Ever wondered why human struggle is different than that of other sentient beings?


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Sunday’s 13 word story about Monday

On Mercury a day lasts 1,408 hours. Just like every Monday does on earth.

Rick Sutter

But, Mondays are different on Blogger’s World.

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Sunday Noon and After!

1. Spent 22 minutes to update 34 titles in library register.

2. Had a discussion on what’s the better way to find out names of physicians in USA. I learnt that Paytm can be used to pay via this phone. Why does civilization become so complex as it evolves. Who would believe that i have done time travel. Gained physical Immortality? Might be the first video call after one with Sandra. This one was for furthering career of both of us.

3. Deendayal Rasoi day 18 was fun. Had potato, tomato and soyabean balls. In the first serving of curry there were hardly 2-3 balls. In the next serving it was 6-7 more balls. All that for ten rupees. It’s a good community, right?

4. Need to read Aditi, play free rice and vocabulary jams as i run for marathon practice. Attended a death anniversary of NDTV journalist. I wasn’t invited to that.

Image credit: myself.

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Tohu Verse Sunday!

This one is slightly easier to read.

Storm store me,

Norm tore me,

Meme said to me,

Creme de la creme,

Ornate ate natant ant,

An ant named anant,

Got lost in a quantum tummy,

Mutant muttering ,

Ring inside ring,

Sidereal zodiac,

Icicles cleonasm pleonasm small wings,

Moths smother Theravada,

Vada paav paav bhaaji haaji mastaan,

Shaitaan molluck mollusks,

Yarmulke armiger germane mane,

Anemone prandial one two three,

Tic tac Toe nails,

Snails ail Laila aleph meme shin,

Hindukush usha ushering inglenook,

A brook besides a brook,

Nook corner nerd cornice icecream realm,

Real me,

False me,

Unreal me,

Be being gingerly surly early curlicues,

Clues all lost in the permafrost,

Frozen potatoes,

Roasted zens,

Innuendo communicado munchkin pumpkin Pippin nipped pince nez.

Jumper pert turnip turpitude etude longitude Deuteronomy numerical calculus sulcus circus circa carricatures.

Abound inbound boundary dairy airy rye. Yearly lyre remnant antennas.

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