Cabbage bagged baggage Cabbed!

1. Registered 45 titles in library yesterday.

2. Received following scores on vocabulary jams on on six jams.

A. 565, first rank

B. 730, second rank

C. 600, second rank

D. 555, first rank

E. 280, Fourth rank

F. 530, Fifth rank

The scores are out of 1000. Wanted to play more but the internet connection has been acting up off late.

My ID on site is 01. I invite you to play with me. Playing word games is a way to educate oneself and flex mental muscles.

3. I learned about Super-mulching and stacking in Gandhi Smarak Nidhi biotic farming research centre. In Shivansh method of organic compost preparation we need to mix the compost seven times within eighteen days. Two such repetitions have been completed. Yesterday five of us worked together for twenty one minutes to prepare a 4 feet tall circle of compost. The neptunian, foggy and dreamlike steam keeps coming out of it as we mix it. When it is cold we sprinkle water on it and cover it. After two days another mixing takes place.

Holes on cabbage!

4. It took us 20 minutes to uproot cauliflowers which got fungi in them and couldn’t bloom. Some cabbages had holes on their leaves though most of them had nice flowering. I tasted fresh spinach leaves courtesy of farm guide for the first time this year and in a long time. Stacking is the method in which tomato and other ivies are stacked on wooden structures to help facilitate their growth. A lady came asking for gooseberries. The gooseberry tree which is my profile picture at present has five fruits on it in total. As i replied her she looked surprised. She also enquired about guavas to which she was given reply by another guide that only some of them are left for birds.

Shivansh method for organic compost preparation

5. I saw a red ball which was in the bed. Took a picture. We discussed the prospect of digitising library catalogue and working on updating the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur website with fresh content which is current, useful and up-to-date.

6. A Tohu Verse to celebrate the occasion:

Cauliflower werewolves loves vests

Cabbage bagged baggage cabbed

Bragbro bromide Idempotentate ate

Crabby rabbi by and by bye-bye

Rabble rouser douser que Serra Serra

Supermulching mulct munchkin pumpkin kinship Pippin nipped Nippon ponytails tailgating gatecrashing inglenook Donnybrook

Stacking king ginseng senger gingerly lyrically calculably ably

7. The librarian might join me for lunch in Deendayal Rasoi today. It’s difficult for the old man to cook and his income is mere three thousand rupees per month. Yesterday, the premise was being painted yellow, the moment i noticed it: a biker wearing a yellow shirt went South. I was also wearing yellow: moving West. Golden yellow are congeries of Jaina temple nearby. Golden yellow Sun. It was a Thursday with Jupiter being its lord which has a golden yellow hue as per some scriptures.

Image credit: Self

Courtesy: Organic farming Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh 471001

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1. I had potato curry in morning on the first day of 21st year of 21st century.

2. I had potato curry in the noon in Deendayal rasoi.

3. I had potato sandwich in evening. The caterer there asked me to not spit before presiding deity. I was merely taking some water by using a tug from the plastic box. He was anxious. I wished him new year and moved on.

4. Prior to that I had slowed down. People around me seemed to move at a very high rate whereas in truth they were normal. The altered state of consciousness was result of something you can’t pinpoint to.

5. It’s Sabbath. Here’s a Tohu verse to celebrate first Sabbath of this year: a vegetable seller came to sell potatoes.

Potatoes came to India from France.

Potatoes toes tic tac tachyon

Hither tither yonder der furor teutonic


Tussellated tesseract act

Action ion noise

Somnolent lentils entomologists

Logistic sticks

Log gloam loam amyloid

Pachyderm dermatologist parchment

Mentation ration rationale

Finale farthingale ale

Gingerly gingerly lyrically calculably

I say unto theeleewaywardentureifiedeifiediademonycophagiographotonotedeterranthillockrassassympomatictactoetotapo.

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The Shortest Day of The Longest Year!

1. Spent a long time moving a lot of posts from trash to drafts and then from drafts to published.

2. Registered 19 titles. I intended to play some vocabulary jams and to bowl for a while but the time eaten up by updation of blog made it impossible.

3. Here’s a summary of ranks received on jams this morning:


On an average 10 to 15 players played per game.

4. Honorable mentions: Bondboy Fandshe, Meher S., Max L, Hang L.

5. A Tohu verse made with words culled from the Jams goes likes this:

Distaff staff riffraff far off,

Offering ringu gulch ravine

Vineyard yardstick stickler

Pallet euphony cacophony

Homonyms eponyms monotremes

Metronome monochrome meteor shower

Warlock lockhead headlong longshoreman

Mansetude etude Deuteronomy

Mynah Hannah ahamadine

Foofaraw raw vegetables tables for

Twos threes fours and doors

6. Bought a portable memory bank worth ten rupees.

7. I had brought a tally counter to sell in 39 rupees to the Saanchi shop guy who looks like the psychologist in the Inland Empire and works for the proprietor Ashok Raikwar. I was late and hired an auto. An e-rickshaw. A guy sat besides me but the shop was closed. Why am i losing guys i keep promises to?

8. The event reminded me of a similar setting in which a guy from the vicinity of Rohan’s uncle’s house sat. It’s poetic and yet it fails miserably in the long run. I stick to facts for a while. Seeing is believing. Listening is believing.

9. Haven’t seen Royapuram guy for long now.

10. The Pune cook used to talk about the Dahapuri Church.

11. 21.12.2020 was the shortest day of the longest year of my life. The longest years are toughest task masters. The birds are returning to their nests.

12. Can i still bowl for a while? Should I rush to the ground or wait another day?

13. I needed to comment on Krishnarav ji Daate : Volume 5 has a note. It says : “Krishnarav ji was reading this book in his last days.”

( Mahatama in eight volumes by D. G. Tendulkar)

It immediately engrossed me. The person was the secretary of this institution: Gandhi Smarak Nidhi for some time and died here. I was told he was from South. The book has notes with pencil marks in both Hindi and English. I am not sure if they’re by him.

14. The tenth almirah has some of the costliest books in this library. The racks have paired rows. It’s difficult to arrange those books and find them out if the need arises. I read some passage i had highlighted in the last iteration in the book titled “Untouchables” by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

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Early Surly Curlicues!

1. Based on the feedback received from Oneta Hayes who blogs at Sweet Aroma: I am presenting before you two types of Tohu verse today.

2. One will be easy to read and the other: puzzling.

3. The puzzling one will have key in the end.

4. Today’s theme is: statesmen and thinkers.

5. Tohu comes from Jewish mystic tradition known as Kabbalah. Out of all models I studied so far: kabbalistic man-model is easiest to understand.

6. The easy verse:

Bar barber berserk remnant

An ant named anant

Tanager Anna

Hello Hannah

Thanks for the mannah

Ah hamartia martial law

Wall E all e

Singularity ritzy zygoten goat

Stoat toast asterism prism

On onions ions freeze

Crease eases on your face

Ace meets race begins

The extra joker helipad kerchief

Chieftain ait it ain’t

Intent on tent tenth house

Douse mouse rouse chouse!

7. The usual puzzling stuff with key:


Key: 1. Mandela 2. Gandhi 3. Jefferson. 4. Washington 5. Castro 6. Confucius 7. Garibaldi 8. Mazzini 9. Carl Marx 10. Stalin

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Read A Lot!

1. Ninth of November has begun here. Shabbath ends. I can continue to post here now. Nine is a strange number. All its harmonics return it. The Guru’s office. The Saggitarius. The Archer who has its lower half as beast(horse.)

2. Each of the day in this month has an addition of 6 to it as per the calendar which is most widely used: 9/11/2020 for example: has 9+ 11+2+0+2+0=9+6=15=1+5=6. Venus. The potency of revelation as per following scheme:

3. 1: Creation.

3.2:  Maintenance.

3.3:.  Dissolution (Correction/Renovation/Improvement)

3.4:   Obfuscation (Concealing/Mystical)

3.5:    Absolute (Perfect/Adept)

3.6:.    Revelation. Liberation. Sadashiva. Natarajan. Narayana.

4. Deities associated with this scheme in Hinduism are: Bramha. Vishnu. Mahesh. Parmeshwar. Sadashiva or Niranjana.

5. The reference: Vallalar aka Ramalinga Swamikal. Tamil Poet who belonged to Sanmaargam. Nondual way  to perfect enlightenment.

6. Each of these involve others. Personally: I had difficulty understanding the third. I was always wondering about Pralaya or the cosmic dissolution as depicted in the great flood stories in the Bible and Hindu Scriptures.

7. Death doctrines or eschatology on which Tibetan tradition worked for many centuries: has been a subject which fascinated me always.

8. In short: Gross, subtle and its cause: the ignorance or the darkness : are all same.

9. The greatest knowledge is same as the darkest of ignorance: it’s sleep. Rest. It’s where healing happens. It’s where you’re at home. It’s where you are free from all bounds.  Tao.

10. If there’s a difference between knowledge and ignorance: conscious and unconscious: it can’t be the highest knowledge.

11. All Philosophy and Science ends in art. I was not surprised to see that Gandhi : who is on every bill in this country where I live and who is the cause of my being able to read a lot of books as I have an access to a library which was denied to me otherwise in a town where I was born and brought up: was most influenced by two plays in his early life: 1. Harishchandra : the truthful king who becomes a servant and an undertaker(Chandala) as he had to pass a test put by Indra: the king of demigods. 2. Shravana: one devoted to his blind parents: a young man accidentally killed by King Dashrath: father of Rama: the ruler of Ayodhya.

11. If such a king as Rama did exist a long time ago: he was also influenced by the stories in Yoga Vashishtha: told by his preceptor the sage Vashishtha who was summoned by his father when teenager prince became deject by seeing the misery around him and wanted to renounce. Buddha escaped. Rama had to act like a man who is hurt by lust(reference: Bhagvata Purana: Geetapress Gorakhpur: Author: Vyasa)

12. Thus: if in my journeys : I wondered about my being most influenced by artworks such as David Lynch’s Inland Empire and Christopher Nolan’s Memento and Inception: more than religious doctrines: I was only seeking for a confirmation of my experience in the lives of great people.

13. In the art of Ramalinga Swamikal or Vallalar: the confirmation that physical immortality can be achieved by a human being: exists. His body was neither cremated nor put into a grave. He vanished into thin air declaring that he became God. He was born through a womb as per the story. His disappearance was recorded. As long as I see limitations, aging, death and reincarnation around me: I feel it to be the highest ideal to achieve at least what he achieved : if not more.

14. Ninth is also ruled by Mars: the moving energy. The fire. It’s a Monday. Mars. Moon. Jupiter. Every lunar day in this dark half of lunar month has coincided with the solar day. The Diwali or Hanukkah will be celebrated on 14th. The darkest night in the month of Kartik: the commander in chief of gods.

15. Now: it’s the time for a Tohu: I would like to receive feedback for improving this verse form. Oneta said that it was too puzzling for her: therefore I created two formats. If you have any suggestions on themes: you’re welcome. Let me create one with light and darkness. Key in the end.

16. Easy Tohu:

Light ignite lignite linga

Lingastronomical calculus sulcus circus circa carricatures

Rest in peace sweetheart

Sweepstakes stakes heart art

Article icicle canticle

Ventral dorsal salut salubrious

Rest in peace sweetheart

Estuary array ray of hope

Operand randi and ampersand

Sandstone one neon on onions ions snow now you won now you lost

Host had a toast

An asterisk read with caution

Tread with caution

A roast

In permafrost

Prema frost

Rest in peace sweetheart!

17. Difficult Tohu:


18. Key for difficult Tohu:

1. Syllogism 2. Marimba 3. Rampike 4. Abcedarian 5. Calculus

19. Tohu Verse was invented by me. Tohu comes from Jewish mystic tradition: tohu means chaos. What we perceive as chaos is because of lack of knowledge: for example: if my phone is hacked once: it might seem like misfortune. If it happens again: I pass over it in silence as I neither have money nor time to register for ethical hacking to defend myself. To strive towards a state where you are all knowing and nothing looks like ignorance anymore : you need to read a lot!

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Monday Tohu Verse 16112020

1. Tohu means chaos.

2. Chaos is because of limited vision.

3. If there’s no chaos in your life: it might mean two things: you’re dead and free from cycles of birth and death. Or: you’re all knowing.

4. Today’s verse is dedicated to words Cosplay and Stadium. Recently the third storey roof built on this house makes it possible for me to see the roof of nearby badminton court inside staium.

5. Easy Tohu: (Oneta)

Badminton bad mint on…

Dabbler integer admin tonnage…

Age old fancy dress competition is now Cosplay!

Puzzles to puzzle you: (Shakuntala Devi)



1. Phillip K. Dick

2. Leibniz

3. Entomologist

4. Logistics

5. CSV

6. XML

7. Umlaut

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An Easy Reading Test!

An agency like NASA will hire you and let you meet aliens like: Narayana, Govind, Vaasudev, Shiva and Hari provided you pass this TEST.


I am trying variations of Tohu verse form and making it more interesting. Tohu is a word which comes from Jewish mystic tradition: it means “chaos.”

In theory: all chaos is representative of lack of awareness of witness(es) or observers. It says: that which seems like chaos at one level seems like intelligence at another.

In other words: all your painful memories are overwritten with happy ones. Doesn’t mean your suffering was ‘unreal.’

But it also means: that –all chaos: including most gruesome of crimes: rape, murder, mayhem, cannibalism, sacrifices and slavery etcetera are disorders which need to be outgrown. If you are a victim: there are players who are using you. If you are a perpetrator: you are being used by another team. If you’re a witness: you might have outgrown the need to play this game but another is making you feel interested.

Darkness or chaos doesn’t exist according to one theory.

Light or intelligence doesn’t exist according to another.

They’re like twins: according to another theory.

Having established the premise: I am presenting before you a verse which has at least ten keywords. I would write the answers in the end of the post. There are other words but if you can identify those ten in the code: without looking at the key: consider yourself a winner and thanks for reading!








  6. ANU

  7. TALE

  8. NIDIT

  9. LID

  10. PASTE

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Scientific Tohu!

1. Tohu comes from kabbalists. It has nothing to do with Tofu or fotu or Chhotu. Just to be clear: people these days want to declare that I am somehow inimical to them, whereas I am unbiased and unrelated.

2. Visual snow and tinnitus which was a word of God is now a sign of Corona which is non existent for me.

3. Coming back to the topic: this verse was invented by me as I was searching for longest words. Today’s verse has names of some scientists. If you can’t find the names you may head over to the key:



1. Einstein

2. Lamark

3. Darwin

4. Newton

5. Tesla

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Tohu Tuesday!

1. Tohu means chaos. It comes from Jewish mystic tradition Kabbalah.

2. What we perceive as chaos at one level is perceived as intelligence at another and as knowledge at yet another. Dissolution doesn’t mean destruction, it means transformation.

3. Michael Atkins who blogs at MPA travels defined the word Torii for me when I asked. It means : a gateway ( to heaven): it’s a typical Japanese entrance to many Shinto temples. I intitiate today’s Tohu with the same word. There will be ten words hidden as key in the puzzle which might be your reward if you dare to read this verse or alternatively you may head over to the key to just highlight how ordinary this puzzle of a verse was indeed.

4. Tohu Verse: 22:44 PM, IST, November, 4, 2020:

Torii ironically ally kally middle

Management mentation entomology

Gyrating rates serrated Serra Serra

Que quisling questionable blingbots

Slingshot slipshod ode hoodlum

Lumpsum sumptuous succubus busted

Ted talks stalks alkaline ineptitude

Deuteronomy prophet Dhaniram

Moped kind kindred spirits


5. KEY: 1. Doctor who.

2. Pam

3. Lori

4. George

5. Leeway

6. Tyler Durden

7. Hannah

8. Simpson

9. Chopin

10. Ribald

11. Ratbaggery.

Image credit: Self. Edit: I added the word ratbaggery to honor Sir Redpath who recently liked this post.

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Tohu Verse Sunday!

This one is slightly easier to read.

Storm store me,

Norm tore me,

Meme said to me,

Creme de la creme,

Ornate ate natant ant,

An ant named anant,

Got lost in a quantum tummy,

Mutant muttering ,

Ring inside ring,

Sidereal zodiac,

Icicles cleonasm pleonasm small wings,

Moths smother Theravada,

Vada paav paav bhaaji haaji mastaan,

Shaitaan molluck mollusks,

Yarmulke armiger germane mane,

Anemone prandial one two three,

Tic tac Toe nails,

Snails ail Laila aleph meme shin,

Hindukush usha ushering inglenook,

A brook besides a brook,

Nook corner nerd cornice icecream realm,

Real me,

False me,

Unreal me,

Be being gingerly surly early curlicues,

Clues all lost in the permafrost,

Frozen potatoes,

Roasted zens,

Innuendo communicado munchkin pumpkin Pippin nipped pince nez.

Jumper pert turnip turpitude etude longitude Deuteronomy numerical calculus sulcus circus circa carricatures.

Abound inbound boundary dairy airy rye. Yearly lyre remnant antennas.

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Edit: I have made 20 posts here after getting my author access restored recently. Thanks for the support and feedback. I encourage you to create posts here. Please don’t feel ‘intimidated’ or ‘spammed’ by my innocuous presence!