Covid 19?

1. There never was any new disease as far as I am concerned. I have repeated it too often, on and off WordPress and it doesn’t serve any useful purpose at present but I want new readers to know.

2. I was beaten by cops for not wearing a mask in April. I was healthy then. I am healthy now. I completed a marathon on January 12th. I always take cold water bath. Visit all facilities and public places. There was no Covid 19 for me.

3. In India, it was opportune to use it to create fear among masses and arrest them without reason. It happens to kill dissent whenever you give complete majority to a regime. It happens time and again. CIA, NRC and Shaheen Bagh. If there was no excuse like Covid 19 to crush, Shaheen Bagh would have continued despite all brutality. New movements are staged to divert attention from old issues. For example: the fast track hearing of Pranava Pandya case which was given coverage in Dainik Bhaskar, a Hindi local. Vyapam is going to be one of the greatest mystery thrillers only when a century passes.

4. Any layperson can use Google or any other search engines to find out that Bill Gates was already planning a vaccination drive long before Covid 19. Well, what has that got to do with current vaccination campaign, you would ask.

5. Nothing. I am a conspiracy buff. JFK to Gandhis to Shashtri to Subhash Chandra Bose it all happened in this country. Bill Gates knows about the Time Travel like Steven Greer but they won’t tell you about any of it. Instead, they will propound theories by Stephen Hawking telling you why it’s impossible.

6. To confuse you further: I have travelled in time with merely power of my will. You might call me deluded and I won’t mind as I can’t repeat it on demand. Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence: consider it my fancy for a while.

7. I hope this entertained you.

Featured image: chemtrails

Credit: Self. Captured in the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Complex Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh

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1. Spent half an hour breaking stones with a Thor like hammer and throwing away the crushed pieces.

2. A brief discussion about life and afterlife.

3. The Sunshine is soothing now. Sound of vehicle horns and agricultural equipments.

4. Had to fill two buckets full of drinking water early morning as there was none available in the kitchen.

5. Insects are buzzing into my ears. Witnessed a puppy being scared by a kitten. The kitten was hiding under the chair. The puppy was wagging its tail and looked desperately at me for help. I politely rebuked the kitten.

6. Attended flag ceremony at two places. At the park the picture had the lion showing its tongue in a wierd way.

7. The first ceremony: kids began singing a song when they received the prompt ‘Rashtrageet.’ The prompt should have been ‘Rashtragaan.’ Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya penned the Rashtrageet which talks about bounteous greenery and beauty of Indian subcontinent. The song was taken from Anand Math. The Rashtragaan was written by Rabindranath Tagore.

8. Filling sweets into envelopes needed me to puff the envelopes up. The whole exercise might have taken about an hour. The only incident was a kitten jumping at the mobile charger- thereby making my phone drop. I recalled the previous episode in which another smartphone got damaged.

9. Putting chairs. Cleaning them. Arranging flowers. Charging up loud speaker could have been done in advance. They wait for most of the things. They’re deficient in principles of management with multiple lines of command. Their behaviour is mostly dependent on proving their worth among some people who are mostly like them: collection of bones and blood. Their truths and modes of operation change as soon as people appear. It’s not always ingratiating, it’s often a strange madness which knows no end.

10. One less day of ignorance. One more day of learning. Transition into pure body of gnosis and bliss.

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32122331| 31122020

1. Played 8 jams in Shatabdi ground on with beautiful view of Moon.


2. The title of the post suggests ranks i received this evening.

3. I walked and ran for about an hour and forty minutes as a preparation for the upcoming marathon.

4. Vishnu Ram, Stephen and PC played very well. Congratulations and a very happy new year if you are reading.

5. I missed playing with Claire G. My ID is now 01. I would feel happy if you play with me.

6. It took me about 4 hours to empty the garbage tanks and dump it to Nadep posts number 3 and 4 in Gandhi Smarak Nidhi premise.

7. Registered about 25 titles in library. Couldn’t count as i needed to anxiously search for my matchboxes which were stolen by someone. It might be the same person who puts Ganesha to sleep while he needs to play. Yes you!

8. Could score better on the jam on words derived from Arabic. After reading Pam’s comment which was made about an hour ago it dawned on me that ‘Palm Leaves’- the title kind of sounds like her name! Palm/Pam. Homonyms. Another unintended synchronicity. I actually meant that my posts were deleted by someone and i had to publish them by moving them from ‘trash’ to ‘published’ status about a week ago. I think she didn’t read that post and hence the confusion.

9. The 21st year of 21st century begins. I don’t have time to reflect on what was gained or lost last year. I would have loved to watch a good print of movie Tenet by Christopher Nolan this evening but it’s not available.

A Tohu :

Carafe car affected arra

Rastafari aria arial Ariel

A real rialta riata

Sayo nara chara arroyo

Yosemite kitten tenet netizen


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Early Surly Curlicues!

1. Based on the feedback received from Oneta Hayes who blogs at Sweet Aroma: I am presenting before you two types of Tohu verse today.

2. One will be easy to read and the other: puzzling.

3. The puzzling one will have key in the end.

4. Today’s theme is: statesmen and thinkers.

5. Tohu comes from Jewish mystic tradition known as Kabbalah. Out of all models I studied so far: kabbalistic man-model is easiest to understand.

6. The easy verse:

Bar barber berserk remnant

An ant named anant

Tanager Anna

Hello Hannah

Thanks for the mannah

Ah hamartia martial law

Wall E all e

Singularity ritzy zygoten goat

Stoat toast asterism prism

On onions ions freeze

Crease eases on your face

Ace meets race begins

The extra joker helipad kerchief

Chieftain ait it ain’t

Intent on tent tenth house

Douse mouse rouse chouse!

7. The usual puzzling stuff with key:


Key: 1. Mandela 2. Gandhi 3. Jefferson. 4. Washington 5. Castro 6. Confucius 7. Garibaldi 8. Mazzini 9. Carl Marx 10. Stalin

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Read A Lot!

1. Ninth of November has begun here. Shabbath ends. I can continue to post here now. Nine is a strange number. All its harmonics return it. The Guru’s office. The Saggitarius. The Archer who has its lower half as beast(horse.)

2. Each of the day in this month has an addition of 6 to it as per the calendar which is most widely used: 9/11/2020 for example: has 9+ 11+2+0+2+0=9+6=15=1+5=6. Venus. The potency of revelation as per following scheme:

3. 1: Creation.

3.2:  Maintenance.

3.3:.  Dissolution (Correction/Renovation/Improvement)

3.4:   Obfuscation (Concealing/Mystical)

3.5:    Absolute (Perfect/Adept)

3.6:.    Revelation. Liberation. Sadashiva. Natarajan. Narayana.

4. Deities associated with this scheme in Hinduism are: Bramha. Vishnu. Mahesh. Parmeshwar. Sadashiva or Niranjana.

5. The reference: Vallalar aka Ramalinga Swamikal. Tamil Poet who belonged to Sanmaargam. Nondual way  to perfect enlightenment.

6. Each of these involve others. Personally: I had difficulty understanding the third. I was always wondering about Pralaya or the cosmic dissolution as depicted in the great flood stories in the Bible and Hindu Scriptures.

7. Death doctrines or eschatology on which Tibetan tradition worked for many centuries: has been a subject which fascinated me always.

8. In short: Gross, subtle and its cause: the ignorance or the darkness : are all same.

9. The greatest knowledge is same as the darkest of ignorance: it’s sleep. Rest. It’s where healing happens. It’s where you’re at home. It’s where you are free from all bounds.  Tao.

10. If there’s a difference between knowledge and ignorance: conscious and unconscious: it can’t be the highest knowledge.

11. All Philosophy and Science ends in art. I was not surprised to see that Gandhi : who is on every bill in this country where I live and who is the cause of my being able to read a lot of books as I have an access to a library which was denied to me otherwise in a town where I was born and brought up: was most influenced by two plays in his early life: 1. Harishchandra : the truthful king who becomes a servant and an undertaker(Chandala) as he had to pass a test put by Indra: the king of demigods. 2. Shravana: one devoted to his blind parents: a young man accidentally killed by King Dashrath: father of Rama: the ruler of Ayodhya.

11. If such a king as Rama did exist a long time ago: he was also influenced by the stories in Yoga Vashishtha: told by his preceptor the sage Vashishtha who was summoned by his father when teenager prince became deject by seeing the misery around him and wanted to renounce. Buddha escaped. Rama had to act like a man who is hurt by lust(reference: Bhagvata Purana: Geetapress Gorakhpur: Author: Vyasa)

12. Thus: if in my journeys : I wondered about my being most influenced by artworks such as David Lynch’s Inland Empire and Christopher Nolan’s Memento and Inception: more than religious doctrines: I was only seeking for a confirmation of my experience in the lives of great people.

13. In the art of Ramalinga Swamikal or Vallalar: the confirmation that physical immortality can be achieved by a human being: exists. His body was neither cremated nor put into a grave. He vanished into thin air declaring that he became God. He was born through a womb as per the story. His disappearance was recorded. As long as I see limitations, aging, death and reincarnation around me: I feel it to be the highest ideal to achieve at least what he achieved : if not more.

14. Ninth is also ruled by Mars: the moving energy. The fire. It’s a Monday. Mars. Moon. Jupiter. Every lunar day in this dark half of lunar month has coincided with the solar day. The Diwali or Hanukkah will be celebrated on 14th. The darkest night in the month of Kartik: the commander in chief of gods.

15. Now: it’s the time for a Tohu: I would like to receive feedback for improving this verse form. Oneta said that it was too puzzling for her: therefore I created two formats. If you have any suggestions on themes: you’re welcome. Let me create one with light and darkness. Key in the end.

16. Easy Tohu:

Light ignite lignite linga

Lingastronomical calculus sulcus circus circa carricatures

Rest in peace sweetheart

Sweepstakes stakes heart art

Article icicle canticle

Ventral dorsal salut salubrious

Rest in peace sweetheart

Estuary array ray of hope

Operand randi and ampersand

Sandstone one neon on onions ions snow now you won now you lost

Host had a toast

An asterisk read with caution

Tread with caution

A roast

In permafrost

Prema frost

Rest in peace sweetheart!

17. Difficult Tohu:


18. Key for difficult Tohu:

1. Syllogism 2. Marimba 3. Rampike 4. Abcedarian 5. Calculus

19. Tohu Verse was invented by me. Tohu comes from Jewish mystic tradition: tohu means chaos. What we perceive as chaos is because of lack of knowledge: for example: if my phone is hacked once: it might seem like misfortune. If it happens again: I pass over it in silence as I neither have money nor time to register for ethical hacking to defend myself. To strive towards a state where you are all knowing and nothing looks like ignorance anymore : you need to read a lot!

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Monday Tohu Verse 16112020

1. Tohu means chaos.

2. Chaos is because of limited vision.

3. If there’s no chaos in your life: it might mean two things: you’re dead and free from cycles of birth and death. Or: you’re all knowing.

4. Today’s verse is dedicated to words Cosplay and Stadium. Recently the third storey roof built on this house makes it possible for me to see the roof of nearby badminton court inside staium.

5. Easy Tohu: (Oneta)

Badminton bad mint on…

Dabbler integer admin tonnage…

Age old fancy dress competition is now Cosplay!

Puzzles to puzzle you: (Shakuntala Devi)



1. Phillip K. Dick

2. Leibniz

3. Entomologist

4. Logistics

5. CSV

6. XML

7. Umlaut

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Book Recommendation!

Tagore’s handwriting
Nehru’s handwriting

1. Two pictures above were taken today, on 30. 11. 2020, inside the library of Gandhi Smarak Bhavan, Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh, from the book “Yah Bhaarat.” The book is in Hindi language. It’s written by Sheela Dhar. Pictures are by T. S. Naagrajan. It’s published by publications department, government of India, in 1974. The book’s price was ten rupees. After the update it’s 100 rupees in the library register.

2. I intend to read this book. It has foreword by then prime minister Indira Gandhi. It also has letters by Tagore and Nehru. It has plenty of lovely pictures from rural India.

3. The images of Tagore’s handwriting compared with that of Nehru’s might help anyone who wants to study Graphology. For many years, in my college days, I used to frequent Lidia Fogarolo’s site.

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United Nations World Food Programme Free Rice Help Alleviate The Hunger!

I just raised 80000 grains of rice on Freerice! For every answer you get right, 5 grains go to the UN World Food Programme. Play it here:

A Tohu Verse so that it doesn’t sound like a spam.

Lori Rio de Janeiro Oreo oeuvre remnant antenna namesake keys snow owl creek reek

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Renewal of Contract!

1. I saw her on swing and asked her to come for class in library.

2. Meanwhile I kept searching for Japuji.

3. I went to drink water in kitchen after discovering Japuji. It was Jasveer who registered this one.

4. Damayanti madam came on door of library to ask if she was in the class. I told her she was taking online class.

5. She arrived with Gandhi-Maarg in her hands. I saluted her. I said to her: “since we have completed a month of study, I want to take feedback from you.” I told her about the contract under banyan tree: a month ago.

6. She nodded.

I asked: “Are you happy with our classes?”

She said: yes. Looked towards her right.

7. Did you learn anything?

Yes, she said.

8. Do you want to continue?

Yes. She said. Her facial expressions suggested positive emotions.

We played free rice vocabulary quiz together.

9. I told her about Japuji. I asked her to study it till November 30th as Guru Nanak Jayanti was approaching. She agreed.

10. We read couple of verses.

11. They were translated by Vinoba Bhaave. Jai Jagat Veeru Sowat.

12. Then, at 12:10, 30 minutes into class: she wanted to leave. I told her: you can’t.

13. Then I asked her if she wanted to play a vocab jam. She agreed.

14. A notification from her school arrived on her whatsapp. An exam all of a sudden. What the fuck is going on here?

15. Either by hook or by crook. You win I lose.

16. A bike on masonic pulaav shop. Crowded street. The guy stares into my eyes for far too long than decency would allow. All rules of etiquettes are for pedestrians?

17. Ok. You’ve the girl with dragon tattoo on the headlight of your bike. What do I care? Can’t I feed myself in peace if hungry? Can’t I earn my living? What the fuck is going on here?

18. Here’s the list of things I need to tolerate to be happy:

1. Gutka spitters.

2. Those who cut. Bikers, jeeps etc.

3. Eldarins on barber shops.

4. Those who ask for address but mean something else.

5. Those who stare into eyes.

6. Electricity department. Police department. Traffic police department. Municipal corporation. Dog trainers. Maafia. Shamans. Masons. The bricks on second storey roof have ss as imprint. IAS. IPS. Tehsildar. Chief ministers. Juice seller. Tea stall owners. Dindayal rasoi(food only for 5 rupees). VYAPAM. Lawyers association. Swami Pranavananda Vedic Research Institute which became Mishra Ki Bagiya. What kind of research is ongoing inside that? Modi. Amit Shah. Akshay Kumar. Kangana Ranawat. Joe Biden. Russian Mafia. Vladimir Putin. ICICI bank. 105 is my insurance. Lucky Ali. Anuradha Paudwal . Anand Mahindra. PNC. Bharat Mata outside girl’s college. My name is Vyas Chappal number Seven. Kapil. Brihaspati. Vachaspati. Vanaspati. Pati. Paati. Patni.ati. atinganda. Ganda. Garland on bike.

7. Etcetera. Medical agency. Secert diseases. Madmen. Dhaniram. Rampike. Slow bike. Icarus rustic tic-tac-toe. Oeillade.

8. Contractionicarusselcrowbarredragonfalonionoisomeshugameteamachetenetuftinnitusulcustardolittlemmingsingularitzygotenetincturemnantingemeningitisimpertuftingemiasmaintit

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Operation enduring freedom!

1. Played 6 jams on and changed my ID to 12. Scored 222213 ranks. There are very few players turning up for jams. There used to be 40 to 70 players on an average in October. The last week average has dropped to 20 players per game. Jams are fixed and boring. I should search for other vocabulary contests online. To keep playing challenge and to gain a rank under 1000 needs at least 3 hours of continuous hard work.

2. As i was waiting between the jams(usually 4 to 5 minutes) i read some poems found on WordPress reader.

A poem titled digital love.

And an almost perfect piece of puzzle stood out.

I asked Deepannita Dey, a fellow blogger about what her name means. Her poem was about someone and it evokes positive sentiments.

Deepannita means light. Deep means lamp. Deep the english word means Profound. Gotcha? Not yet? Read the next point, you will be bewitched.

3. Dey is a Bengali surname. As in Manna Dey(Zindagi kaisee hai Paheli ye haai…): a great Bollywood singer.

4. A word which appeared as a question in jams: warpath is new. It’s evident portmanteau of war and path. Maybe not. It’s conjunction. Portmanteau might be called Sandhi where some syllables are omitted. Redpath is a surname of a fellow blogger. A Laird. A lord. Like John Loggy Baird. A popular scientist. One who invented television. Please don’t hesitate to correct me if i sound drunk or factually incorrect.

5. If my language looks full of erudition this evening, it might be because i read a word tasting note. Feeble foible blingbots fable tables turned crisscross Ronald Ross. Malar cheekbone Boney m larkspur purt purturbed bedeck adorn ornate joker kerchief heifer fern earnest hummingbird.

6. Whatever happened this morning has evaporated from my mind. Whatever happened in noon: only a beautiful face outside a school remains. There was a drumbeat as I was enjoying a cream roll standing just behind a shaker. i saw Shekhar Suman’s picture. He used to host movers and shakers: i don’t know what it was about but it must have had an underecurrent of current conspiracy.

7. A vehicle carrying a dead body was going towards police line tiraha. On Wednesday an empty vehicle was coming out from Gandhi Smarak Bhavan alley. Wo jaata tha ki ham nikle…(chacha Ghalib): Wednesday to Sunday: death to death.

8. Freelancers. Freemasons. Freebirds.

Freebies. Freebees. Freedom.

Featured image credit: captured in Gandhi Smarak Bhavan, Chhatarpur.

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