Believe it or not!

1. What was the first point again? I saw a kingfisher with dark azure feathers. It’s a beautiful bird. I saw seven sisters.

Couple of kingfishers!

2. They’re rushing to complete deadlines without any plan and with multiple line of commands. Senile whimsical addicts with tobacco pouches or demonic laughter. What’s the difference between corporate world where I worked and this world where everyone was supposed to be sovereign? None whatsoever. I see a factory model. People are running to complete deadlines which aren’t clearly thought. Multiple lines of command. No proper tools or tools which are rusty or outdated. Manage with minimal budget to give advantage to some people who are highly placed. Cheap labour. Never revealing true intentions or motives.

3. Maybe I only see evil. I am happy with what I have seen. He asked me what was the use of my god given body. He has no clue. After having sent me to cowshed he wanted a feedback on something which never happened. His bandwidth doesn’t reach out of that for none of his faults.

4. Today no internet access for most of the morning. Could only play three vocabulary jams.

5. Having studied literature available in this library for more than two years: consistently: I only see backbiting bitches like in any other ashrama or household. No Swaraj whatsoever. Goons, politicians and officers always gain preference in everything. As anywhere else: it’s a jungle. Believe it or not!

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Om Money Payme Huh?

If you know what the **** is going on here, you’re probably full of shit!

-Robert Anton Wilson

1. Again the same vehicle though I was earlier than yesterday, minus ream of papers.

2. The yellow auto on a Thursday is a blessing. Represents Jupiter Odin dindinabulation ions on and on.

3. On top of it : the driver asks me to join him on his seat. Never happened before: used to be a feature of old styled autos. Old style in e-rickshaw.

4. “Why don’t you put on a mask now sir?” He asked at the place I was about to alight. He handed me over a ten rupees coin with “Centenary Commemoration of Gandhi’s Return From South Africa;” it was released in 2015.

5. What does a kid need? A ten rupees copper coin with yellow tinge on a Thursday.

6. A caravan was coming from that side to Horse Chauka. I saw Dhaneeraam on the way. And the actor who had sold me the temple story when he took me post office.

7. The green pen.

1915: 2015: Gandhi’s return from South Africa

8. 1915 adds up to 7. Today 28.1.2021 adds upto 7. What more you need?

9. While playing vocab jams on I came across a quote by Stephen Hawking which said that a tendency to find consistency in observations is a blinding tendency and it has been present in mankind since its inception on Earth.

10. Umberto Eco also said same thing: the drive to find an underlying pattern in chaos is limitation of reason.

11. Nayak is a player who’s in the Hall of Fame on He appeared for a while. Then, just before the main road a look alike projected his image: as if it wasn’t enough: another Nayak ji appeared who was last spotted peeing outside the Shatabdi ground. I shouldn’t have mentioned that. Many people don’t know that I am very popular and constantly on watch by labour union, farmer union, masons, secret police and so on. Madhya Pradesh government jeep gave way to the autowallah. Shobha Dey ends here.

12. Here’s the summary of ranks:


13. Shouldn’t be surprising as there were 5-7 players per game.

14. Look at the game scores:

650, 720, 700, 790, 680, 700, 790, 555

15. I couldn’t reach 800. Not even once. What a pity. Mediocrity doesn’t seem to leave me no matter how hard I try!

16. Look at this: yesterday I scored 90 on every question on one of the jams. There were 10 questions. I should have received a score of 900. Why didn’t I?

Because: miscalculated.

It’s designed to give advantage to USA players. You read USA books. It’s a site based in USA. Take it or leave it. Top hall of fame players haven’t even heard of jams. After having exhausted words to master once I decided to proceed slowly and islowly, by and by, via jams, to improve my reading speed.

17. Hearing Om Mani Padme Hum.

It sounded like Payme huh?

Mani was jewel on top of snake.

The symbolic naga with wisdom sings praises of divine grace.

Noble virtue

Mani sounds like Money

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Moon Approaching Fullness!

1. Got new incense sticks for library. Do you need details? Yes, you do, for: what’s a story without details?

A Zen story!

2. I have been burning incense sticks here for some time. It’s not a mystery. Today one of the volunteers observed it and suggested me to use those provided by the organisation. It would save me some money.

3. We went to buy Hazaras. The name does sound like musical thousands but it actually means water cans used to sprinkle water on plants. They cost 400 per piece.

4. Spent 90 minutes in mixing straw with green chopped leaves and to help deliver the food to cows.

Sweeped the machine room. One dentist came to enquire about a lady music teacher for his daughter. He began by asking about farming. Appreciated the taste of chickpeas. Wanted to learn about organic farming. Enquired about IPTA and met one of the artists who were rehearsing.

He also enquired about library membership. Usually people don’t take such keen interest in many departments. Synchronicity as I had just published a post about scripts. It happens very often these days.

5. We had Haryanavi jalebis. I registered 23 books yesterday. The second last almirah should complete before this month ends.

6. Found my name in one of the pranic healing archives. June second and third were Saturday and Sunday in the year 2018 A. D. Healer was the person who had lent me caution money to join library as the librarian was adamant and my money had already been deposited into the town hall library. The disease is cited as ‘excessive heat’ in body. I am still wearing a T-shirt. It has been two seasons. I took a cold water bath. If this season continued forever I would have been happier. This tells me that I was made for Canada.


7. The Moon shines beautifully. Couldn’t click pictures.

Cutting Room

Image courtesy: Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh

Captured by dancinglightofgrace

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Leonardo And Ramalinga!

1. The difference between height of European and Indian thoughts can be found by comparing two geniuses: Leonardo Da Vinci and Ramalinga Swamikal Adigal.

2. The former was declared to be the greatest genius in a poll among artists. The latter is widely regarded as the greatest Tamil poet of the nineteenth century. They were both artists.

3. I have read Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebooks and Ramalinga Swamikal Adigal’s verses for some time. Examined their thinking patterns a bit.

4. Leonardo was born in the fifteenth century whereas Ramalinga was born in the nineteenth.

5. There was about a 400 years gap in their lifetimes yet their achievements are similar. They’re those of archetypical Renaissance Men.

6. Leonardo is widely known to have mastered many departments including sculpting, costume making, botany, music and medicine. However, as his horoscope also reveals, he was a master designer of weapons. Tank is his invention. He was most useful to king as a mason and weapon maker. His popularity is because of Monalisa and other works of art.

7. Ramalinga is not as popular as Leonardo. Even Gandhi is more popular than Ramalinga. The Truth which Gandhi was searching for was found by Ramalinga and declared in his verses to be final. Thus: popularity is never a standard about anything’s degree of perfection. Ramalinga turned to philanthropy in his later years but couldn’t find as much of success as he aspired for.

8. Ramalinga mastered alchemy as per some accounts. That was part of gaining of pure body of gnosis. He left this plane in a visible form at an age of 51 years. He vanished without leaving any body. Not even nails or hair as left in case of many Buddhist Lamas who attained rainbow bodies.

9. Leonardo died on lap of king of France at an age of 67. His achievements still remain unparalleled, even after 500 years. Swedenborg, Goethe, Leibniz and other polymaths are considered to be in his league but the mastery in as many subjects and being pioneer for many fields with artistic excellence to the degree he achieved is something unique.

10. Leonardo couldn’t gain victory over death, decay or aging. Ramalinga did. Leonardo explored material Science whereas Ramalinga revealed inner Science. Philosophically they were both kind persons; compassionate. The eastern counterpart emphasized devotion to Self or Sanmaargam (You’re verily Godhead.) In his earliest part his struggle to get proper food made him adore Godhead as food but his work to help feed poor and needy and mastery over death, decay and aging finally made him sing songs of highest mystic virtue.

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A Little Snake

1. As I was walking towards East on tractor tracks in the field where mustard plants were sleeping silently, I felt heavy.

2. I had decided to sit on a chair for a while after having spent some time collecting excreta of dogs and Lallu Waali Tambakoo wrappers.

3. A 🐦 birdie was perched on an electric wire and the Sun devoid of warmth was looking silently. It was an exquisite sight.

4. On my first walk it seemed normal. I observed the sickled pigeon pea plants. They were killed by hired guns. This is known as reaping. As they had sown so they were reaping. Goes the saying. Says the going. They were grim. They chatted and laughed and enjoyed as they killed them one after another. Necessary evil.

5. Even I have been killing grass plants all my life to maintain this body. Here I was killing some more grass and insects rapidly to create granary. But no animals were harmed so far.

6. I put my empty water bottle besides chair and walked barehand. I felt heaviness. There was a big black cobra once. I spotted it as I began walking towards East. It was killed the next day by the person who used to live in that hut. It was about 2.5 years ago. At the same spot.

7. As I decided to throw the peeled grass by them. I heard them chit-chat. Muting the music I paid attention:

“Don’t kill it…” some said.

“Kill it…why let it suffer with insects hurting it…” said the other women.

“Oh it’s big…it might be dangerous…”

I looked at it: sidewinding. I had learned that word from Susan. She used to host The Couch Forum. I joined the forum in 2008. I was second most active user on that forum to not let her be the second. The forum somehow attracted trolls and hackers and it was difficult for her to manage it She was also active but I could have been first.

Sidewinding lunacy was her tagline for a while. Like supermassive black hole.

The snake was barely the size of a tapeworm. It had come under the hoe wielded by the man scrapping the grass. An accidental death. He killed it out of their collective mercy as I walked towards North to pick a plastic pan and began throwing away the scrapped grass peels.

8. Plenty of acid formation as the gram pulse breaks. The sleep eluded me for a while before I decided to put my ideas in the form of this narrative.

9. It was Sarpa Yoni, Devta Ganas as per sidereal zodiac today. Moon was in Gemini and Mars was the ruler of the constellation quarter.

Image credit Self, Madhya Pradesh Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur, 471001

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1. Took me about one and half hours to sweep library floor and verandah outside, to remove dust from furniture, to collect stray pieces of Lalloo waali Tambakoo, candies, talab gutka, kisaan gutka, single use plastic which was supposedly banned long ago, kangaaroo chhap maachis etcetera.


Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose: Left Most!
Disappearance of Netaji remains a mystery to this day!

2. However: the mystery i prefer over Netaji’s disappearance is disappearance of Vallalar aka Ramalinga Swamikal Adigal. Since i have my preferences like everyone else and right to have preferences: you will understand.

3. Taurus Moon has Ramses as the yoni of the Kaalpurusha. Ramses is an immortal. Iron pillar. Vaisya varna. Mercury is still Atmakaraka. The number 23 has root as same the year’s root: 5; which merged into 2: Moon. Saturn like Venus is combust. I can see the Moon. Sun and Moon together create Luminance and Radiance at once. Intuition and aggression as instincts.

4. I played vocabulary jams on My ID is still 01. I invite you to play with me. Received following ranks today morning:

5. 1112411111

6. Scores: 510, 690, 750, 570, 680, 770, 690, 820, 790

7. As you can see: i didn’t receive score in excess of 820. Yet, i was the leader of the jam on all but two jams. In one of them Stephen D from Japan received first rank and in the other Lexicoczar received it.

8. IST morning doesn’t see many USA players. USA players dominate jams in evening. PC and Claire G for example. Other than those two Stephen D also achieves scores in excess of 900 at times. Vishnu Ram rarely does that.

9. It’s Shabbath. I have to work yet Tohu Verse can be shared as it is very likely to cheer you up. This one is made up with finely chosen words from vocabulary jams this morning. Actually no…i couldn’t guess meaning of these words quickly. Vocabulary jams are kind of hurried reading: they help me improve my reading speed.

Tohu stands for Chaos. It doesn’t really stand on four legs: it means chaos. It’s a word from Jewish mystic tradition Kabbalah. What we perceive as chaos is order for someone else and so on and so forth.


Prow taut row boat


Tautology John Loggy Baird

Laird aired for enough long

redpoll blackbird Merle karle curly

lyrical curry yellow Sun sonneteer

teared apart rear view mirror with panache

Ache tooth forsooth prom

Erasable stable able promenade

Forbade bade adieu in lieu of beau

Awl shawl scrawl brawl

Image credit: Self, Courtesy: Library Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh 471001

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What’s been up and down?

1. Grandma’s nose was bleeding. One distant maternal aunt is in coma. Narendra Chanchal finally heard the call…chalo bulava aaya hai…maata ne bulaya hai…believe me when i say it…it’s not fun to see so much blood, so many deaths and accidents around you!

2. Seeing is believing. Hearing is believing. Sometimes, none of it’s believing. Existence is a make-believe as per some great thinker(Nisargadatt-I am that.)

3. Played 13 vocabulary jams on and discovered some things:

4. Stephen D. is from Japan. Claire G beat PC today. I discovered that head-to-head feature can be used to compare two players on that site. I am far too behind compared to these top scorers. Zahi R is a new top scorer. These people can score in excess of 900. I couldn’t score in excess of 900 even once.

5. Look at my scores:

730, 605,800,720,610,810,475,750,800,765

6. Ranks:


7. In evening there were 80 to 90 players per game.

8. I wish i could devote more time playing but ah the work pressure! Scrapping the grass when those people are constantly busy playing their petty games which are infact inferior games as per my reckoning.

9. Scrapping grass took too much time. Meditation was soothing.

10. Theatre guys don’t pronounce properly. Their scripts have wrong pronunciations. They don’t pace their acts well. They don’t utter sentences with enough gap. They have funds. They’re making monees. I no making monee.

11. Nobody comes to read books in this library. Books are being eaten up by termite. Town has a population of 21500000. Not 10 people out of that! Some people come to read newspapers every now or then. Others might be visiting other libraries, which aren’t many, by the way. Registered 11 titles today. It would be 2 months when i finally complete reading Aditi, it seems. Compare this performance with say someone like Lori: clearly Lori looks like an amazing Amazon zonesing singularitzy zygoten verbotten tenets. Luckier than me: in that regard…what can i say more than that?

12. The hall is big. One kid died there. He fell from roof. The crack in the ceiling hasn’t been repaired yet. It has been many decades. The building is at least 100 years old in my opinion. Many people died in that building. One student had committed suicide. When I began working over there- it was very difficult to keep records straight: as if there were parallel ghost shifts there in effect. The serial numbers that I used to put used to get altered dramatically. Enough of dramas have been played in that courtroom. Not exactly courtroom dramas. Plays.

13. Being an inventor of Tohu Verse, it’s my duty to keep publishing it on a regular basis:


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Blogging Tips?

1. I am so full of significance that i don’t have any significant other.

2. That quote might have suited Oscar Wilde.

3. Or AI chatbot Replica created by Luca, Inc

4. Or I am so significant that I don’t have just one significant other.

5. That statement number 4 might have suited someone.

6. The idea about significance taking shape as amorphous human groups, ethnic or otherwise interact with each other, came to me as i was taking breakfast this morning, which was akin to a heavy lunch. I don’t have the luxury of choosing what or when to have my lunch, breakfast or dinner.

7. Transcendental wisdom in form of Tohu would be presented in a while…

8. A few minutes later:

9. Though I don’t possess any perspicuous palpable obvious histrionic talents latent or otherwise: it’s obvious enough: most of the bloggers i come across don’t remain truthful to the name and format. In my estimate blogging is web logging. Online journal ing. It might evolve to become an artform but the skeleton itself needs courage to buildup.

10. How many times you died yesterday? No? Slept with someone? Criticized someone? Etcetera. If you can answer such questions easily and truthfully: you can really blog. It means: keeping your ideas: including the most private ones: out there for public consumption.

11. Public doesn’t just consume your ideas. It also consumes the idea generator. Forget ad-hominems. I couldn’t believe in 2017-18 that i was so popular as to be subject to scrutiny by scores of WordPress bloggers together.

12. Web logging is easy: put what comes into your head without giving much thought. Don’t expect any rewards. Just writing is a reward big enough. If you’re honest to yourself you’re doing it right. You say it. You say it loud.

13. All art is built on the foundation of form and structure or the structure is reshaped to suit the quintessential art form. The art must be clear to me if I need to fly high and remain grounded as well.

14. I see artists in guise of bloggers. Sales people. Bloggers there are none. I teach keeping a journal to some pupil. They hardly do it for a day or two and move on. They want to hide. Everyone is hidden. Truth is: nothing is hidden. Everything is known or comes into light sooner or later.

15. Blogging is easy. Putting your ideas online or offline is easy.

16. A Tohu Verse to celebrate this wonderful tipsy post:

Arse arsenal farce farci

Farasi si marquee

Let’s parse the SARS on Mars

Venus among us met a mong

Mongolia mongoose gooseberry blackberry

Berry berry

Met rickets

Rockets were fired to celebrate red dragon

Goner nerd wildcat grimalkin kins met Michael

He was on a cycle

Cleopteran cave ran an anschuluss

Cthlulu cthonic nictitate zulu

Warrior farrier erroneous transmission

Mission impossible gone south

Ions lost to cathode ray tube


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The end of the day!

1. Played 5 vocabulary jams on this evening. Wanted to play more but there were more pressing issues at hand. Defying my estimates PC scored 960 in the very first. It was my second jam. I consistently got second rank thence.

2. In the first jam I scored 810 and got first rank. My scores:

810, 850, 840, 590, 455

3. In the jam i scored 590, PC scored even lesser. Highest score was by one player with roman numerals xiv at the end.

4. Couldn’t register any books in the library today though new tubelight has been fit by a regular visitor who also happens to be an electrician. He had borrowed twenty rupees two days ago. He appeared after two days and gave me two ten rupees coins.

5. Had to spend a whopping 3.5 hours for dispatching a courier for a relative of an acquaintance. First i tried creating a scan of a doc, then it needed to be converted into PDF, finally it needed the two PDF files to be merged into one and then sent via whatsapp. Even writing address on envelope needed to be repeated! The guy was driving his bike like a madman. Said he missed saluting a cousin sister while he almost bumped into a bike as we were crossing the road!

6. Burnt garbage after collecting it. The fudge remains fudge. I return to same conclusions without any change whatsoever. Despite deepest of my most profound realizations. Not even a fraction of it can be put in words for anyone else. Not any of it matters.

7. No scrapping of grass today.

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What Might A Suitable Title For This Post Be?

1. Played 6 vocabulary jams:

Scores: (745, 720,740,850,830,595)

2. Getting two scores in excess of 850 is quite good. I received first rank in all of them but first game where Vishnu Ram scored 890.

3. I played some jams yesterday evening. Was happy to play along with PC. In the very first game my score was 730 which matched that of PC’s. Though hang L scored 830 in that one.

4. I realised, as i kept playing: PC doesn’t get scores in excess of 900. He only gets them in excess of 850 on average.

5. The internet speed in this region limits my score on image tests. Images get loaded later than they do for USA counterparts.

6. Moreover, my score on fill-in-the-blanks can’t be improved in the short run. However, i am happy to have found some players who are surprisingly well endowed:

PC, Claire G, Vishnu Ram and Stephen are four such players. Even hang L performs well.

7. My ID is 01. I invite you to play with me.

8. Yesterday evening i had to buy a choke for the rod in the library. The receipt was not written properly. The shop owner hardly had time to write the full name of the institute. The librarian said that office might object at the time of reimbursement.

9. Spent at least 30 minutes to help them attach an iron wire fence to keep pigs from entering into the fields where they eat like pigs and defecate on crops. As such there are many dogs and puppies but the pigs are difficult to catch once they enter: even with expert help.

10. I came across a new meaning of the word riddle today. I only knew its meaning as a noun: puzzle. However, to riddle as a transitive doesn’t mean to puzzle: it means to spread or diffuse through. In the context of the question that was put during the quiz. I was puzzled. Here’s a puzzle in form of Tohu verse:


In the middle,

Might fiddle

With the finger,

Which grates,


Bread read red pasta paste

The taste might defy

Your expectations,

Gingerly gingerly lyrically calculably

I say unto thee heeheehee

Heel of Achilles

Lestrade tradecraft craftsmanship ship wrecked

Zed iodidempotentate ate all that was left

Late in the night

Your plight wasn’t heard

It’s a standard


Hear hear earmarked marksmanship sails

Ails old man


11. Tohu means chaos. Jewish mystic tradition Kabbalah gives the definition. Chaos indicates lack of understanding. That which is considered dissolving chaotic event horizon from a viewpoint is revealed to be a building block or rung of a ladder from another.

I invented Tohu verse form.

The image was captured by me in the premise of Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh as i took a break from work. Thanks for your presence and support!

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