The Forest of Sonder!

You find yourself in a field where you neither know nor not know. You know what I am talking about? It’s not easy to understand. Because we think we either know or we don’t. We always think in black and white terms. It’s not black and white. Knowing is to remove all discomfort. You feel […]

The Forest of Sonder!

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A Little Snake

1. As I was walking towards East on tractor tracks in the field where mustard plants were sleeping silently, I felt heavy.

2. I had decided to sit on a chair for a while after having spent some time collecting excreta of dogs and Lallu Waali Tambakoo wrappers.

3. A 🐦 birdie was perched on an electric wire and the Sun devoid of warmth was looking silently. It was an exquisite sight.

4. On my first walk it seemed normal. I observed the sickled pigeon pea plants. They were killed by hired guns. This is known as reaping. As they had sown so they were reaping. Goes the saying. Says the going. They were grim. They chatted and laughed and enjoyed as they killed them one after another. Necessary evil.

5. Even I have been killing grass plants all my life to maintain this body. Here I was killing some more grass and insects rapidly to create granary. But no animals were harmed so far.

6. I put my empty water bottle besides chair and walked barehand. I felt heaviness. There was a big black cobra once. I spotted it as I began walking towards East. It was killed the next day by the person who used to live in that hut. It was about 2.5 years ago. At the same spot.

7. As I decided to throw the peeled grass by them. I heard them chit-chat. Muting the music I paid attention:

“Don’t kill it…” some said.

“Kill it…why let it suffer with insects hurting it…” said the other women.

“Oh it’s big…it might be dangerous…”

I looked at it: sidewinding. I had learned that word from Susan. She used to host The Couch Forum. I joined the forum in 2008. I was second most active user on that forum to not let her be the second. The forum somehow attracted trolls and hackers and it was difficult for her to manage it She was also active but I could have been first.

Sidewinding lunacy was her tagline for a while. Like supermassive black hole.

The snake was barely the size of a tapeworm. It had come under the hoe wielded by the man scrapping the grass. An accidental death. He killed it out of their collective mercy as I walked towards North to pick a plastic pan and began throwing away the scrapped grass peels.

8. Plenty of acid formation as the gram pulse breaks. The sleep eluded me for a while before I decided to put my ideas in the form of this narrative.

9. It was Sarpa Yoni, Devta Ganas as per sidereal zodiac today. Moon was in Gemini and Mars was the ruler of the constellation quarter.

Image credit Self, Madhya Pradesh Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur, 471001

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Into Her Dream

( What should be the correct word to call this place? Was that place a school or a hospital or an old fort in the middle of a circular stadium? Should it call a place, heaven, or hell? It would be a mistake calling this place […]

Into Her Dream

Another captivating story by Sara Altaf Khan!

Kindly visit their site and read it. If you like it: you might consider reading other stories as well as following their blog. Thankyou.

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The Nose!

He was a simple man. At least he appeared so. As soon as the planet began healing he got sick. As more and more people got cured of their ills he felt less and less healthier. His morbid parasitic existence was not exactly sadistic but it was certainly dependent on causing misery to others. It was, as if, the God of Death was acting through him. Nobody could have believed that it wasn’t bats in a cave or bioweapons of mass destruction but this homunculus man living in a cave on an island who stopped the world in its tracks. Stopped the world economy from growing further. Those few who knew about him suspected so but what could they have done against the vehicle of Thanos except covering their nose. In the end, when entire village was healed, a miracle happened.

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1. I see a notification by the person who left to meet his mother this evening now. I was thinking about his help in buying an earphone. It has only been a few days–the right side of earphone became dysfunctional. First, the white bud dropped. I managed by replacing it with a black one-then the right side is gone. I am compelled to move. It’s a pattern. Seems machinated.

2. I saluted Mrs. Sahu who was working in the cowshed. She was on leave for two days because of Makar Sankranti. As I walked out of the premise: a new board was being installed. They were also leaving. The cook commented on the slipper of Mrs. Sahu. Dr. Mukul Sahu has taken over. A surgeon. I reach the earphone shop. I pay fifty rupees. The shopkeeper is chatting with the guy who is Mr. Sahu. I would have omitted it as a mere coincidence if it was only three Sahus. No. I read newspaper in library. Chhatarpur Bhaskar: one Deepak Sahu was killed in an accident. However, it doesn’t end there. Mandakini Sahu, a high school student, was selected by sub divisional magistrate along with another student during employment fair for being inducted into operations. Five of Sahus.

3. The other student is named Disha Jain. Her picture was there on a billboard for many months. She was a top scorer. It was only a coincidence that during my brief stint in the school which didn’t pay my salary: I took an English class. She had a good handwriting. Upright. She was disciplined. Bespectacled. Two of those would act like officers for a day. Good for them. And for the officer.

4. The last picture I took was the one liked by the person on instagram which has been mentioned in the point number one. The second last was Moon. It was crescent but I captured its optical illusion of roundness. Spectacular.


5. A jeep was waiting for someone as I was walking briskly towards this house. ‘Mayank’ was written on the back. The guy with the name has relatives living in the house where it stopped by overtaking me just when it reached the house of Mayank Shrivastava. Plenty of dirty water outside. Mayank means: with number. Days of Moon are numbered. Hence the name. Three moons. I recalled Bhagvata Purana opening verse: all Maya is illusory like delusional couple of moons as mirrored in me by me for me by my potency. And i recalled that gleaming headlight on the bike of a police officer earlier in the day: almost at the same place where the jeep was waiting for someone.

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Multiple Narratives About Same Event!

  1. Rashomon is a classic. The movie has been directed and enacted very well.
  2. Before watching it: Memento by Nolan based on Memento Mori, a story written by his brother and ‘The Seventh Horse of Sun,’ based on the story written with the same name by Dharmveer Bharati and directed by Shyam Benegal were my favourite introductions to cinema with stories having multiple narratives or viewpoints for same events.
  3. Undoubtedly, to the best of my knowledge, Rashomon is first such example in the popular cinema.
  4. However, as far as literature goes: Bhagvata Purana, which was written in Gupta Dynasty period in India according to some or written after Mahabharata war( if it really took place,) according to some predates all known sources in genre. One example: after the death of Hiranyaksha, his brother Hiranyakashipu…comes to talk with his grieving family.

5. It’s the layer first of the story. In the second layer another couple of narrators come, in the third layer, another couple, and so on. The layers go to level six: akin to Nolan’s Inception. You find many such marvels of narratives in Hindu Puranas where many narrators add their viewpoints about same event.

Note: As I saw Sandeept’s post, i read it and started typing my comment. The comment soon got lengthier than it should be as per the commenting etiquettes. This post is inspired by Sandeept’s post published just a while ago.

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Der Name Der Ball!

1. The future is Now. It’s what was written on the shirt of the kid who was born in Wales in his previous incarnation but now he was walking before me with a cautious gait. “Daring to live the future Now: ” It’s what the part of the tagline of the book “Walk Out Walk […]

Der Name Der Ball!

1. I wrote this post on Baal Divas or birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. It seems to contain some beautiful poetry. The seventh point has some strings which were exactly repeated in a verse i wrote recently.

2. I visited a hospital just before i brought a matchbox worth ten rupees. They were deliberating whether to put the old man in ICU. I didn’t know the city hospital had elevator. The announcement by policeman about punching my nose rang in my ears as i took grandmother when a distant relative had delivery. It was couple of years ago.

3. I also visited another farm: one being helped by Gandhi Smarak Nidhi guide. It has many gooseberry trees. I had been to that street. Saw a marriage garden and recalled the news about taxes on marriage gardens that i read this morning.

4. Disappearance of Vicky after coverage yesterday seems like a pattern. His father asked for 500 rupees before leaving. I didn’t know if he was going to disappear. I took some pictures today.

Credit: Self
Credit: Krishna Kant Mishra, Gandhi Smarak Bhavan Chhatarpur

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Seven Year Old Vikas!

1. When i asked him what his name was he told ‘Vishaal.’

2. Later someone told it was Vicky.

3. Today as he was playing in library with me his father came looking for him calling him by name ‘Vikas.’ He asked him to take lunch but he had had good breakfast.


4. He doesn’t know ABCD or Hindi alphabet. Has two elder sisters, grandparents and father but lost his mother and yet when i asked him about his family: “They all died,” he answered nonchalantly. As i sat composing this post he requested me to pluck a green Bel fruit from tree. I once plucked some mangoes in 2018: it was to help them sell fruits. This one was to help feed the young kid who was hungry. The fruit wasn’t ripe. It took plenty of work to crack it open.

Bel fruit

5. His mother died while giving birth to his younger brother. I played Gulzar’s song ‘Do naina aur ek kahani..’ as we sat in the field.

6. As i reached Deendayal rasoi they pointed my attention towards the kid who was playing with a brick block. I had hot rotis and cold potato curry. Day twentieth over.

7. The only job i got  online in the last eight years was actually from Moonlight Medical, a USA based company which needed extraction of emails. I tried but since doctors don’t want to be seen and Moonlight Medical is well hidden i gave up trying. They haven’t allowed users from India any access to their site and yet they outsource work to India for cheap labour. China, India and USA are mass factories. Cheap labour. I got 100 rupees on Paytm. Actually 112 as it was an experiment. What’s it? 1.5 dollars.

8. Registered 12 books. The almirah number 10 completed yesterday. Some insecticide was also put to protect books from fungi and vermins. Discussed about old records of Gandhi Smarak Nidhi: some veterans and inflation in currency in last 50 years. This morning i spotted some error in almirah 9 rack number 3rd.

9. The price he quoted for using hall for three hours was 1200 rupees. I stayed merely to facilitate his hearing and became party to a conversation which seemed half concocted to tell me what i had access to plus passing from the street where DM’s vehicle was parked. Truth realm.

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Sage Agastya and Nagas!

1. Received following ranks on various vocabulary jams this morning:


2. I couldn’t record rank on couple of jams. I played 15 jams in total.

3. Honorable mentions:

1. Jennifer the poo

2. Vishnu Ram

3. Vicky W.

4. Krista

5. 5W∆( there was an epsilon between W and delta)

6. Bald Eagle

4. My ID: 12, you can join my jams if you want to play only with me. Just leave a comment and i would share the details with you when we can play. Or you can play the ones hosted by

5. I need to prepare for “One Proud Post” that would be published tomorrow on this very site as per my discussion with Pam Kirst.

6. Here’s a Tohu verse culled from jams:

Matinee neel Neil

Matt attaboy plangent

Venison veneer neer

Nearby bicycle recognizance

Reconnieter raconteur heuristic sticks

Stones tones bones nested ted stalks

7. I read a book the day before in the library. I wanted to do a post but something came up.

It was about sage Agastya. He was the first Aryan who was venturing towards South. He met a mountain Vindhyachal on his way. He asked the mountain some questions. The mountain gave him the way. Started giving way to others as well.

Agastya needed to marry for obvious reasons. He found wapity woopity typical calculus. Lopamudra was her name.

She asked him to bring lots of money and he tried. He used his magick against the wapity woopity and one of the brothers died. The other one surrendered.

Agastya married Lopamudra and lived happily ever after.

Further authentication: lord Rama visited his ashram with his only begotten wife whom he searched only to abandon. Wapity woopity woo. Winnie the pooh!

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Hangry-a 13 word story

I’m hangry- a combination of hunger leading to anger. My tummy rumbles loudly!

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