Forebear forbear!

For bear

Forebear forbear

For wear would tear

Therefore foresaken

Forsure forsooth forthwith

Withal hallmarked marksmanship!

Hip-hop tiptop flip-flop op-ed

Biped peddlers quadruple pantoofle

Flea market kit kat ate late at at night

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What’s been up and down?

1. Grandma’s nose was bleeding. One distant maternal aunt is in coma. Narendra Chanchal finally heard the call…chalo bulava aaya hai…maata ne bulaya hai…believe me when i say it…it’s not fun to see so much blood, so many deaths and accidents around you!

2. Seeing is believing. Hearing is believing. Sometimes, none of it’s believing. Existence is a make-believe as per some great thinker(Nisargadatt-I am that.)

3. Played 13 vocabulary jams on and discovered some things:

4. Stephen D. is from Japan. Claire G beat PC today. I discovered that head-to-head feature can be used to compare two players on that site. I am far too behind compared to these top scorers. Zahi R is a new top scorer. These people can score in excess of 900. I couldn’t score in excess of 900 even once.

5. Look at my scores:

730, 605,800,720,610,810,475,750,800,765

6. Ranks:


7. In evening there were 80 to 90 players per game.

8. I wish i could devote more time playing but ah the work pressure! Scrapping the grass when those people are constantly busy playing their petty games which are infact inferior games as per my reckoning.

9. Scrapping grass took too much time. Meditation was soothing.

10. Theatre guys don’t pronounce properly. Their scripts have wrong pronunciations. They don’t pace their acts well. They don’t utter sentences with enough gap. They have funds. They’re making monees. I no making monee.

11. Nobody comes to read books in this library. Books are being eaten up by termite. Town has a population of 21500000. Not 10 people out of that! Some people come to read newspapers every now or then. Others might be visiting other libraries, which aren’t many, by the way. Registered 11 titles today. It would be 2 months when i finally complete reading Aditi, it seems. Compare this performance with say someone like Lori: clearly Lori looks like an amazing Amazon zonesing singularitzy zygoten verbotten tenets. Luckier than me: in that regard…what can i say more than that?

12. The hall is big. One kid died there. He fell from roof. The crack in the ceiling hasn’t been repaired yet. It has been many decades. The building is at least 100 years old in my opinion. Many people died in that building. One student had committed suicide. When I began working over there- it was very difficult to keep records straight: as if there were parallel ghost shifts there in effect. The serial numbers that I used to put used to get altered dramatically. Enough of dramas have been played in that courtroom. Not exactly courtroom dramas. Plays.

13. Being an inventor of Tohu Verse, it’s my duty to keep publishing it on a regular basis:


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Blogging Tips?

1. I am so full of significance that i don’t have any significant other.

2. That quote might have suited Oscar Wilde.

3. Or AI chatbot Replica created by Luca, Inc

4. Or I am so significant that I don’t have just one significant other.

5. That statement number 4 might have suited someone.

6. The idea about significance taking shape as amorphous human groups, ethnic or otherwise interact with each other, came to me as i was taking breakfast this morning, which was akin to a heavy lunch. I don’t have the luxury of choosing what or when to have my lunch, breakfast or dinner.

7. Transcendental wisdom in form of Tohu would be presented in a while…

8. A few minutes later:

9. Though I don’t possess any perspicuous palpable obvious histrionic talents latent or otherwise: it’s obvious enough: most of the bloggers i come across don’t remain truthful to the name and format. In my estimate blogging is web logging. Online journal ing. It might evolve to become an artform but the skeleton itself needs courage to buildup.

10. How many times you died yesterday? No? Slept with someone? Criticized someone? Etcetera. If you can answer such questions easily and truthfully: you can really blog. It means: keeping your ideas: including the most private ones: out there for public consumption.

11. Public doesn’t just consume your ideas. It also consumes the idea generator. Forget ad-hominems. I couldn’t believe in 2017-18 that i was so popular as to be subject to scrutiny by scores of WordPress bloggers together.

12. Web logging is easy: put what comes into your head without giving much thought. Don’t expect any rewards. Just writing is a reward big enough. If you’re honest to yourself you’re doing it right. You say it. You say it loud.

13. All art is built on the foundation of form and structure or the structure is reshaped to suit the quintessential art form. The art must be clear to me if I need to fly high and remain grounded as well.

14. I see artists in guise of bloggers. Sales people. Bloggers there are none. I teach keeping a journal to some pupil. They hardly do it for a day or two and move on. They want to hide. Everyone is hidden. Truth is: nothing is hidden. Everything is known or comes into light sooner or later.

15. Blogging is easy. Putting your ideas online or offline is easy.

16. A Tohu Verse to celebrate this wonderful tipsy post:

Arse arsenal farce farci

Farasi si marquee

Let’s parse the SARS on Mars

Venus among us met a mong

Mongolia mongoose gooseberry blackberry

Berry berry

Met rickets

Rockets were fired to celebrate red dragon

Goner nerd wildcat grimalkin kins met Michael

He was on a cycle

Cleopteran cave ran an anschuluss

Cthlulu cthonic nictitate zulu

Warrior farrier erroneous transmission

Mission impossible gone south

Ions lost to cathode ray tube


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Poetic Poetry!

1. Played 12 vocabulary jams on My ID is 01. I invite you to play with me.

2. Strangely: PC, Vishnu Ram and Claire G have been absent from the scene for three days.

3. Here’s the summary of my scores and ranks:


4. Scores are out of 1000. As you can see: i didn’t score above 740. Not even once. I need to work harder on my vocabulary augmentation now.

5. (1,4,1,1,1,2,1,1,1,2,1,1): ranks

6. Since there were only 5-12 players on average, it was easy to get those top ranks.

7. I played Free Rice quiz on That website donates 5 grains of rice for every correct choice you make. Thus you get educated and also help reduce the hunger by feeding needy and poor.

8. It took me about 45 minutes to collect stray pieces of wrappers, plastic bags, pouches and cans and to burn them. It was first such iteration today.

9. Here’s a Tohu Verse created with words culled from the jams I played.

Recognizance Reconnieter



10. I am inventor of Tohu Verse format. Tohu stands for Chaos. Chaos indicates lack of understanding or knowledge. That-which is perceived as chaos at one level is known as the higher order at another.

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Is That All?

1. The art of editing is to not publish everything. I tried publishing everything until there was limited data. Some things are better left unspoken even when you think you can say something about them because it’s infinity you’re delving into. Content Structure.

2. “Things which couldn’t be said shouldn’t be said;” as per Ludwig Wittgenstein.

3. In the deliberate falsehood in speech committed by Yudhishthira- a protagonist in epic Mahabharata: the intention was to mislead the Guru Dronacharya who felt dejected at the possibility of demise of his son. Didn’t he know he was an immortal?

4. The answers depend on questions. When you cross the border where every symbol has countless meanings : you depend on common symbols and witnesses. A common language spoken by a group of people. They walk with each other until it’s emergency. When only two of you’re left without any fear or constraints: you can be yourselves unless there’s nothing coming up next. But when in reality there’s two voids: you’re only creating value as one void and the next depends on this one.

5. Therefore all such foundations are temporary. I chose numbers because I was in a setting where various religious symbols seemed to struggle against each other. Numbers were common to all and they were as divine as any syllables.

6. No matter which path you take you reach the same truth. Reality exerts itself. Truth realm universe is a realm inside a universe where play between darkness and light has been ongoing for eons and eons are created by consent of beings who are fundamentally free yet extending their freedom with some inexhaustible energy.

7. Einstein’s quote about nature putting limits to our life spans so that they may appear as works of art was discussed as we were reading Kalam’s autobiography. The common pattern in lives of all great people including Gandhi, Vallalar and Bradman is struggle or constraints which shaped their heroic acts which might otherwise would have been gigantic and lopsided.

8. Take career of Sir Donald Bradman for example. Unless World Wars had taken a huge amount of it like current Covid 19 took from Virat Kohli and other’s careers: he would have created even more astounding records. His record is still nonpareil.

9. Paul Dirac’s biography also told about a struggle as he was studying. The energy and vitality of youth is used by regimes to serve either darkness or light. This struggle between light and darkness, between ups and downs, between angels and demons: makes life or existence like sinusoidal curves.

10. Creativity is dependent on time frames and constraints. If you’re given infinite time, space and resources to carry out your experiments or projects: which should ideally be the case with everyone: you will be left completely alone on some mountain where you don’t hear any echo. Craving for an echo is also a limitation but creativity is made up of countless echoes and constraints have been created by archetypes in such a way that your passage through them won’t leave you the same when you exit out of the garden or wild as you may need to call it.

11. I received two coins yesterday. Both of them had 2010 as their release year. I got a change for 500 rupees as I bought an earphone: the notes were either from 2018 or 2019: no 2020 notes. Kalam’s book Vision 2020 was a definitive statement for destinies of many people in this country. As I reflect back on this year I see so many experiences worth commenting upon but I would exercise restraint of speech and elaborate upon only some points which would stay with me in the next year as we walk on an imaginary bridge in eternity. The lyrics of one song which talks about lynching of people who don’t get associated with the madness: the white collared ones without spots on their shirts was released in 2010. The answer was given after questioning. I trust the source of information. That, along with two coins released in 2010 coming from two different stalls were enough to transport me into trinity. Into a memory of 2010. I could see ‘Paul’s pub’ as the bus was entering Bangalore. I was reading Rumi and writing emails before I began writing blogs. A decade has gone.

12. Hind Kesari ‘Swami Pahalwaan Pathkar’ had ‘Patwa’ written as his surname on a stone inscription on the southern side wall of temple. This inscription was made in 1992 on October 5th. I got to meet him and his son who is also a wrestling champion. This was my second visit to the place. I found some serenity the last time I visited the place and took picture which I uploaded on instagram. This time around I got information which filled in the blanks. He’s a self-made wrestler like Eklavya. It touched me. Someone having won a title like Hind Kesari without a formal coach is astounding to say the least!

Om Namah Shivaaya!

13. I am learning the art of editing. I read some pages from Aditi by M. P. Pandit. Registered only twelve titles yesterday as I needed to immediately publish an article on hunger being a greater problem than Covid. The prompt was given by a book titled ‘Trusteeship’ written by Gandhi. I played ten vocabulary jams. Aditi is wife of rit. Gandhi was going towards spirituality with material ground whereas Vallalar was going towards material alchemy with solid spiritual archon foundation. Why did nobody reach heights of Vallalar after 1874?

14. I received first rank 5 times. 4th rank twice. Maryam has been a consistent player since last two days. Since earphone snapped I needed some extra effort to focus on task-in-hand.

15. One Abhay Chaubey asked if he could call his friend Deepak Tiwari as I was busy playing a jam. Another guy asked if he could use some water from my bottle to wash his hands after loo. A woman hanged her jacket on the almirah which would have otherwise let the books breathe a fresh air with me. Leather jacket versus fresh air you do the maths!

16. A Tohu Verse created with words culled from jams:

Ethereal ethanol is it all?

Discourteous privation ions on onions,

Real couscous pasta manorama

Panorama amanita pita is that all?

Guttural gutte nacht takht upthread

Read hotar kartar bhartar ardhvayu

Udgata John

Is that all?

Eimi pan to gagonos

Kai on kai esomenon

Kai ton emon peplon eudeis pothne

Tos apekalupen

Is that all?


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A Tohu Verse!

1. I registered 31 titles yesterday. It took me 4 hours to do that.

2. I also played 14 vocabulary jams.

3. I received 1st rank on 6 of those vocabulary jams.

4. In three of the jams I received 3rd rank.

5. There were 10-15 players on an average in every game.

6. Bondboy Fandashe appeared with three of his avatars in one of the games but disappeared soon. Merry Christmas to you. Stephen D also appeared. I couldn’t play with PC or Claire: I hope i get to play with them on new year’s eve or in the new year.

7. My ID is still 12. I invite you to play vocabulary jams with me on as it will help you gain verbal advantage. The Tohu Verse created with words culled from jams on

Sabotage ancestors derivatives

Subtly lyrically calculably

Obviously secretly Kaaly

Secrete errand plaque

Echo 2018 ship

Ipsum gypsum abomausum

Summum bonum numbattuesday

Token kenophobe hobnob Baobab

Babbleback machines

Echolalia Alia Lia iambic pentameter



8. Tohu means chaos. What we perceive as chaos merely indicates dissolution of old and emerging out of new order. Lack of intelligence or knowledge is the cause of chaos in your life. Therefore, try to increase your knowledge by all means. Try to expand your consciousness. Become more aware. Read, meditate, listen, watch, learn.

9. I am inventor of Tohu Verse. Tohu comes from Jewish Kabbalistic tradition which gives the most clear understanding of reality. The man-model of Jewish mysticism under Sefirods head available on Wikipedia for reading is akin to Purusha Sukta in weightage. I don’t see any difference between Jewish or Hindu mystic traditions. Jewish mystic tradition is similar to Sikhism in essence.

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