Note: it’s a Tohu verse initiated with the word ‘Onigiri'(means Sushi, a dish made with rice) which was inspired by a fellow blogger Michael Atkins’ photography blog. I have used thirty words to write this one. You may find more in it. If you read this and want to explore: I invite you to identify as many words as possible. I have published such verses with as many as hundreds of words. Here l am experimenting to learn if it works for members of this forum.

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Post Script: My intention is to use as few words as possible to convey my ideas. I am learning to be less free than I feel on my personal blog: being mindful of the need of followers of this blog. I used to tag many people as admin in my previous incarnation. If you compare the data and statistics for this forum: the activity of the first four months(Aug to Dec 2015) which saw all of us creating this forum died down rapidly in the following months and years and it’s obvious it was quiet of dead for last year or two: only one or two bloggers posting something or the other after long intervals.( This is enough to prove that if it’s a baby I cared for it more than the other original admins did who abandoned it. ) Now that I am here with you and we are trying to revive the baby: let me try my best and let you not care about what I do. Or let you try your best to stop me by asking solid questions about my efforts or by mocking me elsewhere. I hope it will be a learning experience for me: Passion meets Creativity. I hope I can be more creative this time around. Learning and growing from my mistakes. Thanks all!

I intend to write a…


I intend to write a post or two on weekly features. Wonder of wonders: As soon as I go to the list of available formats in which I used to publish with others here: I recall that I created it with an open heart to welcome anyone and everyone to write as often as they needed to: provided, they had a WordPress account. It seemed now: as if I needed a special permission to write. I didn’t. Nobody does. It’s a different matter whether anyone of the followers of this blog is interested in what you intend to write. I used to assemble a 13 words story every Sunday. We did many such posts collaborations. Idea was given by one Keith Garth who participated for a while here.

I want to introduce you to Tohu verse. It’s a word which means “chaos.” The word comes from Jewish mystical tradition (Kabbalah.)

I was fond of learning words because they were the only investment which would have made me rich. It didn’t. I have been working on my vocabulary. As I was looking for longest words in English language: I realized they were often compound of simple words. I began creating them on my own.

An example: it is the custom of union.


What I did here: removed the spaces between the words in the sentence. If you do it for enough long : you create some musical notes. It might be fun to read them back. Here’s a sample Tohu Verse:


Reading it is not easy or fun. It’s puzzling and needs concentration. Let me know what you think of it.

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