1. Since I joined the forum again on October 16, 2020: I have kept observing statistics for this site.

2. I also have a memory of statistics during our top run for four months in 2015.

3. We are doing better than ever before. It’s a fact as far as stats go.

4. We had 343 views yesterday. 1103 views in the last week.

5. It has been possible because of all of you. I thank all alumnis of original class. Previous admins and current active authors as well as supporters of this forum. Congratulations.

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My statistics have been booming since I gained the author access here on Blogger’s World. It proves two things:

1. I am awesome because I found this forum. I worked hard to make it a success during its inception days and wished it only well despite being expelled out from here as a result of some conspiracy.

2. Pam Kirst who recently volunteered as an admin and gave me author access and kept contributing here during early days as Creative Writing coach along with other members like Collate, Oneta, Koolitzable and even those who were in on conspiracy (K, R, P, V, H and M): because they worked very hard in the beginning to make it a success. And all of you who joined recently or before: are wonderful people who take interest in the work of others and give some of your time, energy and attention to others, of course with(in most cases) and without(in rare cases) expectations of returns: monetary or otherwise. If any of you had any advantage by joining this or any such forums : you might like to comment on this thread.

I had advantage of company of some people on forums like Mad Philosophers and The Couch Forum. If not anything: they help me learn improve my vocabulary and grammar by imitation. I am thankful to all of you.

A Tohu Verse to celebrate the occasion:

Light dances on the sky,

Skyrockets rock!

Socks don’t smell anymore,

No more morels losels sell no more,

Morales lestrade tradecraft craftsmanship,

Turnip Pippin pinch of salt alter egos,

Terse Omniverse versus severe reverse gear earmarked marksmanship!

Who could have predicted?

Who knew?

Probably new world health organization,

Probably new world order,

Der furor teutonic Icarus

Papyrus rustic pachyderm panache,

Chenrezig ziggurat ratbaggery rye,

Yearly analysis sisal lassitude an etude longitude it.

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