How many drafts satisfy you?

Whenever I write a story, I write at least two versions of it. I am writing one right now and I have completed its fifth draft. I am still exploring the characters and the plot. I am hoping to complete in a couple of revisions.

Do you write stories? What is your process? How many drafts satisfy you?


I’ve almost become Invisible!

Hi, Guys!
A new blog (rant) in English for the first time in 8 months.

How are you all doing?

Hello Bloggers,

We have seen a lot of sad news related to Covid-19 from India. The cases are shooting up here in Nepal as well. I have not been able to gather news from other parts of the world because of lack of news on mainstream media. Hope you are all doing well.

Because of my marriage, I could not give attention to the forum past month. I wanted to inform the forum but everything happened so quickly. The activity on the forum has somehow died down here. In fact, there has been no post here since April 28. I hope everything is well with our admin @dancinglightofgrace and authors @lifeenhancer4all @cheriewhite @yamarella.

See you 🙂


Shutterbug Showcase: Smoggy Kathmandu

My hometown during heavy smog last week. The smog was caused by about more wildfires spread across Nepal. The Air Quality Index (AQI) had reached over 400 (extremely hazardous).

Wildfires (caused by humans) still continue and reports of smog have come from almost all the major cities. Kathmandu is clearer today but unless human induced wildfire is going to be severely punished, there is no way pollution will be reduced.

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Blogger’s World now has over 2000 Followers!

I got a notification from WordPress and saw that we now have over 2000 followers. Congratulations and gratitude to everyone who was/have been involved on the forum. It’s been a beautiful (although we have had some difficulties) journey so far.

Thanks to admin: Anand @dancinglightofgrace and authors: Rehan @lifeenhancer4all, RasmaSandra @yamarella, and Cherie @cheriewhite for your regular support to the forum.

However, despite the number of followers, our overall views and interactions have decreased in recent weeks. As an admin, I would like to apologize for being absent more often than I ought to. I am having an interesting (and somewhat difficult) time. I will share my experiences in due course of time.

Until then, I would like to request our followers and members to be more interactive.

Congratulations to all! Happy blogging!


Microscopic world

The Earth has so much to explore. Here is an interesting article on microscopic slime moulds that are sometimes classified as plants, sometimes as animals, even as fungi and protozoa.

#science #micro-world

Shutterbug Showcase: Matsue Castle

Matsue Castle in Shimane Prefecture is one of the few Japanese castles which have retained their original wooden form. This castle reminded me of Basantapur Palace in Kathmandu.
More on Mastue castle:

More on Basantapur/Kathmandu Durbar Square:


On Thursday, my twitter feed was full of tweets about an article published on a reputed news site. Someone related to the original author had revealed that it had been published on a blog 7-8 years ago. The original author (say A), who they said currently lives in the US, had no idea about it.

The news site took the article down. The person under whose name the article was published (say B) disappeared from social media.

The moment I logged into Twitter yesterday morning, it showed me B‘s tweet on the plagiarized article. (I love Twitter’s algorithm so much!!) B had returned to social media with a story.

B says he is sorry for what happened but he was not wrong. He then explains how he got the article.

B tells about C, in his facebook post. “C had committed suicide last year,” he mourns, “I miss you, my friend.”

B adds, “C was better than me in writing. I always appreciated him. Encouraged him to write more. But once while he was in my city, he did not have money. I had this article in my mind and I paid him for it.”

“I had this article with me,” he goes. “It was good. I wanted to publish it. Because C had died, I thought I could publish it under my name. So I sent it to the e-magazine. When I got the article, I never knew it belonged not to C but someone else.”

As I finished reading B‘s explanation, I thought, ‘So, that was the case.’ A few minutes later, his “confession” bugged me. I went back to it. Clearly, B was blaming C for selling the plagiarized story. And B was not actually sorry that he had sent it to the e-zine under his own name. Now that the plagiarism had been proved, he seemed to the blame on to a dead friend. Disgusting.

I retweeted B‘s tweet. I wrote:

1. You can never send an article belonging to somebody else under your name.

2. You seem to blame a dead man, that too, a friend.

3. I can’t believe C would sell an article for money. (B had said C worked in an FM station.)

4. If you bought it from C, why did you publish it in your name?

5. A simple apology would have been fine. This backstory looks dishonest to me.

B replied, “I said what had happened. But I realized I had done a mistake.”

He might be telling the truth, but for me he was not honest in his apology. However, I stopped the conversation as it was going nowhere. I wished him good luck in his journey as a writer.

As I refresh my feed, I found the original author, A‘s tweet. (This is why I love Twitter so much!) Captioned, “To whom it may concern”, he had posted a screenshot of a note which said something like this:

My creations are my daughters. I can never ever dream of selling them. It is painful when someone takes away my daughters. My writings keep me sane in this world of hustle. These words come out of raw emotions and I want my readers to read them that way. I remain anonymous because I want readers to feel the words, not associate themselves with the author. If someone wants to take my writings, ask me. I will give you without hesitation. But please don’t steal them.

I was so moved, I retweeted it immediately. A few moments later, I looked into the thread. B had apologized.


1. All the conversations and posts are translated from Nepali.

2. I am still concerned, though. This came out on a reputed magazine, the original article and author were discovered. Mr. B was not a “big” author. It was easier to pin him down. How many authors have earned reputation from articles and stories they copied from others? Why those who plagiarize look for excuses instead of saying they are sorry? Why “small” authors get penalized but “big” ones go on boasting their plagiarized material?

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Replying to Anand’s Interview Questions

1. When did you begin blogging and how?

I began blogging in January 2014. I was inspired by the story of Malala Yusufzai. I went to and set up a blog. My first blog was on the Buddha.

2. What are your hobbies, if any, other than blogging?

I love reading books (mostly fiction) and watching movies. I also have interests in 3D modeling and animation.

3. Do you think you have a goal or mission in life?

My goal is to pursue writing and animation along with academic work.

4. Where do you live at present?

I am currently living in Kathmandu, Nepal.

5. How did you come across Blogger’s World?

I was a part of Blogging101 in August 2015. I was new to WordPress but I felt home because of the interactions we had. When Anand, Kristina and a few others came with an idea of creating an alumni blog, I joined. The Blogging 101 Alumni later became Blogger World. So, I have been here since the beginning.

6. Which books are you reading at present or which are your favorite books or authors?

I just finished reading “Ghanachakkar” by Sanjeev Uprety for the fifth time. This is one of my favourite books. It speaks about the politics, the power struggles and even establishes a theory on the never ending wheel, the Ghanachhakar of these struggles.

Thank you for the questions, Anand 🙂

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My troubles with GIS softwares

I have always loved computer programs. However, there is one class of softwares that have always bothered me. GIS (Geographic Information System) softwares.

First there is the old ArcGIS with a huge community of users. As a professional paid software, it should do things well. However, living in a third world country means having no access to original product. Whatever “cracks” we find are flawed. It’s technically a virus. And even the software does not work well.

But even if were a full version, I am not satisfied with ArcGIS. It still runs on 32-bit engine, is unintuitive, the toolboxes are messy and many functions require improvement.

My eyes then fell on QGIS. The free open source software is smaller than ArcGIS, has rapid development and looks better. But there are a lot of plugins. It’s cool but even the most important functions like georeferencing are associated with plugins. The lightness of the software disappears as you keep adding the plugins.

There is another one, ILWIS that I have to work with. It’s free, purely academic (built and managed by University of Twente, Netherlands) and quick but too old-fashioned. The modern version does not work well unfortunately.

GIS softwares have been bothering me. I wish things were easier to handle. But I am stuck with them for now.

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