Fitness and Vocabulary quizzes!

Being fitness conscious I am keeping track of number of steps walked per day.

I am spending some significant amount of time working for united Nations World food programme.

Free Rice app helps you and your family to gain verbal advantage. On every question answered you get a cash equivalent donated to WFP by sponsors.

I hope team Blogger’s World is doing great. Stay healthy and fit. Have a nice week ahead.


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Recent Stories!

1. I recently read a letter by Rabindranath Tagore. It was from a book of his collected letters. This letter was written when he was aboard a ship. It began to rain. He was laying quietly in his bed. Indifferent. He was hearing the ocean. Its waves crashed with one another, creating a roaring sound akin to a lion’s who is tied at a zoo inside a cage. The metaphor of ocean’s immense energy being limited to a cage like structure where it roars and might consume us if released, in case of a tsunami was fresh in my reading. I liked it. I was captivated by Tagore’s imagination in his letter and the way he addressed his reader.

2. Recently read a tsunami warning in some news.

3. Registered many titles in the last two days. Watched the rehearsal of the play The Tender For Tajmahal, which is ongoing in the library hall.

4. Read a travelogue by Vikram Seth in which he paints a clear picture of streets of Katmandu streets. The extract was from a title Heaven’s Lake. He was fascinated by a flute seller who was stalled near a fruit seller and they talked a bit. The flute seller enjoyed playing more than selling. I learned the name of the Japanese flute Sakuhachi.

5. I sat under the eight petalled lotus of Ku Klux Klan, listening to some nostalgic romantic songs from Hindi movies-shedding a tear or two for sheer vividness with which the poet had captured the profound mystery of romantic love and its entanglement.

6. As I was playing the vocabulary jams: i paid attention to the meaning of word solicit. It meant : to pursuade someone to do something illegal or unrighteous. I recalled that i had recently used the word in one of my articles published here in another sense. Was i wrong? No. I had used that by emulating the usages I had seen. I recheck it now: that sense does exist.

7. Yesterday, I was asked this question by someone: “if you are asked to live one day from your life, which day would it be?”

The clear answer was: I neither want to live nor want to die. The limitations that I see: I want all of them to end and for good.

The next question was: “if you were to choose from a day when you were happy or a day when you could have corrected mistakes: which one would you choose?”

The answer : though such a thing as happily correcting mistakes does exist: I would choose a day where there was scope for rectification. It would help make this existence a perfect one in the long run.

8. A rare conjunction of six planets in the sign of Capricorn took place when Moon joined five other planets.

9. I read the story of Cleopatra and his relationship with Julius Caesar in brief as an introduction to a novel titled Cleopatra. Out of Western figures of importance from fair sex in history: Hypatia-the Greek genius, Helen of Troy and Cleopatra stand out to my imagination. Mary Magdalene or mother of Joshua Ben Joseph is more from hagiographies than from a critical literature.

10. My rankings on have slumped a bit because of my being busy with other stuff. Yet: I find satisfaction in the fact that I am still one of the top scorers in jams this month:

As you can observe: I have been second most jam team leader in the jams this month, behind only to Stephen D of Japan.

The second screen shot indicates that I have been third player to be in a winning team most often this month.

My ID is 10. I invite you to play vocabulary jams with me on

Featured image credit: Self

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Seismic Coupon!

1. I played ten vocabulary jams with following recent achievements on

Leader of the Jams: Ranked 3rd this week!
Jam Team Leader This Week!
Winning Team Member This Week!

2. As you can see: in all those formats my performance has been better than PC. It doesn’t mean however that I am a better player. It only means: I played more number of games this week.

3. PC and Stephen D shown in the images are two players who can easily score in excess of 900. I might have scored 900 in 2020 but don’t remember ever scoring it this year. As told before: internet speeds here are also responsible.

4. Nationality as declared:

PC: Unites States of America

Stephen D: Japan

Hang L: China

10( Author and admin here aka dancinglightofgrace ): India

5. I had strange dreams. Identified it was long since I moved out of those black holes. Kept paying attention to events and people far too much than I should have. All my attention should be given to only thing that matters.

6. A Tohu Verse

Cold shoulder boulder

Bolder cold war

Older der furor teutonic

Nictitate mister lazy pumpkin

Bumpkin kinship shipwrecks

Munchkin kingly lyrically calculably


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New Reports on Jams!

1. You’re going to see lots of such screenshots and i would shortly explain why:

Winning Team Leader This Week!
Jam Team Leader of the Day!
Jam Team Leader of this Week!
Leader of the Jam today!
Leader of the Jam this week!

2. These are from my profile on I invite you to play with me.

3. As you can see: images are self-explanatory with captions. Leader of the jam title is most difficult to get. It does sound like Jam team leader but whenever there are enough number of players: as there are two teams: there are two such leaders but only one jam team leader.

4. As you can see: with 24 titles I am at top rank with Stephen D as far as jam team leader position this week is concerned. But in other rankings I am lagging far behind and need to catch up.

5. This type of reporting was discovered recently. Now i would use it instead of old tabular records.

Latest Jam
Leader of Losing Team!

6. As you can observe in the last two screenshots : Paul H is leader of the jam whereas I secured second rank and a position as one of the leaders of the Jam as there were two leaders.

7. A picture is worth thousand words. I watched a ‘grand rehearsal,’ to quote one of the artists who performed, of a play ‘Park’ penned by Manav Kaul this evening.

8. My companion got his nose irritated as we were having water balls. He asked for more chopped onion pieces and i interjected with a funny suggestion which had a reference to ‘organic onion,’ which had too dramatic an impact on him. His nose got stuffed with what he was chewing. Then he had bitter irritation for a while. Afterwards he did Jala Neti as I helped him. On our way to naturopathy center I remarked on another such sudden event which happened when we were about to collect electric wire. He sneezed that day and it resulted in a sprain in his head. He rested under banyan tree after I massaged his head.

9. We visited hospital to see his grandfather who had recently undergone a surgery for Hernia.

10. I helped load and unload thrashed pigeon pea pulse grains on tractor.

11. They would pay 18 rupees per hour for menial labour tasks if I begin charging. What kind of payment is that? Not even minimum wages. If I work 3 hours a day: I would get 1500 rupees per month. What a poor country this is! These are the wages being paid in Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh. Take it or leave it!

12. Went to fill buckets of water for kitchen.

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Vocabulary jams on!

1. I played many vocabulary jams today. The most memorable one was where Claire G scored 970. I scored 870 on that one. A whopping 100 points gap between the two of us. I got second rank but it was unbelievable to see someone score as highly. I don’t think I have observed a higher score.

2. Here’s the summary of my scores:

740, 810, 880, 650, 590, 740, 630, 550, 620, 535, 830, 520, 880, 810, 720, 625, 690, 800, 810, 580, 555, 870, 600

3. Ranks:


4. Number of players:

In evening there were 70 to 85 players per jam. In morning only 5 to 10

5. Analysis:

I scored 880 twice: that seems to be the threshold. I feel the low internet speed also plays a role here. Though, as said before : I don’t want to discredit any top scorers.

Only 6 scores in excess of 800. I got first rank nine times.

6. Following players score consistently well and often in excess of 900:


Claire G

Stephen D

Zahi R

Paul H

Vishnu Ram

7. My ID is 10. I invite you to play with me.

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Plum Glum Lumpsum Sumptuous!

1. Epithalamium is a new word to me. It’s not epic but certainly related to epistles. It’s also a message. A letter written on someone’s wedding. Dingdong singsong live long etceteran anschuluss.

It has nothing to do with the metal thalium umm umlaut stark autark anarchy season.

It’s not an e-pit : an online phishing scam hinged with zed eye cameras. Neither a bicameral government system to fool you with good daddy versus bad Maddy.

It has a hint of a hala which is Urdu for liquor. And lam lambda looks like iamb rhyme scheming with ming dynasty’s nasty stylus lustrous sulcus omnibus busted stead bead ennead.

2. Compiler is a word i frequently used in communication while working in IT industry. As a noun. There it means a virtual machine which helps you proofread your code: the machine instructions are refined. Made aligned with what might be called proper machine Grammar or syntax by parsing.

The compiler, in a sense obeys the command.

The meaning i came across today is in that sense. A verb.

She compiled as i ordered her to open the window.

3. Visceral means a conclusion or decision or perception you reach at with your intuition rather than by using logical deliberations.

In another ghastly sense it might also mean picturing disemboweled stuff.

4. Sedition means any illegal activity intended as a treason or harm against a lawful authority.

5. Disingenuous means insincere.

Like so many other terms in English language: it’s unnecessarily cumbersome. Genus is ‘related to roots.’ Taxonomic. Ingenuous should mean ‘that which is not related to roots or impure.’ Ideally : not everything which is not related to its original form should be considered impure. Here we have already used double ideals. But in general, in case of natural elements like water, air, earth and fire: the measure of purity is their being themselves: unadulterated.

Thus: ingenuous is not genuine. It means insincere. Why then do we need the double negation dis-in-genuous. I am not a linguist. My study and guesswork rests here.

6. Reconnaissance looks like Renaissance. It’s a very long word with 14 letters of English alphabet invested in its creation. ( Top secret: i still have difficulty counting syllables. I have already told you many of my shortcomings and this would be the plus one for you. A gift. Enjoy!)

It has rec a horror movie was made with that name. Con is prefix and also means to swindle. To conn is to steer a vessel. Sance has one less than dance. Seance.

7. Finally a Tohu Verse:

Tohu means Chaos

Kabbalistic bios

Listed ballistic sticks

Licks your boot

Bootleg legstring ring twice as nice

With or without ice

With free rice free ride

Antibody antinomy

Antipathy thyroid

Ovoid iodide bromide calcite

Any site | your sight

Highway myway wayfarer highlander

Der furor Das Boot

Bit of soot cohoot loot plunder

Plum glum lumpsum sumptuous

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What’s been up and down?

1. Grandma’s nose was bleeding. One distant maternal aunt is in coma. Narendra Chanchal finally heard the call…chalo bulava aaya hai…maata ne bulaya hai…believe me when i say it…it’s not fun to see so much blood, so many deaths and accidents around you!

2. Seeing is believing. Hearing is believing. Sometimes, none of it’s believing. Existence is a make-believe as per some great thinker(Nisargadatt-I am that.)

3. Played 13 vocabulary jams on and discovered some things:

4. Stephen D. is from Japan. Claire G beat PC today. I discovered that head-to-head feature can be used to compare two players on that site. I am far too behind compared to these top scorers. Zahi R is a new top scorer. These people can score in excess of 900. I couldn’t score in excess of 900 even once.

5. Look at my scores:

730, 605,800,720,610,810,475,750,800,765

6. Ranks:


7. In evening there were 80 to 90 players per game.

8. I wish i could devote more time playing but ah the work pressure! Scrapping the grass when those people are constantly busy playing their petty games which are infact inferior games as per my reckoning.

9. Scrapping grass took too much time. Meditation was soothing.

10. Theatre guys don’t pronounce properly. Their scripts have wrong pronunciations. They don’t pace their acts well. They don’t utter sentences with enough gap. They have funds. They’re making monees. I no making monee.

11. Nobody comes to read books in this library. Books are being eaten up by termite. Town has a population of 21500000. Not 10 people out of that! Some people come to read newspapers every now or then. Others might be visiting other libraries, which aren’t many, by the way. Registered 11 titles today. It would be 2 months when i finally complete reading Aditi, it seems. Compare this performance with say someone like Lori: clearly Lori looks like an amazing Amazon zonesing singularitzy zygoten verbotten tenets. Luckier than me: in that regard…what can i say more than that?

12. The hall is big. One kid died there. He fell from roof. The crack in the ceiling hasn’t been repaired yet. It has been many decades. The building is at least 100 years old in my opinion. Many people died in that building. One student had committed suicide. When I began working over there- it was very difficult to keep records straight: as if there were parallel ghost shifts there in effect. The serial numbers that I used to put used to get altered dramatically. Enough of dramas have been played in that courtroom. Not exactly courtroom dramas. Plays.

13. Being an inventor of Tohu Verse, it’s my duty to keep publishing it on a regular basis:


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What Might A Suitable Title For This Post Be?

1. Played 6 vocabulary jams:

Scores: (745, 720,740,850,830,595)

2. Getting two scores in excess of 850 is quite good. I received first rank in all of them but first game where Vishnu Ram scored 890.

3. I played some jams yesterday evening. Was happy to play along with PC. In the very first game my score was 730 which matched that of PC’s. Though hang L scored 830 in that one.

4. I realised, as i kept playing: PC doesn’t get scores in excess of 900. He only gets them in excess of 850 on average.

5. The internet speed in this region limits my score on image tests. Images get loaded later than they do for USA counterparts.

6. Moreover, my score on fill-in-the-blanks can’t be improved in the short run. However, i am happy to have found some players who are surprisingly well endowed:

PC, Claire G, Vishnu Ram and Stephen are four such players. Even hang L performs well.

7. My ID is 01. I invite you to play with me.

8. Yesterday evening i had to buy a choke for the rod in the library. The receipt was not written properly. The shop owner hardly had time to write the full name of the institute. The librarian said that office might object at the time of reimbursement.

9. Spent at least 30 minutes to help them attach an iron wire fence to keep pigs from entering into the fields where they eat like pigs and defecate on crops. As such there are many dogs and puppies but the pigs are difficult to catch once they enter: even with expert help.

10. I came across a new meaning of the word riddle today. I only knew its meaning as a noun: puzzle. However, to riddle as a transitive doesn’t mean to puzzle: it means to spread or diffuse through. In the context of the question that was put during the quiz. I was puzzled. Here’s a puzzle in form of Tohu verse:


In the middle,

Might fiddle

With the finger,

Which grates,


Bread read red pasta paste

The taste might defy

Your expectations,

Gingerly gingerly lyrically calculably

I say unto thee heeheehee

Heel of Achilles

Lestrade tradecraft craftsmanship ship wrecked

Zed iodidempotentate ate all that was left

Late in the night

Your plight wasn’t heard

It’s a standard


Hear hear earmarked marksmanship sails

Ails old man


11. Tohu means chaos. Jewish mystic tradition Kabbalah gives the definition. Chaos indicates lack of understanding. That which is considered dissolving chaotic event horizon from a viewpoint is revealed to be a building block or rung of a ladder from another.

I invented Tohu verse form.

The image was captured by me in the premise of Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh as i took a break from work. Thanks for your presence and support!

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Poetic Poetry!

1. Played 12 vocabulary jams on My ID is 01. I invite you to play with me.

2. Strangely: PC, Vishnu Ram and Claire G have been absent from the scene for three days.

3. Here’s the summary of my scores and ranks:


4. Scores are out of 1000. As you can see: i didn’t score above 740. Not even once. I need to work harder on my vocabulary augmentation now.

5. (1,4,1,1,1,2,1,1,1,2,1,1): ranks

6. Since there were only 5-12 players on average, it was easy to get those top ranks.

7. I played Free Rice quiz on That website donates 5 grains of rice for every correct choice you make. Thus you get educated and also help reduce the hunger by feeding needy and poor.

8. It took me about 45 minutes to collect stray pieces of wrappers, plastic bags, pouches and cans and to burn them. It was first such iteration today.

9. Here’s a Tohu Verse created with words culled from the jams I played.

Recognizance Reconnieter



10. I am inventor of Tohu Verse format. Tohu stands for Chaos. Chaos indicates lack of understanding or knowledge. That-which is perceived as chaos at one level is known as the higher order at another.

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United Nations World Food Programme Free Rice Help Alleviate The Hunger in the Blogger’s World!

I just raised 148000 grains of rice on Freerice! For every answer you get right, 5 grains go to the UN World Food Programme. Play it here:

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