at his hockey camp. It was his first one and he did well and respected and abided by his coaches rules. That’s not always easy for an almost ten year old so I’m very proud of his manners displayed and the friends he made.

I’m thankful that my youngest the Mad dog enjoyed camp as well. He had a little friend to play with during the week and we had fun going out for breakfast and watching his brother on the ice. He’s doing very well with his socializing and initiating play which was one of our goals for behavioural aid plan.

I’m thankful for the sun shining finally! We had a very rainy month of July in my part of Canada so to be out and feeling those healing Rays makes me feel my happiest. My poor flower beds will need to be attended to this week as the weeds are choking them out after that monsoon they had to deal with.

I’m thankful for having my book reviewfor Fatherhood- Dispatches from the early years up on the parenting site Lose the Cape that I contribute to. I follow the author Andrew B. Scott on social media and he was happy with my review of his book and shared it on his social media. Big fan girl moment when I saw that!

I’m thankful for having a clean organized home after trying to get back into the swings of things with a more consistent routine. Laundry has always been my nemesis but I was allowing it to get out of control and feeling guilty if I spent time doing anything else. Ie: working, playing, reading, and writing. I’m happy to share there’s only one laundry basket to put away tomorrow as I was catching up on a book review I had to do.

I’m thankful that I was able to get the review East-the novel by Peri Hoskins posted today. I had everything ready to go and then I lost the information and all my hard work on a WordPress app glitch. So I did my best to retrieve and ended up starting from scratch. I even had it written as a draft too, but technology isn’t always my friend.

I’m thankful that the author Peri liked my review and we had a pleasant chat about writing and gathering fans from all over the world.

I’m thankful that I got to spend time enjoying the Olympics and the closing ceremonies made me feel so excited and proud of all the athletes. I thought this was a unforgettable and incredible Olympic games. There’s so much talent amongst these athletes and a lot of them are so young. I look forward to watching the Para Olympics in September as well.

I’m thankful I could think of ten things to be thankful for as some days have been long and I’ve been short on patience and need to get myself to a chiropractor and massage therapist so I can kick my grumpy morning moods to the curb. Enjoy your week ahead and take time to be thankful for your blessings. ❤️

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