Twilights and Ferrymen!

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A classic song and a Tohu verse!

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Unsuspecting masses!

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English Hub!

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As The Crow Flies!

1. It’s an adverb which means: ” by the the most direct route.” 2. Whereas beeline is a noun which means: “the most direct route.” 3. Collective noun for bees: colony Collective nouns for crows: A horde of crows A hover of crows A flock of crows A parliament of crows A murder of crows […]

As The Crow Flies!

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Question: How does a parrot stay dry in a rainforest? Answer: By using its wings. Source:


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A group of owls is called a “parliament.” Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopaedia


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Recent Stories!

1. I recently read a letter by Rabindranath Tagore. It was from a book of his collected letters. This letter was written when he was aboard a ship. It began to rain. He was laying quietly in his bed. Indifferent. He was hearing the ocean. Its waves crashed with one another, creating a roaring sound akin to a lion’s who is tied at a zoo inside a cage. The metaphor of ocean’s immense energy being limited to a cage like structure where it roars and might consume us if released, in case of a tsunami was fresh in my reading. I liked it. I was captivated by Tagore’s imagination in his letter and the way he addressed his reader.

2. Recently read a tsunami warning in some news.

3. Registered many titles in the last two days. Watched the rehearsal of the play The Tender For Tajmahal, which is ongoing in the library hall.

4. Read a travelogue by Vikram Seth in which he paints a clear picture of streets of Katmandu streets. The extract was from a title Heaven’s Lake. He was fascinated by a flute seller who was stalled near a fruit seller and they talked a bit. The flute seller enjoyed playing more than selling. I learned the name of the Japanese flute Sakuhachi.

5. I sat under the eight petalled lotus of Ku Klux Klan, listening to some nostalgic romantic songs from Hindi movies-shedding a tear or two for sheer vividness with which the poet had captured the profound mystery of romantic love and its entanglement.

6. As I was playing the vocabulary jams: i paid attention to the meaning of word solicit. It meant : to pursuade someone to do something illegal or unrighteous. I recalled that i had recently used the word in one of my articles published here in another sense. Was i wrong? No. I had used that by emulating the usages I had seen. I recheck it now: that sense does exist.

7. Yesterday, I was asked this question by someone: “if you are asked to live one day from your life, which day would it be?”

The clear answer was: I neither want to live nor want to die. The limitations that I see: I want all of them to end and for good.

The next question was: “if you were to choose from a day when you were happy or a day when you could have corrected mistakes: which one would you choose?”

The answer : though such a thing as happily correcting mistakes does exist: I would choose a day where there was scope for rectification. It would help make this existence a perfect one in the long run.

8. A rare conjunction of six planets in the sign of Capricorn took place when Moon joined five other planets.

9. I read the story of Cleopatra and his relationship with Julius Caesar in brief as an introduction to a novel titled Cleopatra. Out of Western figures of importance from fair sex in history: Hypatia-the Greek genius, Helen of Troy and Cleopatra stand out to my imagination. Mary Magdalene or mother of Joshua Ben Joseph is more from hagiographies than from a critical literature.

10. My rankings on have slumped a bit because of my being busy with other stuff. Yet: I find satisfaction in the fact that I am still one of the top scorers in jams this month:

As you can observe: I have been second most jam team leader in the jams this month, behind only to Stephen D of Japan.

The second screen shot indicates that I have been third player to be in a winning team most often this month.

My ID is 10. I invite you to play vocabulary jams with me on

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Forebear forbear!

For bear

Forebear forbear

For wear would tear

Therefore foresaken

Forsure forsooth forthwith

Withal hallmarked marksmanship!

Hip-hop tiptop flip-flop op-ed

Biped peddlers quadruple pantoofle

Flea market kit kat ate late at at night

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