A GLIMPSE INTO INDIAN GLORY. Hi friends, Today India celebrates her 73rd Republic Day. I wish all my Indian brothers and sisters in India and across the world, a Happy Republic Day. As the largest democracy in the world, She has numerous achievements under her name. I wish to share some of them with you. […]


“This is such a well researched post. I liked all the trivia and pictures. I was truly surprised by the fact that Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world because I clearly remember Buddhism being third largest religion. In many discussions in the past that was an established fact in my world so the switch must have happened quite recently. Karni temple of Bikaner is beautiful. The unlocked village is true picture of Ramrajya. I hope resident over there have no neurosis because of fear of God. “

I made the comment above on Aparna’s article. India is celebrating its 73rd republic day. I hope you would enjoy visiting her site. The highlight is Hinduism becoming the 3rd most widely followed religion after Christianity and Islam in recent years. It really used to be Buddhism in the world I lived until just a few years ago.

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Netizens express delight as NASA shares image of neutron star , Science News |

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