Delhi in a Day, through a Foodie’s Eyes

I was on a short trip to Delhi in December last year i.e., 2015. Though I had stayed there for four years, I certainly feel a connection with the India’s capital. And that’s my favourite city too 🙂

I and my husband stayed there just for a day. I had promised him to show the main foodie points where I would eat and trust me, whenever you go to Delhi try visiting these places. They are worth visiting and having the best food!

We started our day with Nizamuddin dargah; visited and prayed. If you visit Delhi on Thursday and like the Sufi poetry, you should visit this place.

Our next stop was Al-Bake in New Friends Colony, popularly known as NFC. We hired an auto for Rs. 60 and reached NFC. Oh yes, Al-Bake is famous for Shawarmas. Don’t try anything else here, just go straight to shawarma. They are heavy but you’ll definitely fall in love with this Arabic cuisine!

Just outside Al-Bake, there was a coffee stall. We had the coffee, it’s nothing out of the world but tasty. My next stop was Carnatic Cafe. They have one-of-their-kind dosas. I never had such dosas anywhere else, not even in Hyderabad. It’s a small Cafe and since there was too much rush, we couldn’t get the table. And I settled on leaving; I still regret 😦

We headed to Lajpat Nagar, a hub for shoppers in Delhi. I didn’t wanted to shop that day because I was on a food trail! I love eating! 😀 😀

At Lajpat Nagar’s Central Market, which is a walking distance from metro station, there is a pakode wala. We had Kachori, bread pakoda, paneer pakoda, aloo pakoda and one more I cannot recall the name. It’s the best pakode wala. Cross the lane and infront you will find a chaat wallah too. That’s my favourite spot for chaat (street foods) but since it was 2.30 pm he wasn’t there. To have the chat you need to visit the central market in Lajpat Nagar by 5 pm. And since we were short of time, we didn’t wait. And yes, if you visit Lajpat Nagar Central Market, have the momos at Dolma’s. They are perfect dumplings.

Since we already had so much, we took a walk at the market and headed to Select City Walk, it was all glittering on Christmas eve. We had a friend waiting at Amici Cafe. More food was coming and we (I and my husband) were already full by this time. Still, we had a small pizza, shared by three people, and mojitos.

Our next stop heart of Delhi – Connaught Place! We straightaway went to Khan Chacha in CP and had chicken tikka seekh roll. Sigh! Stomach was full and yet we had to eat so much and many we’d left 😦 😀

Outside Khan Chacha restaurant there are many pan shops, we had ice pan from there… mouth-melting and ice cold pan!! We then walked again so that our poor stomach would adjust to so much food.

Finally, the last stop – Kareem’s at 10.00 pm! Without Kareem’s our trail would have been nothing. And so we entered this over 100-year-old restaurant, situated in Old Delhi. With less options in food menu, we didn’t find it difficult to order.

The day was well spent and yet our stomachs were good 🙂

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