9 Things I learned In 4 Years Of Shadow Blogging

If you’re wondering if there is such thing as shadow blogging, the answer is… It is! I mean, I don’t know if it’s a thing, but that’s what I was starting with February 2016. I wrote the content and a friend of mine posted it as it was his. We both interacted with the readers, […]

9 Things I learned In 4 Years Of Shadow Blogging

Writing about writing knows what they’re doing. This post will be interesting and of help for those who are just beginning to blog or even blog but can’t make much sense of it for themselves!

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New post on my blog.

I went on a college trip recently with no expectations, but looking for a change from the monotony of life. I wasn’t excited at all unlike my fellow mates.

But this trip gave me something really enexplainable.

Please do give a read and your feedback will be much appreciated!

Here’s the link


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