Good morning, friends! We just…

Good morning, friends! We just celebrated Thanksgiving in the States, and a long drive gave me time to ponder traditions…which are wonderful when the meaning is there. Here’s my post on the topic…

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. And I’d love to hear your thoughts on tradition, too.



Hello on a beautiful autumn…

Hello on a beautiful autumn Sunday in Ohio…

A wonderful friend and colleague is launching from our little college into a BIG job–one with lots of reach and chances for her to use her rich talents to make a real impact in students’ lives. So exciting–we celebrated with a farewell lunch–and SHE brought goodbye gifts for all of us. (That tells you something about who she is, and why she’s going places…)

In her honor, I decided to use the first prompt in the lovely writer’s journal she gave me as the base for this week’s post. And that was, “If you could talk with anyone, living or dead…” I expanded that to the old chestnut we’ve often used in English classes: If you could invite twelve people, living or dead, to a dinner party, whom would you invite?

It was fun to plan an inter-realm dinner on this All Hallow’s Eve weekend. For purposes of this exercise, I omitted any religious figures and any relatives or in-laws, so as not to omit anyone of great importance. My result is below.

And I’d love to hear your list. Whom would you invite????

Have a wonderful week!



Past meets Present

Hi all . . I’ve not been here for a while as everyday life has taken over a bit, and I have been struggling with sharing posts and reading others. I have though this morning added a page to my Portuguese blog to share the news about my ‘monthly challenge’.

Now in its third month I thought it was about time to let you in on it too!

So here’s the challenge, and here’s my latest response. Do let me know what you think and even better why not take part.

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Good morning, friends, in the…

Good morning, friends, in the still-dark of an early Ohio Monday. Here’s my ‘writing-from-where-I-am’ post for this week.

I’d love your feedback, and I hope you have a wonderful week.


Hello, friends! Prompted by a…

Hello, friends! Prompted by a shocked colleague who noticed I was, for a change, wearing a dress instead of slacks, I mused about clothes and what they symbolize for women this week. I’ve seen such changes in my lifetime, and I wonder what your experience has been.
Have a great week!

Good morning, friends! Here’s the…

Good morning, friends! Here’s the post that grew from the prompts I mention in the Saturday CW piece. (Ah, youth–vanity and unreal expectations intertwined!)

It’s a beautiful morning in Ohio—and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Hey y’all! Last week I…

Hey y’all! Last week I posted a movie review, but the post didn’t get as much engagement as other posts. I like writing the odd movie review, but it’s disheartening when posts aren’t as well received. So I ask you: is there something I could add or do to movie reviews to get more engagement? Am I giving away too much or too little info? Please let me know!
Also, tomorrow is the last day of the month, so I urge you to participate in my Monthly Look Ahead! 🙂

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Monday Magic!

I am sorry for a late post, but co-incidentally WiFi at my home and office has stopped working. 😛

Monday it is! I have spent my entire last week wondering what inspires me for the Magic Monday feature.
Personal anecdotes, stories, what?!
But then I found the perfect answer, Jay Shetty.
Do you know who he is?
Jay Shetty is a Huffington Post featured Vlogger, motivational philosopher, keynote speaker and urban monk. He is the creator of Invisible World, short film series on YouTube and coach to several corporations including Accenture, Nasdaq, Bank of England and EY.
You must be wondering, what makes him such an inspiration. I have been following Jay Shetty on social media channels for a few months now, ever since I saw his first video shared by Huffington. His videos are my daily dose of inspiration, and it dosen’t always has to be when I am feeling low. Let me show you some of his videos so that you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Let’s build a life and not just a resume.

Redifining Happiness: Let’s not make happiness and success about the size of our homes, but about the size of our heart.

Why we should never stop learning– ‘We should be so focused in improving yourselves that you don’t have any energy to criticise others’ – Jay Shetty

Do you feel what I feel after watching these videos? Does it change how you view your life in a better way? Aren’t these inspirational?
Do share your comments and feedback.
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Good morning friends, as Saturday…

Good morning friends, as Saturday turns hot and muggy at my Ohio home! I had ponderous plans to write a weighty, thoughtful piece about working and what that means this week…and it just didn’t come together. (Have you ever had that happen? I could almost see it, mentally, but it wouldn’t emerge…) Instead I kept thinking about this joyously, wonderfully haphazard young woman I saw on a Sunday morning drive. She made me think immediately of Dr. Seuss characters–and this silly piece developed, instead.

Made me ponder inspiration, from whence it comes, and how it cannot be contained. I’d love to hear your thoughts on that–I’m thinking inspiration might be good to address in a weekly creative writing musing!

Happy blogging!


13 Words Story




a stout seed- or fruit-eating bird with a small head, short legs, and a cooing voice, typically having gray and white plumage.



a gullible person, especially someone swindled in gambling or the victim of a confidence trick.


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