Amazing Sunset!

Amazing indeed. Hope you would enjoy exploring through Michael’s site by visiting it.

Amazing Sunset!

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Who loves RFS and why?

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1. I eat fruits. Fallen on ground. 2. It takes me a lot of time to make-up my mind to write. I would have preferred sitting quietly, watching the setting Sun, the dance, birds frolicking, chirping and returning to nests in various groups. 3. Even in the recreated identity and objective : my efforts tend […]


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The Day!

1. There are beautiful cotton clouds in the sky. 2. As I cleansed the rack before I sat to register books this noon, i decided to burn the garbage. The wife of the trustee came asking if I was burning new papers regularly. I told her they were old papers. While she’s adept at lying […]

The Day!

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Moon Approaching Fullness!

1. Got new incense sticks for library. Do you need details? Yes, you do, for: what’s a story without details?

A Zen story!

2. I have been burning incense sticks here for some time. It’s not a mystery. Today one of the volunteers observed it and suggested me to use those provided by the organisation. It would save me some money.

3. We went to buy Hazaras. The name does sound like musical thousands but it actually means water cans used to sprinkle water on plants. They cost 400 per piece.

4. Spent 90 minutes in mixing straw with green chopped leaves and to help deliver the food to cows.

Sweeped the machine room. One dentist came to enquire about a lady music teacher for his daughter. He began by asking about farming. Appreciated the taste of chickpeas. Wanted to learn about organic farming. Enquired about IPTA and met one of the artists who were rehearsing.

He also enquired about library membership. Usually people don’t take such keen interest in many departments. Synchronicity as I had just published a post about scripts. It happens very often these days.

5. We had Haryanavi jalebis. I registered 23 books yesterday. The second last almirah should complete before this month ends.

6. Found my name in one of the pranic healing archives. June second and third were Saturday and Sunday in the year 2018 A. D. Healer was the person who had lent me caution money to join library as the librarian was adamant and my money had already been deposited into the town hall library. The disease is cited as ‘excessive heat’ in body. I am still wearing a T-shirt. It has been two seasons. I took a cold water bath. If this season continued forever I would have been happier. This tells me that I was made for Canada.


7. The Moon shines beautifully. Couldn’t click pictures.

Cutting Room

Image courtesy: Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh

Captured by dancinglightofgrace

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Work in progress!

1. Took me 40 minutes to throw away the scrapped grass in 28 repetitions to nearby heap.

2. There were two of us till yesterday. Another person worked today. Three of us have worked for the preparation of granary ground for pigeon or split toor daal crop.

3. About half of work has been completed. The next task i am going to complete is to throw away stones before we start scrapping the grass again. The light rod in library hall also needs to be mounted.

4. There are termites who have eaten up pages of books on rack number 4th of almirah number 12th counter clockwise. That needs to be cleansed and pesticide needs to be put. Labels need to be written. There are beautiful patterns in sky. Chiaroscuro. The dust is building up immunogenicity.

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Second Day At Cowshed!

1. Took me 73 minutes to complete working in the cowshed with three other teammates.

2. Took me 72 minutes to help turning the compost. It was the last iteration. I counted 60 plastic pan iterations. A teammate helped in the later half.

3. I counted the number of cows: young ones: 16, milk producing: 17, the grown ups: 15. Total: 48. There were two bulls and some pups.

4. Birds are returning to their nests after a day’s work. A warbler sings on the banyan branch nearby. The music of spheres is near.

Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur 471001

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Leo Tolstoy and White Frog!

1. Brinjal plants have fruits hanging on them. Are they vegetables or fruits? I attended a workshop on Shri technique of farming. The guy from Dehradun institute of farming had no answer to my questions. He seemed like a charlatan in the end: selling old ideas in new package. Bharani nakshatra is associated with amla tree. An amla plant got burnt yesterday. I recalled ‘a spark neglected burns the house’ by Leo Tolstoy. The Banyan tree is associated with Leo or Regulus constellation. The branches of this tree fell after i took many classes under it- watching the etherial dance.

2. Sun is comforting. I had 15th meal in Deendayal rasoi this noon. I updated the notice to remove footwears outside library with ‘thankyou’ both in Hindi and English. The lady in Deendayal rasoi was standing blocking the door. The curry had too much chilly in it and if one continues to consume it one might get piles.

3. It took 21 rounds to dump the garbage and ashes from the howdah outside library loo to Nadep compost tank near banyan tree. A white frog and two centipedes were observed. The mother and the daughter. An earthworm or two. I recalled the sketch i did on her notebook when she went for a break on second last day before leaving. Upon her return i asked her what she thought of the intricate design i had created. It looks like a frog, she answered. I took the frog and put it carefully in the middle tank. It took a lot of effort to do so as it was trying to hide.

4. As I was working Vishaal was filling air in the front tyre of bicycle. He adorned his ride with vogan belia leaves. He’s a jolly good fellow and the research on the year 1941 the number on the jeans shirt he wears is still pending.

5. Squirrels and black bird joined seven sisters(only two of them were visible actually.) I need to do some more work before playing.

Compost post ostler errata

Rataplan plangent entomologistics

Biomass massive sieve vested vestibules

Sinecure cuirass saccharine rhinoceros

Eros Thanos nostoc stockade

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Say No To Child Labour And Send Them To Schools!

1. It’s the third time i saw Rekha madam since the beginning of new era. She was going North.

2. I also observed Dhaniram, just outside the school number two with a bag in his hand. He looked solemn and he was going towards East.

3. Shveta is leaving for Udaipur today. We met in library when she arrived here. It was a long discussion. She was facing East then. I went to see her in the field where i had just begun with the cleansing of area around the iron pillar before goons started scathing me about my boundaries. I love fields and greenery and yet farmers and residents and businesses have conflicts. My chat with her was brief as she needed to pack for her departure. Happy journey.

4. Ankit Mishra appeared when Shri went to eat something for she was hungry. We had a discussion about Vishnu Sahastranama and the bill against which agitation is ongoing.

5. I read newspaper online at bus stop. Shahdol seems to be a strange connection as yesterday i wrote a birthday wish for one of my classmates who was from that place.

6. Shri wrote an article which had many grammatical and spelling mistakes. She’s good at exercises when we do them after syntax is shown to her but to employ it in practice needs practice which she hasn’t done enough. I pursuaded her to keep a journal and read my blogs regularly to learn new words.

7. Class with Rohan was fun this morning. I am supposed to be more strict with him and make him memorize more words and numbers. Five rupees per hour. His parents aren’t happy with progress he has made so far.

8. Say no to child labour. There was a guy in white carrying a gas cylinder. This is what we should be known for:

“Population explosion and child labour.”

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