Saturday 6.2.2021

1. Registered some titles in the library. Came across a book which compared works of Narsi Mehta with those of the Soordaas.

They were both Vaishnava poets. Narsi Mehta emphasized company of saints over the vision of the supreme personality of Godhead whereas Soordas sang songs about divine pastimes.

3. Helped collect dried pigeon pea plants which are to be thrashed. It took 40 minutes. Another 30 minutes were spent helping to put furniture made with wood of Neem tree.

4. Paul H scored well today. At the moment of publishing this post I tied with him on being topmost player in winning teams this week. In one of the jams I scored better than both Paul and PC today morning.

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Yesterday and Today!

1. Played 15 vocabulary jams with following scores:

535, 750, 405, 750, 535, 445, 720, 735, 710, 730, 780, 270, 675, 790

2. Ranks:


3. PC and Stephen come from USA(Massachusetts) and Japan respectively.

4. Tasted Mexican Turnip/yam which is also called Mishri kand. The host of the meeting are storytellers, artists, visionary and facilitators:

5. You don’t have the time to search that address and I don’t have inclination to link it properly.

6. Read a small booklet ‘Khushi Ki Talaash,’ suggested some corrections.

7. I asked her the meaning of ‘Theatre of Relevance,’ she gave me the suggestion to google for it.

8. Sweeped library floor yesterday evening.

9. Issued an encyclopaedia in Hindi to Advait who wants to become a pilot. After showing him all of them and some story books : he chose one on ‘Bijalee’ which means ‘Electricity.’

10. No matter how much you try to fit in you never belong. You stop trying and the instinct plays with itself.

11. Scrapped grass and threw it away.

12. Collecting, uploading and downloading the pigeon pea plants that were cut was a job which took more than two hours yesterday.

13. Kingfishers were playing and perching down to pick grains.

14. Pigs entered the fields and started eating up crops of grams.

15. Searching for titles and giving them to the person concerned took some time. Issued three books for four days.

16. Registered some titles yesterday. Extra caution is required against termites.

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Grass and grass!

1. This strange being of granary had mustard plants, carrot grass, doorva and other weeds on its cheeks. Three of us have been acting like motor force behind the cogs of a giant trimmer. It has consumed our three days of work. The shaved face would be a beauty. It’s still a patchwork.

2. A dog wagging its tail. Three of these run. Litter of puppies following. The target wags tail faster to tell it’s friendly. The lead kisses the target and looks for further details. Crude verse follows.

3. The ancestors of canine entertainers howl together. It’s a catcall. It’s a highwall. There were patriotic songs before with DJ as many protestors have gathered at carrefour.

4. I took 1 hour 15 minutes to scrap the grass and throw the scrapped one away. A bit of chat. Prior to that I gave an hour to the same job. It has been two hours fifteen minutes of work at scrapping the grass.

5. 12 minutes were devoted to give a helping hand at machine where grass for cows was being chopped using a machine.

6. Pasted labels on almirahs. Went to buy couple of t-shirts.

7. Played 7 vocabulary jams on this morning. Got first rank in all of them. Strangely, neither of PC, Claire G, Stephen or Vishnu Ram showed up today.

8. Would publish a Tohu Verse later.

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Saturday 16012021

1. Completed reading 64 pages from Aditi and other deities in Veda by M. P. Pandit. This section is on Savitar or the Cosmic Central Sun. Read 12 pages today. Beautiful imagery.

Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh

2. It took me about an hour to scrap the grass as we discussed a horoscope. Prior to that we visited some fringes where garbage is thrown by neighbors. It can’t be disposed off until crops are removed from the fields. Scraping grass was needed to create level field where crops might be put.


3. A birdie came and sat to pick grains as we were busy scrapping the grass. Then it made us busy capturing pics.

4. Spent about two hours to sweep and dustup library and area nearby. The collected amount of dirt under rack number one had become a mound which needed being broken.

Library, Gandhi Smarak Bhavan

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