Birds Returning to their Nests!

1. Registered 20 titles. Read Swami Pranavananda’s message a bit. His gift for this library. Signed by him dated 3.3.55. Just near the place i stay “Swami Pranavananda Vedic Research Institute” was established by a principal of Maharaja Chhatrasal Autonomous College when it was not Autonomous. I got to see his picture in the picture of college staff in one of the archives here. Many dots have been filled in a narrative where nothing really remains for long.

2. A discussion on Narmada and Amritlal Vegad which actually initiated with a question about the past.

3. Read a few pages from the book by Hardayal Mallick titled “In company of Saints.” Kabir and Nanak always engross me. The narrative about Kabir indicates author’s attitude.

4. Bought bananas. Fed them to cows. Another address for getting juice. Had a nice lunch. A discussion on meaning of a Bundeli saying not being applicable to a requisite for functioning. This goes onto show how little we really know each other in the absence of clear communication.

5. Two monkeys were feeding on the West Side. I immediately needed to take their picture. The big one asked me what did i need. I told it I only needed the picture. It was calm as it left by the eastern passage. The younger one kept feeding carelessly and I let it as I moved towards the pillar.

Image credit: Self. Courtesy: Gandhi Smarak Nidhi, Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh.

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