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1. It was 23 hours ago. I was sitting here- writing my last post on Blogger’s World. I am here again after english class. A lot has happened in a day. Nothing has happened in a day.

2. Moon and Sun are contesting for the post of Jaiminee Atmakaraka. Jupiter is the lord of Vishakha quarter two. Aries ascending. Sukarma Yoga. Airy liberal Moon is moving towards sentimental Scorpion.

3. Some people are working in the field. Sun is playing hide-and-seek behind the canopy of clouds. Yellow mustard plants are dancing.

4. Some fishes died in the pond located at the South West corner of this premise. Shri told me about it during our class as we were reading her note on bees. Nritti- the goddess of demons and destruction rules the South West. I asked her if they eat such fishes. She told that they don’t. They only eat fishes which are caught alive and killed. She thinks that fishes might have died because of oxygen deficiency in the water. She went for a walk with her father today morning and captured the images i have shared.

5. Compared to her notes from the day before, when she had tonnes of errors-she has only committed one spelling error today. Her inconsistent performance amazes me. It was on word ‘froced.’ She misspelt word ‘forced.’

6. Her father arrived this morning. As i greeted him and asked how things were in Delhi: he spoke about the farmer’s movement. He joked about taking me to Delhi for the movement if I was willing to face a bullet. It might have to do with my writing about Gandhi meeting with a bullet and also writing about their previous sitting on fast during Shaheen Bagh.


7. We played Free Rice. The day before yesterday she had defeated me on both Algebra and Vocabulary quizzes. Today i scored much better than her. I gained a margin of 155 points in all three of games combined. Yet: she scored 40 marks more than me on “Identifying countries on the Map.”

8. The strategy that worked for me:

A. Not talking as we play.

B. Not answering any questions.

C. Not multitasking.

D. Not caring about accuracy but about speed of scoring because in the end it’s score which helps you gain victory.

9. I pleaded with her to not play maps as I needed to win today. She didn’t agree. Having tasted blood under her teeth she wanted to win again today. I negotiated with her and she finally agreed upon first playing Vocabulary with Algebra and later Maps. I didn’t know in advance if my score for all three combined would have been better than her. I was surprised.

10. I played 19 vocabulary jams on Vocabulary.com. My ID is 12. I invite you to play jams with me.

11. Summary of my scores :

Rank 1: only once.

( You know what? It almost seemed impossible to get first rank today. I got it in noon after having taken my lunch in Deendayal rasoi. Someday it will all make some sense.)

Rank 2: 8 times.

Rank 3: 3 times.

Rank 4: 4 times.

Rank 5: 2 times.

Rank 6: once.

I was leader of my teams many times. But the top score eluded. There were only 8 to 10 players on an average in every game.

Many luminaries played together:

PC, Stephen D., Beau, Vishnu Ram scored well. Bondboy Fandshae is a strange name indeed but he has been a top scorer recently.

Sun peeping!

12. It’s the twelfth point. 12th is the sign of Pisces in the Indian zodiac. 12th is Matysyavtara- the fish incarnation of Vishnu. I saw the image of fishes dying. The Aries is the next constellation. I sat to write this article as Aries was rising. We connected dots together and co-created this post. Aries is Ramses. The Archer. Fiery sign where Sun gets exalted.

12 are adityas. Sons of Aditi. The 12th is Vishnu. The youngest. Margsheersha is Vibhuti of Vishnu. The month when alignment between Shishumara’s core- which is a supermassive black hole and Sun and Earth happens. A syzygy.

It’s 12122020

If you break it into two parts:

1212 and 2020 are obtained.

It’s a rare and beautiful symmetry.

24 and 40

6 and 4

They combine to give Sun. The first order. ( Venus plus Uranus)

Finally: A Tohu verse with words culled from jams:


Set tee

Teetotaller than thee

Heeheehee heel Achilles

Telltale tattletale telamon

Reprieve requiem regime

Haunch honcho chopine

Pinewood wooden marksmanship wrecked

Piscean age red cross time table

Blended coffee

Fees accosted ted stalks

Talks behind my back

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