Cabbage bagged baggage Cabbed!

1. Registered 45 titles in library yesterday.

2. Received following scores on vocabulary jams on on six jams.

A. 565, first rank

B. 730, second rank

C. 600, second rank

D. 555, first rank

E. 280, Fourth rank

F. 530, Fifth rank

The scores are out of 1000. Wanted to play more but the internet connection has been acting up off late.

My ID on site is 01. I invite you to play with me. Playing word games is a way to educate oneself and flex mental muscles.

3. I learned about Super-mulching and stacking in Gandhi Smarak Nidhi biotic farming research centre. In Shivansh method of organic compost preparation we need to mix the compost seven times within eighteen days. Two such repetitions have been completed. Yesterday five of us worked together for twenty one minutes to prepare a 4 feet tall circle of compost. The neptunian, foggy and dreamlike steam keeps coming out of it as we mix it. When it is cold we sprinkle water on it and cover it. After two days another mixing takes place.

Holes on cabbage!

4. It took us 20 minutes to uproot cauliflowers which got fungi in them and couldn’t bloom. Some cabbages had holes on their leaves though most of them had nice flowering. I tasted fresh spinach leaves courtesy of farm guide for the first time this year and in a long time. Stacking is the method in which tomato and other ivies are stacked on wooden structures to help facilitate their growth. A lady came asking for gooseberries. The gooseberry tree which is my profile picture at present has five fruits on it in total. As i replied her she looked surprised. She also enquired about guavas to which she was given reply by another guide that only some of them are left for birds.

Shivansh method for organic compost preparation

5. I saw a red ball which was in the bed. Took a picture. We discussed the prospect of digitising library catalogue and working on updating the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur website with fresh content which is current, useful and up-to-date.

6. A Tohu Verse to celebrate the occasion:

Cauliflower werewolves loves vests

Cabbage bagged baggage cabbed

Bragbro bromide Idempotentate ate

Crabby rabbi by and by bye-bye

Rabble rouser douser que Serra Serra

Supermulching mulct munchkin pumpkin kinship Pippin nipped Nippon ponytails tailgating gatecrashing inglenook Donnybrook

Stacking king ginseng senger gingerly lyrically calculably ably

7. The librarian might join me for lunch in Deendayal Rasoi today. It’s difficult for the old man to cook and his income is mere three thousand rupees per month. Yesterday, the premise was being painted yellow, the moment i noticed it: a biker wearing a yellow shirt went South. I was also wearing yellow: moving West. Golden yellow are congeries of Jaina temple nearby. Golden yellow Sun. It was a Thursday with Jupiter being its lord which has a golden yellow hue as per some scriptures.

Image credit: Self

Courtesy: Organic farming Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh 471001

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United Nations World Food Programme Free Rice Help Alleviate The Hunger in the World!

I just raised 144000 grains of rice on Freerice! For every answer you get right, 5 grains go to the UN World Food Programme. Play it here:

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Updates 512021

1. SBI kiosk might help me.

2. The detergent powder worth ten rupees was handed over to the caterer at Deendayal Rasoi. The surroundings seemed cleaner today. Had a five rupees thaali.

3. The stalls were back.

4. Completed reading the section on Aditi in the book Aditi and other deities in Veda by M. P. Pandit. Now the section on Savitr begins.

5. Played quiz on Free Rice.

6. Earlier i once complained about the word count missing from new block editor. Now it has ‘content structure’ feature if you click the three vertical dots on top right hand corner. The six blocks take 100 words.

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Perigee and Apogee!

1. I had a five rupees plate in Deendayal rasoi after which I took a picture. The picture was uploaded to instagram. I wanted to upload another picture which I took near Swami Pranavananda Vedic Research Institute: a kingfisher perched atop an electric poll. The image was deleted it seems.

2. It took me an hour to sweep and dustup library and visit Deendayal Rasoi. Rotis were not available today. It completes my 17th day there.

3. I have been seeing uncle and aunt regularly. A car with ‘Bada Malahara Youth Congress’ was seen thrice. I should have stopped by Maria Mata, entered inside to mourn but…there were too many people. It was Saroj Shukla who told me the news of getting third merit in district in class 12th board examinations. What was the score? 89.3. (.5 less than 89.8 which was score in class 8th board examinations.)

Vandana Shukla told me that my name was published in Dainik Bhaskar in class 8th. She told me that I had scored among 200000 students of my age group. Ah, dapper! By the time Saroj Shukla told me about my name being published in a magazine as the third ranker in class 12th- I needed to prepare for Resonance where I got selected primarily on the basis of twelfth class percentage and misery deepened. They both were proud of my achievements. Later i fell too short and needed to fight demons.

4. I enquired by writing some emails: how many people was I playing against when I scored first rank consistently for three months in September, October and November in 2017. Was it 10000? They said it was more than that. It was enough to tell me that I was at least one in a million. Plus assurance of Rick Rosner about the definition of intellect used in designing Noesis tests. Now i didn’t need those old standards: class 8th and 12th. I can maintain a first rank there but wouldn’t Jhonson O’Connors turn in his grave by knowing that i create only 1000 rupees per month. I should go to MIT. Earn a Ph. D. Run some marathons in Europe. Work part time and settle either in Norway or Korea. But it seems it might be too late for that. What a waste of life this has been. Everything unclear. Was it not for Jhonson O’Connors: I would have remained uncertain about my intelligence. There are many dimensions of intelligence but verbal intelligence is easiest to work upon for some people. PC is a role model right now. Claire seems to have disappeared. That is what Bada Malahara Youth Congress plate on front of a vehicle reminds me of: her telling me about my achievement. It was Vandana in class 8th and Saroj in class 12th. Cashew and Shankhpushpi were available in class 8th but disappeared in 12th. I was left with marks on my back. Marks of having carried heavy bags to tuitions on bicycle. Aditya Saxena-who circulated my name as his ideal student after my results came won’t keep me as his assistant. Maria Mata Convent High School didn’t give me a teaching job with petty excuses. Parents couldn’t give me a 5000 rupees per month as pocket money. This world isn’t what it seems to be. Merit isn’t supported.

Image credit: Self. Courtesy: Gandhi Smarak Bhavan and Ku Klux Klan.

5. Completed reading 30 pages from ‘Aditi and other deities in Veda’ by M. P. Pandit.

6. I read a tweet by Subramanian Swamy yesterday: he used phrase ‘sans fear’. That might mean ‘without fear.’ I don’t know if it was polite to ask him what he meant by PC. I was curious because I am playing with one PC on and Swamy wants to send one to prison. Curiouser and curiouser.

7. Earth is nearest to Sun after 1246 AD. It’s called Perigee. Or is it apogee?

Apogee perigee

Zenith Nadir

Amna Samna

Dark rooms

Red rooms

Sharma Khanda

Karma Khanda

Dharma Khanda


And Aditi

The dancing light of grace!

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32122331| 31122020

1. Played 8 jams in Shatabdi ground on with beautiful view of Moon.


2. The title of the post suggests ranks i received this evening.

3. I walked and ran for about an hour and forty minutes as a preparation for the upcoming marathon.

4. Vishnu Ram, Stephen and PC played very well. Congratulations and a very happy new year if you are reading.

5. I missed playing with Claire G. My ID is now 01. I would feel happy if you play with me.

6. It took me about 4 hours to empty the garbage tanks and dump it to Nadep posts number 3 and 4 in Gandhi Smarak Nidhi premise.

7. Registered about 25 titles in library. Couldn’t count as i needed to anxiously search for my matchboxes which were stolen by someone. It might be the same person who puts Ganesha to sleep while he needs to play. Yes you!

8. Could score better on the jam on words derived from Arabic. After reading Pam’s comment which was made about an hour ago it dawned on me that ‘Palm Leaves’- the title kind of sounds like her name! Palm/Pam. Homonyms. Another unintended synchronicity. I actually meant that my posts were deleted by someone and i had to publish them by moving them from ‘trash’ to ‘published’ status about a week ago. I think she didn’t read that post and hence the confusion.

9. The 21st year of 21st century begins. I don’t have time to reflect on what was gained or lost last year. I would have loved to watch a good print of movie Tenet by Christopher Nolan this evening but it’s not available.

A Tohu :

Carafe car affected arra

Rastafari aria arial Ariel

A real rialta riata

Sayo nara chara arroyo

Yosemite kitten tenet netizen


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A Tohu Verse!

1. I registered 31 titles yesterday. It took me 4 hours to do that.

2. I also played 14 vocabulary jams.

3. I received 1st rank on 6 of those vocabulary jams.

4. In three of the jams I received 3rd rank.

5. There were 10-15 players on an average in every game.

6. Bondboy Fandashe appeared with three of his avatars in one of the games but disappeared soon. Merry Christmas to you. Stephen D also appeared. I couldn’t play with PC or Claire: I hope i get to play with them on new year’s eve or in the new year.

7. My ID is still 12. I invite you to play vocabulary jams with me on as it will help you gain verbal advantage. The Tohu Verse created with words culled from jams on

Sabotage ancestors derivatives

Subtly lyrically calculably

Obviously secretly Kaaly

Secrete errand plaque

Echo 2018 ship

Ipsum gypsum abomausum

Summum bonum numbattuesday

Token kenophobe hobnob Baobab

Babbleback machines

Echolalia Alia Lia iambic pentameter



8. Tohu means chaos. What we perceive as chaos merely indicates dissolution of old and emerging out of new order. Lack of intelligence or knowledge is the cause of chaos in your life. Therefore, try to increase your knowledge by all means. Try to expand your consciousness. Become more aware. Read, meditate, listen, watch, learn.

9. I am inventor of Tohu Verse. Tohu comes from Jewish Kabbalistic tradition which gives the most clear understanding of reality. The man-model of Jewish mysticism under Sefirods head available on Wikipedia for reading is akin to Purusha Sukta in weightage. I don’t see any difference between Jewish or Hindu mystic traditions. Jewish mystic tradition is similar to Sikhism in essence.

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United Nations World Food Programme Free Rice Help Alleviate The Hunger in the World!

I just raised 134000 grains of rice on Freerice! For every answer you get right, 5 grains go to the UN World Food Programme. Play it here:

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Choke Arti Choke!

1. Played 10 vocabulary jams on My ID is 12. I invite you to play and contest with me.

2. Here’s the summary of my performance this morning:

Jam 1: Score: 510. Rank 5th. Number of players: 22. Winner: Bondboy Fandashe.

370. 3rd. 17. Winners: Bondboy, Nayak.

830. 1st. 16.

655. 2nd. 13. eat B.

780. 2nd. 9. Bondboy Fandashe.

290. 3rd. 11. Bondboy Fandsshe.

445. 2nd.11. Stephen.

830. 2nd. 10. Vicky.

650. 1st. 12.

710. 1st. 12.

First rank: thrice.

Second rank: four times.

Third rank: once.

3. This is the best of my performances in the last fortnight or so.

4. In the last jam: 8th and 9th questions all participants submitted a wrong answer. It has never happened before.

5. The lowest score on the 6th jam is because of my being unaware of words derived from Arabic.

A Tohu Verse to celebrate my success in admitting my failure:


Choke Arti choke!


Ate B.

Now eat C.

Choke Arti choke!

Read a Tohu Verse!

Bring a carafe!

Meet a giraffe!

Affect it with affection!

Read another Tohu Verse!

Choke Arti Choke!

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The Shortest Day of The Longest Year!

1. Spent a long time moving a lot of posts from trash to drafts and then from drafts to published.

2. Registered 19 titles. I intended to play some vocabulary jams and to bowl for a while but the time eaten up by updation of blog made it impossible.

3. Here’s a summary of ranks received on jams this morning:


On an average 10 to 15 players played per game.

4. Honorable mentions: Bondboy Fandshe, Meher S., Max L, Hang L.

5. A Tohu verse made with words culled from the Jams goes likes this:

Distaff staff riffraff far off,

Offering ringu gulch ravine

Vineyard yardstick stickler

Pallet euphony cacophony

Homonyms eponyms monotremes

Metronome monochrome meteor shower

Warlock lockhead headlong longshoreman

Mansetude etude Deuteronomy

Mynah Hannah ahamadine

Foofaraw raw vegetables tables for

Twos threes fours and doors

6. Bought a portable memory bank worth ten rupees.

7. I had brought a tally counter to sell in 39 rupees to the Saanchi shop guy who looks like the psychologist in the Inland Empire and works for the proprietor Ashok Raikwar. I was late and hired an auto. An e-rickshaw. A guy sat besides me but the shop was closed. Why am i losing guys i keep promises to?

8. The event reminded me of a similar setting in which a guy from the vicinity of Rohan’s uncle’s house sat. It’s poetic and yet it fails miserably in the long run. I stick to facts for a while. Seeing is believing. Listening is believing.

9. Haven’t seen Royapuram guy for long now.

10. The Pune cook used to talk about the Dahapuri Church.

11. 21.12.2020 was the shortest day of the longest year of my life. The longest years are toughest task masters. The birds are returning to their nests.

12. Can i still bowl for a while? Should I rush to the ground or wait another day?

13. I needed to comment on Krishnarav ji Daate : Volume 5 has a note. It says : “Krishnarav ji was reading this book in his last days.”

( Mahatama in eight volumes by D. G. Tendulkar)

It immediately engrossed me. The person was the secretary of this institution: Gandhi Smarak Nidhi for some time and died here. I was told he was from South. The book has notes with pencil marks in both Hindi and English. I am not sure if they’re by him.

14. The tenth almirah has some of the costliest books in this library. The racks have paired rows. It’s difficult to arrange those books and find them out if the need arises. I read some passage i had highlighted in the last iteration in the book titled “Untouchables” by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

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United Nations World Food Programme Free Rice Help Alleviate The Hunger!

I just raised 132000 grains of rice on Freerice! For every answer you get right, 5 grains go to the UN World Food Programme. Play it here:

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