Moth and Flame!

Am I a moth in the flame? Or flame in a moth? Or both? The same, A form and a name, A game, As the moth, I am burning with bliss, Can’t wait this eon of mothship to sink, In the blink of cosmic eye, Can’t be truly a moth, Or even a semi awakened […]

Moth and Flame!

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Neither you use the dance, Nor the dance, Uses you. You become the dance, The dance becomes you. Rest drops. The dropped rest, Had utilitarian projects, Socialist republic, But no fruition. The dance is the fruition. Use or another object is foreign to its Unique nondual rest.


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What Was It About, Come Again?

Terse writers

Write at Reuters

Tergiversate sedate sate addlepate

Rebate ate a bit late

Then they went on a ride

Sitting astride

In search of a hen

With a mighty pen

Lest it might hide

In anandamide dam

Damson on Madison

Square are squalid

Lid opened dense carrefour

Our roustabout roundabout bouts

What was it about?

Come again?

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I See You!

I see you,


You see i

I see U

U turn,


The . of no re-turn,

Turnip Pippin nipped Nippon ponytails tailgating gatecrashing inglenook Donnybrook pinched

Chad had headache

Cake walk was easy,

Breezy point numbered rhyme

Red dragon drags on and on!

Post script: it’s a new rendition of an old verse based on a wordplay. I first published it on WordPress on my blog Absolutely Bunkum aka Absolute or Absolutely ludicrous which was later deleted by me.

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New Reports on Jams!

1. You’re going to see lots of such screenshots and i would shortly explain why:

Winning Team Leader This Week!
Jam Team Leader of the Day!
Jam Team Leader of this Week!
Leader of the Jam today!
Leader of the Jam this week!

2. These are from my profile on I invite you to play with me.

3. As you can see: images are self-explanatory with captions. Leader of the jam title is most difficult to get. It does sound like Jam team leader but whenever there are enough number of players: as there are two teams: there are two such leaders but only one jam team leader.

4. As you can see: with 24 titles I am at top rank with Stephen D as far as jam team leader position this week is concerned. But in other rankings I am lagging far behind and need to catch up.

5. This type of reporting was discovered recently. Now i would use it instead of old tabular records.

Latest Jam
Leader of Losing Team!

6. As you can observe in the last two screenshots : Paul H is leader of the jam whereas I secured second rank and a position as one of the leaders of the Jam as there were two leaders.

7. A picture is worth thousand words. I watched a ‘grand rehearsal,’ to quote one of the artists who performed, of a play ‘Park’ penned by Manav Kaul this evening.

8. My companion got his nose irritated as we were having water balls. He asked for more chopped onion pieces and i interjected with a funny suggestion which had a reference to ‘organic onion,’ which had too dramatic an impact on him. His nose got stuffed with what he was chewing. Then he had bitter irritation for a while. Afterwards he did Jala Neti as I helped him. On our way to naturopathy center I remarked on another such sudden event which happened when we were about to collect electric wire. He sneezed that day and it resulted in a sprain in his head. He rested under banyan tree after I massaged his head.

9. We visited hospital to see his grandfather who had recently undergone a surgery for Hernia.

10. I helped load and unload thrashed pigeon pea pulse grains on tractor.

11. They would pay 18 rupees per hour for menial labour tasks if I begin charging. What kind of payment is that? Not even minimum wages. If I work 3 hours a day: I would get 1500 rupees per month. What a poor country this is! These are the wages being paid in Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh. Take it or leave it!

12. Went to fill buckets of water for kitchen.

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To fan the fire!

Hassock has no shocks

Socks had ockra

Red ladyfinger germane mane

Cupboard boarding dingdong hoarding

Singsong wardrobe cardboard

Obelisk frisk ishq


Rout a lout out outhouse

Chouse the mouse with blouse

Douse newfangled scry

Sky may cry

Or remain shy

Fan gladly lie

To fan the fire in the kiln!


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Blossom sommelier

Glossum summum bonum

Numbat battue Tuesday

Munchkin pumpkin kinship

Shipwrecked hip-hop

Operand Zed eye

Hawkeye eyelet

Hawkshaw hawker kerchief

Lumpsum floatsam throatsam

Jetsam Sammy Jenkins

Cotton candies

Rotten dandies

Tomatoes potatoes ginger

A poem descends

A verse ascends

Prompt: My Valiant Soul on instagram

Image credit: myself

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Ho’ Oponopono, Ancient Wisdom for 2021.

1. This is an informative article. Please visit the author and if you like it leave a comment on their blog.

2. My condolences for people who lost their lives, friends and relatives in an accident in Uttar Pradesh India yesterday.

3. Farmer suicides should stop, either in Delhi or elsewhere. If government is confident about soundness of new laws: why are they not able to communicate them?

4. It’s birthday of Lui Braille and Sir Issac Newton.

5. Venus has entered the sign Saggitarius as per sidereal zodiac. Yesterday’s accident can be attributed to Sun and Mars( path number of day being 9) joining in effect. Many accidents have been reported in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Now Mercury is Jaiminee Atmakaraka for a while. This year 2021 belongs to Mercury. I am surprised to see 5 crore USA people or every fourth child being hungry. It’s not just India or third world countries. I eat subsidized food everyday because i can’t afford good food because of my low income. I strive to give some of my time on Free Rice site run by World Food Programme everyday as it teaches me new words and also donates 5 grains of rice for every correct answer.

6. A Tohu Verse on title which inspired this post. Thanks LaDonna!

Oponopono !

Pentode of Ohs!

Oh oh oh!

An ode to node

Diode oponoponopeonoospheremite

Oh oh oh!


Featured image courtesy: credit: myself. Captured inside Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh, India 471001.

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Wednesday Tohu!

1. This day has a harmony: 11112020.

2. It’s also the 11th lunar day as per Hindu calender.

3. Moon is in Leo. Jupiter as a retrograde Atmakaraka has gained a directional momentum again and it would enter Capricorn again in a few days.

4. Elections are over in USA, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar in India. It gives some perspective on shape of events to come.

5. A Tohu Verse to celebrate the occasion.

Easy Tohu:

Joe aloe vera Farmiga

Gaga modish operandi

Bids ids slid through rough terrain

Rain comes with gains

Grains were sown long ago

Goanna anna Hannah

Mannah Ah!

Difficult Tohu!


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My statistics have been booming since I gained the author access here on Blogger’s World. It proves two things:

1. I am awesome because I found this forum. I worked hard to make it a success during its inception days and wished it only well despite being expelled out from here as a result of some conspiracy.

2. Pam Kirst who recently volunteered as an admin and gave me author access and kept contributing here during early days as Creative Writing coach along with other members like Collate, Oneta, Koolitzable and even those who were in on conspiracy (K, R, P, V, H and M): because they worked very hard in the beginning to make it a success. And all of you who joined recently or before: are wonderful people who take interest in the work of others and give some of your time, energy and attention to others, of course with(in most cases) and without(in rare cases) expectations of returns: monetary or otherwise. If any of you had any advantage by joining this or any such forums : you might like to comment on this thread.

I had advantage of company of some people on forums like Mad Philosophers and The Couch Forum. If not anything: they help me learn improve my vocabulary and grammar by imitation. I am thankful to all of you.

A Tohu Verse to celebrate the occasion:

Light dances on the sky,

Skyrockets rock!

Socks don’t smell anymore,

No more morels losels sell no more,

Morales lestrade tradecraft craftsmanship,

Turnip Pippin pinch of salt alter egos,

Terse Omniverse versus severe reverse gear earmarked marksmanship!

Who could have predicted?

Who knew?

Probably new world health organization,

Probably new world order,

Der furor teutonic Icarus

Papyrus rustic pachyderm panache,

Chenrezig ziggurat ratbaggery rye,

Yearly analysis sisal lassitude an etude longitude it.

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