Library rituals!

1. I registered ten books.

2. Played Free Rice for a while.

3. Did catching practice just outside the library to warm up. Was feeling sleepy. I woke up by 2:00 AM.

4. Waiting for my student to arrive.

5. I saw some kids. They brought a smile on my face. A look alike of Maya Sood as well. Had juice and walked about forty minutes.

6. Another event outside number one. It’s a routine now. I am supposed to keep these as secrets.

7. That girl looked curiously into my eyes. It was intent. It was on purpose.

8. I need to go through all those blog posts to find one proud post. Clearly: it has to be from the year 2020. It can’t be from before. I had deleted all those blogs.

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A long walk in meadows!

1. I wrote a post on my blog earlier this morning. This one I begin at 22:00  PM. That post is connected to this one.

2. After writing “off to playground,” I did go to playground. A notice on Southern entrance read: “temporarily, this place is a jail.”

3. That was strange and unexpected. Yet I had predicted something similar a long ago. I published the policy.

4. Rohan Karan was a classmate in OIST Bhopal. Now I have Rohan and Karan as two of my students.

5. I went for a long walk to Gathewara. I contemplated upon a root bha:.

1. Bha for bhagya : the fortune.

2. Bha for Bhaarat. India.

3. Bha for Bhaalu. Bhoot

4. Bha for bhakti.

5. Bha for bhajan. Bhrama. Bhramar. Bha for bhakti, bhoga, Bhagvata, bhagvaan. Bha is for Sagittarius. The horse. Bha is for bhai. Bhaanu. Bhaas.

6. I witnessed the effect of planetary war. There was a contest between Mars and Mercury. Mercury won.uu

7. I grasped for the first time why Atmakaraka might not be awake in case of a native: Buddhism needs no Atmakaraka.

8. I walked a long walk. To witness a war. Rohan pointed to war. Rohan might be an incarnation of Ayodhya.

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