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Is launching a startup in 2022 your New Year resolution, but you are hesitant? This article contains several reasons for you to start your own business next year. You may desire to establish your own business for a variety of reasons, such as capitalising on an opportunity or meeting a need in your community.

Towards A Better Life is committed to motivating entrepreneurs and providing you with the resources and know-how you need to succeed. And so we’ve created a list of reasons why you should start your own business below.

Here’s why you should launch your startup in 2022.

Make More Money: There’s no denying the fact that money is important. Unless you work on commission, your full-time income is most certainly limited. When you establish your own business, you have complete control over how much money you make. As a business owner, there is no pay ceiling. You can always make more money and grow your company.

Discover Your Purpose: Have you ever felt like you don’t have a purpose at work? Starting a business can provide wonderful meaning and purpose to your life—this is not the same as becoming a workaholic. When you discover your mission and create a business around it, you are no longer working; instead, you are fulfilling a dream. Meaning is created when freedom, pride, enthusiasm, and commitment come together to form a sense of purpose, motivation, and overwhelming worth. We can all agree that living a meaningful life is a good conclusion. And it doesn’t have to be confined to a daydream.

Control Your Schedule: When you start your own business, you may be as flexible as you want with your schedule. It’s up to you whether you want to sleep in, stay up late, work half days, or take off every Friday. The early stages of your firm will be hectic, but as you grow and learn to delegate, you’ll find yourself with more free time. You may like to immerse yourself in your work and pour your heart and soul into it; this is also possible.You have complete control over your schedule.

I pray to the One Almighty God to bless all my readers and followers with Peace, Health (no more Covid-19 or Omicron), Wealth and all the other good things of life in 2022 and beyond.

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How to grow your side business without chasing new clients

More and more people are planning to launch a side business as a means of supplementing their income, after the pandemic had drastic economy on our jobs.

Covid-19 or not, having two incomes is far superior to having one! Who doesn’t want a second source of income?

The issue is that we frequently believe that beginning a side business necessitates constantly chasing after consumers. You simply want to do something you enjoy without having to worry about sales and marketing.

Continually selling to new customers is exhausting. But there is another option: Create a modest side business that delivers value to repeat customers.

Acquiring new consumers necessitates a significant investment of resources, time, and energy. It can cost five times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to keep an old one. That means you need recurring consumers if you want to establish any form of profitable business.

But what does this entail for those looking to establish a new business as a side hustle? You won’t have to worry about following down customers indefinitely.

One of the best ways to grow your side business is to simply start a side business that caters to a limited group of consumers and continue to serve them! Then ask these customers to help you grow your business by spreading word about it. You may even offer to share a part of what you earn through your old customers who will bring you new business.

The video below will show you more ways to grow your business


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Source: How to grow your side business without chasing new clients – Towards A Better Life

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