Thank you!

1. Though you need to be grateful to :

2. WordPress: automattic team, authors, admins and social media platforms along with friends and followers.

3. I need to blow a tooted up horn :

4. I was a student in an online blogging University course provided by WordPress in 2015, August and September.

5. I came up with the idea for the forum.

6. Three of us joined to become admins.

7. I worked hard to develop this forum as a founder, author and promoter.

8. Many authors joined hands: some of them being:

Kristina Van Hoose

Pam Krist

Rashmi Menon

Meg Sorrick

Oneta Hayes

Iambic Pentameter

Sandeept aka Ankit Dhakal

Piyusha Vir

Vishakha Luxme


9. My presence was found to be intimidating and I was asked to step down from the post of admin. Some people complained about my misusing my admin privileges to correct grammar of people. Copyright policy etc.

10. The forum became deadpan. No activity at all. Merely a directory where names continued to add up.

11. I requested to be added up. Pam Krist was acting as an admin then. She deleted 60 of my posts within a day when I wasn’t able to respond to Gmail very fast.12. I

12. I raised the issue and I was given a co-admin status by Pam Krist who stepped down. Sandeept was given original privileges by WordPress for some mysterious reasons.

13. Rehan Kazi from Mumbai, India joined the forum at the time I was made admin. He turned out to be a prolific poster. The forum was revived.

14. My original contribution to this forum is more than 3000 posts at any rate. Still, I am happy to be able to score 500 in this second Life of Blogger’s World where very little has changed since its technical support was framed.

15. It’s also my twitter anniversary and I recently completed 1000 posts on another blog. If this one was too egotistical for you: you know very little about how hard I worked here and how everything was lost one fine evening when two ladies conspired behind my back on Gmail.

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Lionel Seeks His Fore-Lions: Pt 4: To Emu Country

This is a fantastic travelogue account!

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Dotted Mandala

A dot painting is done by drawing dots of various sizes with shades of colours to create shapes and patterns.

Dotted Mandala

Shrishti is a budding blogger who creates amazing Mandala art pictures. She recently gained 100 followers on WordPress. I congratulate her on her achievements and hope you would like to see her artwork on her blog. Thanks.

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Thankyou Lia!

1. Lia of Lia The Poet blog on poetry commented on one of my verses(Sunflowers.)

2. I don’t know if she remembers any of it. I should share it as it’s something of value to me personally.

3. I first read her comment on Charlie Zero’s poetry blog. There, in the comments section she was shown as ‘Bloom Words’. She was indulging in Wordplay. I am fond of that. Later, self-proclaimed pundit killing with blog posts thread and its response.

4. Then Nadine’s identity merged into Lia’s. Call it David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive or my very own prosopagnosia of identities : I kept visiting Lia’s blog to read her prolific verses. France to Canada. Most poets don’t like this kind of attention. She often used to go private, like Nandita and often deleted my comments. Maybe they were in her spams. At least once she reported me to WordPress. Today she liked my verse and commented on it. I was not able to launch my WordPress blog when I spoke to her for help on it. Now a lot has happened since then and yet I recall her as a standard in my blogging past.

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A New Record!

1. I received 86 likes on the first day of this year.

2. I have been posting here since October 16th, 2020, consistently. I am the person who came up with the idea for this forum in 2015 during blogging 101 alumni class organized by blogging university of WordPress. They don’t do those anymore.

3. I acted as one of the admins for four months in the year 2015.

4. I thank Pam and others for allowing me to post here again. Thanks for your support. This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without you. Have a wonderful 2021!

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Art Maze

Wonderful verse!

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Happy Birthday!

A very happy birthday to my ex-blogging friend Nandita Manan Yata. She used to post at “A Tangle of Weeds.”

She’s one of the most prolific and versatile of poets i have come across on WordPress.

May you have a wonderful year ahead!

I hope you are not blogging elsewhere. Else I would need to read your verse immediately, which can’t be done at present as you, along with your team(Rishuu, Sameera etc) seem to have disappeared into oblivion.

It’s also birthday of flip-flop girl. She knows. I just got to see a post from someone which has similar themes. She was bright and helped me catch up as i was visually-spatially oriented. And Prajna Paramita Sutta. You know…

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Ten Things of Thankful-lazy summer days

Gratitude to mean is a game changer. I wake up each day no matter what mood I’m in I’m grateful. Then I must pour tea right from the pot into my mouth to achieve my caffeine buzz. I don’t drink coffee so I need jolt as I’ve been sleeping horribly. I say my morning prayers and evening ones as well, as saying out loud five things I’m grateful for that day. Here’s my list that ties into together with

Lizzi and the gangs weekly TTOT. Even though I didn’t make the linkup due to a tech glitch I still wanted to share what’s making me thankful.

I’m thankful for these lazy days of summer and feel sadness that they will be ending soon. I keep reminding my son’s that the days off are dwindling and we must pack in as much fun as possible. So trips to the river, park, playgrounds, and water gun fights in the backyard are of the upmost priority.

I’m thankful that my oldest the Captain had a great time at his hockey camp. It was his first one and he did well and respected and abided by his coaches rules. That’s not always easy for an almost ten year old so I’m very proud of his manners displayed and the friends he made.

I’m thankful that my youngest the Mad dog enjoyed camp as well. He had a little friend to play with during the week and we had fun going out for breakfast and watching his brother on the ice. He’s doing very well with his socializing and initiating play which was one of our goals for behavioural aid plan.

I’m thankful for the sun shining finally! We had a very rainy month of July in my part of Canada so to be out and feeling those healing Rays makes me feel my happiest. My poor flower beds will need to be attended to this week as the weeds are choking them out after that monsoon they had to deal with.

I’m thankful for having my book reviewfor Fatherhood- Dispatches from the early years up on the parenting site Lose the Cape that I contribute to. I follow the author Andrew B. Scott on social media and he was happy with my review of his book and shared it on his social media. Big fan girl moment when I saw that!

I’m thankful for having a clean organized home after trying to get back into the swings of things with a more consistent routine. Laundry has always been my nemesis but I was allowing it to get out of control and feeling guilty if I spent time doing anything else. Ie: working, playing, reading, and writing. I’m happy to share there’s only one laundry basket to put away tomorrow as I was catching up on a book review I had to do.

I’m thankful that I was able to get the review East-the novel by Peri Hoskins posted today. I had everything ready to go and then I lost the information and all my hard work on a WordPress app glitch. So I did my best to retrieve and ended up starting from scratch. I even had it written as a draft too, but technology isn’t always my friend.

I’m thankful that the author Peri liked my review and we had a pleasant chat about writing and gathering fans from all over the world.

I’m thankful that I got to spend time enjoying the Olympics and the closing ceremonies made me feel so excited and proud of all the athletes. I thought this was a unforgettable and incredible Olympic games. There’s so much talent amongst these athletes and a lot of them are so young. I look forward to watching the Para Olympics in September as well.

I’m thankful I could think of ten things to be thankful for as some days have been long and I’ve been short on patience and need to get myself to a chiropractor and massage therapist so I can kick my grumpy morning moods to the curb. Enjoy your week ahead and take time to be thankful for your blessings. ❤️

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