Cabbage bagged baggage Cabbed!

1. Registered 45 titles in library yesterday.

2. Received following scores on vocabulary jams on on six jams.

A. 565, first rank

B. 730, second rank

C. 600, second rank

D. 555, first rank

E. 280, Fourth rank

F. 530, Fifth rank

The scores are out of 1000. Wanted to play more but the internet connection has been acting up off late.

My ID on site is 01. I invite you to play with me. Playing word games is a way to educate oneself and flex mental muscles.

3. I learned about Super-mulching and stacking in Gandhi Smarak Nidhi biotic farming research centre. In Shivansh method of organic compost preparation we need to mix the compost seven times within eighteen days. Two such repetitions have been completed. Yesterday five of us worked together for twenty one minutes to prepare a 4 feet tall circle of compost. The neptunian, foggy and dreamlike steam keeps coming out of it as we mix it. When it is cold we sprinkle water on it and cover it. After two days another mixing takes place.

Holes on cabbage!

4. It took us 20 minutes to uproot cauliflowers which got fungi in them and couldn’t bloom. Some cabbages had holes on their leaves though most of them had nice flowering. I tasted fresh spinach leaves courtesy of farm guide for the first time this year and in a long time. Stacking is the method in which tomato and other ivies are stacked on wooden structures to help facilitate their growth. A lady came asking for gooseberries. The gooseberry tree which is my profile picture at present has five fruits on it in total. As i replied her she looked surprised. She also enquired about guavas to which she was given reply by another guide that only some of them are left for birds.

Shivansh method for organic compost preparation

5. I saw a red ball which was in the bed. Took a picture. We discussed the prospect of digitising library catalogue and working on updating the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur website with fresh content which is current, useful and up-to-date.

6. A Tohu Verse to celebrate the occasion:

Cauliflower werewolves loves vests

Cabbage bagged baggage cabbed

Bragbro bromide Idempotentate ate

Crabby rabbi by and by bye-bye

Rabble rouser douser que Serra Serra

Supermulching mulct munchkin pumpkin kinship Pippin nipped Nippon ponytails tailgating gatecrashing inglenook Donnybrook

Stacking king ginseng senger gingerly lyrically calculably ably

7. The librarian might join me for lunch in Deendayal Rasoi today. It’s difficult for the old man to cook and his income is mere three thousand rupees per month. Yesterday, the premise was being painted yellow, the moment i noticed it: a biker wearing a yellow shirt went South. I was also wearing yellow: moving West. Golden yellow are congeries of Jaina temple nearby. Golden yellow Sun. It was a Thursday with Jupiter being its lord which has a golden yellow hue as per some scriptures.

Image credit: Self

Courtesy: Organic farming Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh 471001

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