A classic song and a Tohu verse!

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Music and Tohu!

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Twelfth of June!

An article about the badminton hall Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India with a song and a Tohu!

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1. I have completed registration of books on rack number two of almirah number thirteen. It might complete for the rack number three today. Then two more racks.

2. Though i issued Peter D Polnay’s The Umbrella Thorn for myself: haven’t proceeded beyond page first so far. Aditi and Other Deities in Veda by MP Pandit has reached about 120 pages, give or take, yet to complete reading 185 pages I need time. I got the book issued on December 24th. I hear you when you say: “Why should I bother about your narcissistic procrastination. ” You’re right. Compare this with Lori. She might already have completed reading dozens of book by now. And she’s a mother. In my defence: I play a lot of word games and even there I am not making top of the charts. Where was I?

Not very impressive!

3. My score in the screenshot above isn’t very impressive. I intend to reach to the top spot. But that means: sleeping less, talking lesser and spending more time on

4. The theatre rehearsal in library is crowded. Those people don’t have any big hall like that. I can’t waste electric power so I share hall with them in evening. It’s easier sometimes but being with twenty people in a hall isn’t fun. It’s not my idea of fun. It takes toll on my energy. They have stretched it.

5. I didn’t fully comprehend what this NGO was about and what was their source of income. Now that I do it a bit i see why things are the way they are.

6. I swept library floor and verandah. Collected garbage from around it and burnt it along with some dried leaves which were present in the dump.

Library, Gandhi Smarak Bhavan Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh

7. Filled two buckets of water for kitchen.

8. Discussed a chapter “Packing,” by Jerome K Jerome.

9. The story was comic. The funniest of punch seems to be about Montmorrency. I thought it was a person. When I found it was a dog I felt such comedy on a mentally retarded being was not justified. Then it occurred to me that it must have been close to its owner, the author of the text.

10. Sat in the granary field basking in the Sun. Watched birds. And an amazing dance!

Here’s a Tohu Verse:

Dancer dances prancer prances

Saint Frances I see see

Seesaw sawdust

Crust of Hurst

Rust rustic ticket pachyderm

Dermatologist logistics

CSV format harmattan hamartia

Martial law arts smart marts

Start unannounced bounced

Outside the outhouse sidereal

Real estate zodiac almanac

Calibration certification

Ions on onions snowing wings

On swings rings grow in rows

Of twos and threes and fours

Scores of chores end to pretend

Tendency cyborgs







11. The word Tohu comes from Jewish mystic tradition Kabbalah. It means chaos. I invented Tohu Verse form.

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What Was It About, Come Again?

Terse writers

Write at Reuters

Tergiversate sedate sate addlepate

Rebate ate a bit late

Then they went on a ride

Sitting astride

In search of a hen

With a mighty pen

Lest it might hide

In anandamide dam

Damson on Madison

Square are squalid

Lid opened dense carrefour

Our roustabout roundabout bouts

What was it about?

Come again?

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Seismic Coupon!

1. I played ten vocabulary jams with following recent achievements on

Leader of the Jams: Ranked 3rd this week!
Jam Team Leader This Week!
Winning Team Member This Week!

2. As you can see: in all those formats my performance has been better than PC. It doesn’t mean however that I am a better player. It only means: I played more number of games this week.

3. PC and Stephen D shown in the images are two players who can easily score in excess of 900. I might have scored 900 in 2020 but don’t remember ever scoring it this year. As told before: internet speeds here are also responsible.

4. Nationality as declared:

PC: Unites States of America

Stephen D: Japan

Hang L: China

10( Author and admin here aka dancinglightofgrace ): India

5. I had strange dreams. Identified it was long since I moved out of those black holes. Kept paying attention to events and people far too much than I should have. All my attention should be given to only thing that matters.

6. A Tohu Verse

Cold shoulder boulder

Bolder cold war

Older der furor teutonic

Nictitate mister lazy pumpkin

Bumpkin kinship shipwrecks

Munchkin kingly lyrically calculably


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Contra alto

Alter control roll over delete verily

Lilly silly Piccadilly

Contrast asterisk risk sky

Kyle Riley miley

Organic organs Ganymede cede

Biotic tic tac toe ouvre revue


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Why Can’t You Write A Midrash?

Here’s why?

Midrash Madras

Rash midriff rifrrraff far-off

Foofaraw aww Rastafaria aria

Ria rialta altar tarraplain

Terra firma Burma marmalade

Crickets chirp some bark

Quarks dance around quasars

Rash driving ashes to ashes

Dust to dust in August gusto story

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To fan the fire!

Hassock has no shocks

Socks had ockra

Red ladyfinger germane mane

Cupboard boarding dingdong hoarding

Singsong wardrobe cardboard

Obelisk frisk ishq


Rout a lout out outhouse

Chouse the mouse with blouse

Douse newfangled scry

Sky may cry

Or remain shy

Fan gladly lie

To fan the fire in the kiln!


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