India’s love affair with poverty

We can list down a thousand reasons why India cannot lift millions of her citizens out of poverty even to this age. Corruption, the inefficiency of her pillars, the socialistic past, the siphoned off wealth by colonizers, so on and on. Among all undeniably valid excuses, one of the critical factors is probably a psychological […]

India’s love affair with poverty

A sad reality!

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Is Samkhya theistic or athiestic philosophy?

1. My reading of both Swami Vivekananda and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is limited.

2. Kapil of Bhagvata Purana who commented on three bodies: physical, subtle and gross: is a theist.

3. Kapil of ‘Discovery of India,’ written by Nehru which I got to read in this library is an atheist. Like Jainism and Buddhism the Samkhya is atheistic philosophy.

4. I came across Atmatatva written by Swami Vivekananda and published by Ramakrishna Ashrama, Dhantoli, Nagpur.

5. Here he tells about Indian philosophies on page number two: classifying Samkhya as theistic philosophy.

6. Swami Vivekanand had a photographic memory.

7. Discovery of India is a classic.

8. Samkhya can’t be both theistic and atheistic.

9. Would any learned readers of this blog elucidate?

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