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Salt – Poem 144

The temptation lingersPast pulling at my attentionEver at the edges of awarenessBut He calls us to runTo push on to the not yetRun forward with focusTowards hope unseenDon’t look backBut I do.Preserving the warning For all to rememberOne last glance forward.A final farewell to what could have been. Image credit:

Salt – Poem 144

1. Both the picture and verse are lovely.

2. I took author’s permission before posting the link here.

3. I encourage you to visit their site, like, share and subscribe to their blog.

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The sheets of cloud #4

The sheets of cloud Don’t ring loud They were all created by me For you It’s true Through and through Rough and tough Thick and thin Kith and kin Myth and din Alpha Omega theta Beta gamma zeta Catherine and Reta They were all created by me For you Oh darling in Darlington On onions […]

The sheets of cloud #4

Hey Sandeept,

1. I published this poem 13 hours ago on my blog.

2. The thirteenth line has ‘Catherine’ in it.

3. It was the prompt number #4 on My Valiant Soul’s instagram ID.

4. My Valiant Soul has 13 letters.

5. I was born on Friday the 13th.

6. Triskaidekaphobia is a real fear in West.

7. None of the things above were concocted by me but do look magical by what has been ongoing here recently!

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A verse and a birthday!

1. Played six Vocabulary jams with ranks 424212 with 11-12 players in every one of them.

2. Paul H scored well in two of them.

3. 19122020. Sun. Mars. Jupiter towards logos. Saturn. Sat. Urn.

Ashes to ashes

Dust to dust

Earn to earn

Urn to urn

We burn

Fuel, energy, paper,

Earn to urn,

We burn

Tinder, woods, goods,

Urn to earn

We burn,

Hoods, shoulds, woulds.

4. Debashish Das was my batchmate in Chennai training batch of CTS. He used to wear glasses and he had experience of having previously worked into an IT firm.

5. He was from Bengal. He was smart and liked to paint. He used to read a lot of Sydney Sheldon and other fictional authors. He despised my use of flowery words in my emails. Once after such comment I wrote couple of emails titled “Why I am not a terrorist.” Actually, the SRK movie with similar name had released then. I watched it in theatre with a hanky which got wet with crying. I used the title and his incitement as inspiration. The gist of the mails was: i was accustomed to philosophy forums which used those terms. I accepted his suggestion and tried to make my language less flowery. Result is before you.

6. Though he came to Bangalore. We all came together. His vertical changed. He went to onsite. He seemed lucky and learned to me. He lost his father early in his life.

7. We had many trips to Pondicherry, Mahabaleshwar etc during our training. On our way back from Mahabaleshwar: we had a long discussion about dreams, nature of reality and Matrix. It’s his birthday.

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