For another bowl of Teli?

1. Under the Ku Klux Klan pillar shade. The eight petalled lotus shade.

2. The weather is pleasant. The day went like a breeze.

Shri’s Kitten

It was gifted by Golu bhaiya. Shri seems to be fond of her. It stopped near the almirah i have been working on recently. A portrait of Gandhi was there. He asked me to capture a picture once as he sat before the image of Gandhi.



Quan Yin

The Quan Yin showed up briefly and then disappeared behind clouds.

5. The kitten slept on my lap after it had slept on her lap for a while. From the kitten who broke my previous smartphone: the angry one whose life was saved as i made it drink milk to this one.  (A bowl after its mother had abandoned it: the strange mother later used to appear and drink the milk i used to put for her.)

6. I could never understand its strange behaviour. Why did it abandon its ward? Later it didn’t recognize me.

7. As she showed me the kitten: she was happy and it brought me the memory of a verse i had read. Was it written by Izza? I really don’t recall. It had a picture with a girl carrying a kitten. Well, all girls like kittens. Mostly.

8. She wrote a diary entry. Surprise!

9. But i will do it my way. Why? Why can’t you do it the way i teach you?

10. And you’re again late. Not just one or two minutes: it’s a full twenty minutes!

11. The first call is not picked. I call her mother and she’s in the fields.

10. The strange boy wants to go towards South as his mother grabs his arm and he wanders off towards guava trees for a while.

11. After ten minutes i decide to go and call her. There i greet Shweta who’s wearing hoodie and chewing cold bhajiya which she offered me politely and i asked if it was hot. She said it was cold : therefore i asked about Shri who was inside and tells about appearing for pthe class in a short while.


Can you spot the 🐦 birdie?

13. I had a plan for the class. She arrives 20 minutes later. I request her to give me some water after she calls the kitten.

She asks if i would let her kitten attend the class.

I know the burden that comes with pets. Especially in a library. But i couldn’t refuse as it was too cute and she was in love with it.

14. It kept playing: first with a paper ball that she made, then it sat on her lap. As it came towards my lap my heart was running for its life. I clearly told her : i would need you to pay for my earplugs if they’re harmed.

{ i asked her mom’s salary as i was taking lunch. It’s only three thousand rupees. I really don’t know how she’s paying her fees. Her father gets more and she said she has a large circle of friends who help in her education. If i was able to sustain myself i would have given her free coaching but…i charged 1500 when i was teaching all subjects…the Aquarium days. }

15. I asked her about the syllabus and she said it wasn’t available yet. Why then, did her mother create a hullabaloo yesterday?

16. i shared my blog posts with her. She read them and time was up. My lesson plan couldn’t fructify. i told her about going to Deendayal rasoi. I get cold rotis if i reach late. She doesn’t care. i told her mother about it and she requested her to arrive for class on time.

17. Parrots are returning to their nests towards North as i listen to Om Mani Padme hum.

18. I ran for the Deendayal rasoi. The food was not available. Some masons were working. I returned and bought guavas worth fifteen rupees. I felt like sharing them as they were too many. She asked me if i would have four rotis. I told them i had guavas and offered those to her. She insisted on having lunch and i couldn’t refuse. It was a nice lunch and Teli was sweet. I had two bowls of it as Nighad didn’t have hers. For a while i didn’t notice her eating as she sat with a notepad. We had a brief discussion about our jobs.

19. There was an urs(a fair) last evening at the majaar(tomb) which is located near the Eastern entrance of this premise. The festival is celebrated in the bright half of lunar month. They shared biryani with her as she was taking care of the cow which was delivering its baby.

20. I shared guavas with some people and fed two and half of them to cows in goushala. They’re tagged and their bones show up. I don’t waste food. Not all people are like me. Ratan Bhaiya ji was spotted outside municipality office and Maya madam in a single day. No, it wasn’t that. I can assure you of that. I know exactly what takes place in my mind. The flowers on the dining table had withered. She saw the brown kittens and they were attacking the young one by being jealous of it. She said she didn’t need those brown ones. She emphasized that again: the point number 5: the joke about ‘big’. It tells me i wasn’t merely deluded.  The ants were having their food. The old woman was talking loudly: ” bring me the food.” Though i was polite and blissful as i tasted teli : the memory and the reality are so very different from each other.

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