Tohu Verse!

Abode Adobe

Bode well

Bodkin kinship sails

Punchkin munchkin pumpkin Pippin

Ails rails mails hailstorm

Blitz blitzkrieg reign feign

Cinch finch

Inch by inch tapeworms ring


Note: I invented Tohu Verse form. Tohu means chaos. The image credit: self.

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Poetic Poetry!

1. Played 12 vocabulary jams on My ID is 01. I invite you to play with me.

2. Strangely: PC, Vishnu Ram and Claire G have been absent from the scene for three days.

3. Here’s the summary of my scores and ranks:


4. Scores are out of 1000. As you can see: i didn’t score above 740. Not even once. I need to work harder on my vocabulary augmentation now.

5. (1,4,1,1,1,2,1,1,1,2,1,1): ranks

6. Since there were only 5-12 players on average, it was easy to get those top ranks.

7. I played Free Rice quiz on That website donates 5 grains of rice for every correct choice you make. Thus you get educated and also help reduce the hunger by feeding needy and poor.

8. It took me about 45 minutes to collect stray pieces of wrappers, plastic bags, pouches and cans and to burn them. It was first such iteration today.

9. Here’s a Tohu Verse created with words culled from the jams I played.

Recognizance Reconnieter



10. I am inventor of Tohu Verse format. Tohu stands for Chaos. Chaos indicates lack of understanding or knowledge. That-which is perceived as chaos at one level is known as the higher order at another.

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United Nations World Food Programme Free Rice Help Alleviate The Hunger in the Blogger’s World!

I just raised 148000 grains of rice on Freerice! For every answer you get right, 5 grains go to the UN World Food Programme. Play it here:

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The words in this article just stunned me:
Denamnna’s eyes are losing focus. “Life is hard,” she says. “People are saying I’m mad.”

“Are you?”

But she’s gone, staring blankly at the world.

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United Nations World Food Programme Free Rice Help Alleviate The Hunger in the World!

I just raised 144000 grains of rice on Freerice! For every answer you get right, 5 grains go to the UN World Food Programme. Play it here:

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Updates 512021

1. SBI kiosk might help me.

2. The detergent powder worth ten rupees was handed over to the caterer at Deendayal Rasoi. The surroundings seemed cleaner today. Had a five rupees thaali.

3. The stalls were back.

4. Completed reading the section on Aditi in the book Aditi and other deities in Veda by M. P. Pandit. Now the section on Savitr begins.

5. Played quiz on Free Rice.

6. Earlier i once complained about the word count missing from new block editor. Now it has ‘content structure’ feature if you click the three vertical dots on top right hand corner. The six blocks take 100 words.

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Sunday Noon and After!

1. Spent 22 minutes to update 34 titles in library register.

2. Had a discussion on what’s the better way to find out names of physicians in USA. I learnt that Paytm can be used to pay via this phone. Why does civilization become so complex as it evolves. Who would believe that i have done time travel. Gained physical Immortality? Might be the first video call after one with Sandra. This one was for furthering career of both of us.

3. Deendayal Rasoi day 18 was fun. Had potato, tomato and soyabean balls. In the first serving of curry there were hardly 2-3 balls. In the next serving it was 6-7 more balls. All that for ten rupees. It’s a good community, right?

4. Need to read Aditi, play free rice and vocabulary jams as i run for marathon practice. Attended a death anniversary of NDTV journalist. I wasn’t invited to that.

Image credit: myself.

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Lies Part Two!

1. I published a post titled ‘Lies?’

2. I showed that post to the person concerned.

3. He said he retains movies with scenic memory and not with titles.

4. He has shared space with Shyam Benegal who he said only talks in English.

5. I emphasized on this point: since we tend to remember different details depending on what we consider important: I reckon that he didn’t consider the movie to be as important as i did.

6. This brings me again to movie itself which is a work of art: i appreciated it more after watching movies like Memento, Timecrimes, Groundhog Day and Triangle. They all offer multiple viewpoints to review same scenarios which go all the way to quantum entanglement and Hindu Puranas which talk about countless trillions of universes in the causal ocean. Parallel realities.

7. But that wasn’t all. Growing up, i watched it first on Delhi Doordarshan on a Sunday. I couldn’t understand. The plot was complex for my young mind. Whatever puzzles us remains in some corner of our mind like a complex, waiting for right quantum to get itself untangled in eternity of events.

8. With the age of internet i could download it and watch on my laptop. It was really fulfilling to finally resolve at least one of my childhood mysteries.

9. He had no problem with my post. I asked for his opinion and told him that I was willing to edit my post or delete it if he considered anything to be uncomfortable or not in keeping with decorum of civilized communication. He didn’t need editing.

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Hinged Zed Eye!

1. The summary of my scores on this morning:


Couldn’t note down the score on the 6th jam.

These are out of 1000 per game.

Ranks: (3,3,2,1,2,3,2,2,2,3)

First rank: once, Second: five times. Third rank: four times.

Top scorers: Paul H., Bondboy Fandashe, Iceberg, Stephen D.

My ID is 12. I invite you to play on jams with me . It’s fun and it helps you further your career.

2. It’s National Farmers Day in India. Farmers are on strike in Delhi. It’s news. One of them wrote a letter in blood.

3. Suresh Raina has a large poster on the wall of Sulabh Complex near Chhatrasal Carrefour. Suresh Raina was partying with his friend. Suresh Raina detained. No clue whom to consider role models anymore.

4. It’s 23122020. 23 is entering into the third wave or cosmic dissolution. Jim Carrey’s movie had 5.4 IMDB stars when i watched it. I had watched many similar movies before. I like the Truman Show better.

5. Gold. Brahmin. Navami. Revati Quarter one ruled by Mercury on a Wednesday. The planet of analysis, mathmatics, calculation, computing, economics, compassion, decision making and education. 100. Atmakaraka Mars has matured. It’s about to enter the constellation of Archer as Christmas approaches. Gajendra moksha strotam recommended today. Baal Gangadhar Tilak who was the founder of BHU was fond of this verse.

6. A Tohu verse composed with the words culled from jams:

Comeback come back

Rejoinder reminder der furor teutonic Nick nictitate ate ictus

Convictus tussellated tesseract

Bertrand Russellated ted stalks

Om Mani padme hum gulshane hum

Hummingbirds Ming Dynasty

Nasty stylus lustrous omnibus

Busted stead succubus incubus

Sulcus custard apple pie

Pleonasm redundant antenna

Leonine tailgating gatecrashing

Hinged zed eye bye and bye!

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Choke Arti Choke!

1. Played 10 vocabulary jams on My ID is 12. I invite you to play and contest with me.

2. Here’s the summary of my performance this morning:

Jam 1: Score: 510. Rank 5th. Number of players: 22. Winner: Bondboy Fandashe.

370. 3rd. 17. Winners: Bondboy, Nayak.

830. 1st. 16.

655. 2nd. 13. eat B.

780. 2nd. 9. Bondboy Fandashe.

290. 3rd. 11. Bondboy Fandsshe.

445. 2nd.11. Stephen.

830. 2nd. 10. Vicky.

650. 1st. 12.

710. 1st. 12.

First rank: thrice.

Second rank: four times.

Third rank: once.

3. This is the best of my performances in the last fortnight or so.

4. In the last jam: 8th and 9th questions all participants submitted a wrong answer. It has never happened before.

5. The lowest score on the 6th jam is because of my being unaware of words derived from Arabic.

A Tohu Verse to celebrate my success in admitting my failure:


Choke Arti choke!


Ate B.

Now eat C.

Choke Arti choke!

Read a Tohu Verse!

Bring a carafe!

Meet a giraffe!

Affect it with affection!

Read another Tohu Verse!

Choke Arti Choke!

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