Shabbath Tohu!

1. Shabbath: 21.11.2020: 3—>9.

2. Root number is 3. Jupiter in Hinduism. Mercury being lord of the third sign: Gemini. Twins. Ashvinikumars. Nara-Narayana.

3. The skandhas or heaps: for the witness are taken from number 3, 12, 21 and 30 and placed above in the numbers 9, 18, 27. We are inside the calendar. Deity: Kartikeya. Murugan. Skandhaguru. Peacock. Feathers. National bird of India.

4. Saturn. Seth. Shiva. Keeper of records. Sat. True. Pure. White. Farming. Labour. Hardwork. Persistence. Common man. People. Sefer Yetzirah. 10 sefirods. Dashavatar. The man model. Deuteronomy.

5. I played 12 vocabulary jams on website They began on 20.11.2020 and ended on 21.11.2020. Here’s a summary of my scores:

Ranks: jam 1: 5th |80 players |

Jam 2: 2nd | 80 players|

Jam 3: 10th |80 players|

Jam 4: 1st | 80 players|

Jam 5: 1st. |76 players|

Jam 6: 2nd |88 players |

Jam 7: 1st |55 players |

Jam 8: 1st |79 players |

Jam 9: 6th |76 players |

Jam 10: 3rd |72 players |

Jam 11: 2nd |50 players |

Jam 12: 2nd |64 players |

6. Anirudh, B. Leaves, Claire G and Muhammad were some other top scorers.

7. I was thinking about grace I received in my school and college. I scored first ranks only in the 8th and 12th class Madhya Pradesh board examinations during schooling. And in the 7th semester in college in Oriental Institute of Science and Technology Bhopal in 2007. In the sixth semester: the digital signal processing paper was out of syllabus. I passed with grace of 6 marks.

8. Heaps or Skandha system of Hinduism is present in Buddhist allocation scheme of poisons to nectar(wisdom). A journeyman or a pilgrim finds numbers to be easier. Numerology or Deuteronomy. Colors.

9. I see no difference in the core values of Jewish mysticism, Hindu mysticism and Sikhism. Guru Nanak Dev Ji in his morning prayer book Japuji talks about numerous sections and beings. The book is called Guru: the teacher. Dispeller of darkness. Even omkara of Hinduism was made 13~. Which is 13.1414…. and so on. He was a divine singer. He was born in a Vaishnava lineage of Rama: the ruler of Ayodhya.

10. Rahu or the demigod which is cosmic axis is a mystery. It has been used for Raah or way in Japuji. Its seed is Raan which is present in Shri Sampradaya Ramanujacharya mantra as well.

11. Middle age saints like Ramananda, Kabir, Nanak, Raidas, Meera, Daadu, Paltoo and Senna opened their way via Surati Sabd Yoga to all classes of people. Like Rahu stealing ambrosia from gods in Hindu mythology. Like Robinhood. Is Rahu the shade maker Rama as per Jyotisha?

12. Rama is Sun as per Jyotisha. Rama is most popular deity in Hindu Vaishnava system. The seventh incarnation. Balaram was eighth as per Dhubela museum archives. Buddha or Shakyamuni was a contemporary of Mahaveera Vardhman and 9th incarnation of Vishnu.

13. The answer to the puzzle in the 11th: Rahu moves anticlockwise. Towards left. For example: its present sign is Taurus. it was present in Aries before it. North node of Moon moves towards North. Left relative to Sun. East. Tradition.

14. Those saints worked for liberation of masses against oppressive regimes. Like Gandhi. Therefore they chanted Raam. They all chanted Raam. Raam. Ramaa means Laxmi. They represented the third Reich. Ananda or bliss. The ambrosia. Victory over death. Sundaram. Rum? No. Giza-e-rooh.

15. ” I will give you the water which would quench your thirst forever.” Either Joshua Ben Joseph or Saint Paul said so. Jesus lived in India according to some. We are using AD system of numbering for most practical purposes: 21.11.2020 or 21.11.20 for computers or smartphones. San means penance. Passion of Christ. Sanak. Sanandan. Sanatan. Sanat Kumars.

16. Have we reached the golden age envisioned by Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya and APJ Abdul Kalam?

17. You need to answer the question in 16th. I have this smartphone. Ambrosia in my mouth. Music in my ears. A room inside which I can write. An ailing old woman nearby and…

18. A Tohu Verse to celebrate my today’s haul in vocabulary jam which has words mostly from the jam.

19. Easy Tohu:

Promenade Prometheus us

Lemonade leman Leonardo

Prom mall pall

20. Difficult Tohu:


21. Key for difficult Tohu:

1. Dugout

2. Stylus


Whether Rahu the demigod holds the office of Atmakaraka or not is upto experts like Sanjay Rath and K. N. Rao to decide. I feel Mars is Atmakaraka right now.

Post Script: I have made 50 posts on Blogger’s World since regaining my author access. I thank you all and Pam.

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