Versatile Verse In Reverse Gear as Year Comes To An End Or An and!

1. I went back to see if Michael had any new posts and the one with sailor as title was striking for Lia used that word in her reply. Synchronicity?

2. She’s playing aend versus sand for a while.

3. I did breathing practices upstairs for a change. The clouds were beautiful to look at:


4. Kipchoge who holds the world record for marathon has Atmakaraka Mars with Jupiter in their office Sagittarius in the ascendant and a conglomeration of planets near this Pradhana Yoga exalts his debilitated Sun by virtue of cancellation of debility conferred especially as Saturn accompanies Sun. Sun and Saturn together indicate father not being favorable: he only had maternal care and knew father only by his pictures. His Moon sign is Pisces and Atmakaraka Mars is vargottama by virtue of occupying Sagittarius both in ascendant and Navamansa.

5. There are 12 more days remaining for marathon and i am positive about completing it. I only need work to feed myself which i don’t have. Right now i am sustained by Deendayal rasoi and some occasional favors from friends.

6. A Tohu verse for Kipchoge:

Kapsisiywa kipchoge choga

Capstone stoned detonator torpor

Capsicum simulacra cranium

Sisal lassitude etude longitude

Deuteronomy harmonics numbers

Krip Kirk Kirst

Rip peer eery eye

Yer errata rialta tally

Lyrically calculably ably

Bye and bye you say

By and by i sway

To and fro through and through

Rough and tough thick and thin

Kith and kin in inn

Innards wayward warden dense

Mesne incense

Sticks tick Icarus rustic tic-tac-toe

Oeuvre remnant antenna namesake


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