Tohu Verse Saturday!

I intended to publish one yesterday night but I was too tired. Today one of the fellow bloggers asked if it was a scam/spam to repeatedly publish posts about UN WFP.

I want to clarify: those posts have increasing rice grains count. They are not same. They’re reminders that we need to feed those who are hungry or at least feel that we deserve our food. If you don’t feel interested in either augmentation of vocabulary or donating rice via sponsors: it’s fine by me. As fine as mine or anyone else’s not being interested in your blog contents. This blog remained dead for a long time. It’s better to put such posts than to have no activity at all.

Today’s Tohu verse has four keywords: Seismic. Sandy. Pam. Mic.

They’re to dedicate this verse to recent earthquake, Sandeept, Pam Kirst and Michael who has been a constant support.

Tohu comes from kabbalists: means chaos. All chaos is lack of study or darkness or shadow which is in want of greater knowledge, intelligence or luminescence.

If you can discover ten more words in the verse, consider yourself a winner.


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An Easy Reading Test!

An agency like NASA will hire you and let you meet aliens like: Narayana, Govind, Vaasudev, Shiva and Hari provided you pass this TEST.


I am trying variations of Tohu verse form and making it more interesting. Tohu is a word which comes from Jewish mystic tradition: it means “chaos.”

In theory: all chaos is representative of lack of awareness of witness(es) or observers. It says: that which seems like chaos at one level seems like intelligence at another.

In other words: all your painful memories are overwritten with happy ones. Doesn’t mean your suffering was ‘unreal.’

But it also means: that –all chaos: including most gruesome of crimes: rape, murder, mayhem, cannibalism, sacrifices and slavery etcetera are disorders which need to be outgrown. If you are a victim: there are players who are using you. If you are a perpetrator: you are being used by another team. If you’re a witness: you might have outgrown the need to play this game but another is making you feel interested.

Darkness or chaos doesn’t exist according to one theory.

Light or intelligence doesn’t exist according to another.

They’re like twins: according to another theory.

Having established the premise: I am presenting before you a verse which has at least ten keywords. I would write the answers in the end of the post. There are other words but if you can identify those ten in the code: without looking at the key: consider yourself a winner and thanks for reading!








  6. ANU

  7. TALE

  8. NIDIT

  9. LID

  10. PASTE

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