Let Your Imagination Soar

In this world so much has already happened and so much craziness is going on. To ease your mind and to step out of the world for just a moment it is best to let your imagination soar. Let it take you to places far away or take you to places you remember and long to return to. Turn up your favorite music and remember the days of past. Don’t let this world stress you out and make you afraid to live.

Purple Cow

Wopuld you be mad or glad?
Would you protest,
it I told you –
I’d seen a purple cow!
But you see,
my life is a fantasy
my imagination –
gives me wings to fly.
I march to my own drummer,
sing my own songs in my mind,
alwys lookin for some joy to dind.
See endless ckies of blue,
with white clouds like ships sailing by,
flowers in every hue
and in my meadow there graxes –
a purple cow!

© R.Raisters

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